Love that lost everything

  • I am a gemini and years ago married and aries male, although the marriage was short I felt great love for this man. I became ill and lost everything, home job husband, dignity and respect. (not due to the illness) but the actions of the aries man. Several years ago my luck changed but was too afraid to accept it (stuck in Karma) I have stepped over lots of fears relating to my married time. Now I have the opportunity again and I'm struggling to put the last piece of the puzzle in place because it's in a different country. Any advice greatly appreciated

  • I can only wish you well. I don't know which country it is that you have moved into. but I think relocating is one of a few great ways to start over. I have never had much problem with aries man, but I have never given my heart to them anyway. Friends wise they seem perfect so that's where they stay at. I'd say just go with anything you feel comfortable with. Old hobby, new hobby. If you don't feel comfortable relating with other people, then don't. Just live it simple and easy until you feel comfortable to relate again.

  • Hi sorry for what you went through, my first marrige (libra) was depleting too. I'm a little confused by what you mean by putting the last piece of the puzzle together. Are you in a different contry? Do you have a man in a different contry? Do you have another opportunity to remarry?

  • Thanks for your replies. I have regained my dignity and self respect and I have the opportunity to move to another country and remarry if I choose, it's the trust issue, life is all about risks I just dont feel able to take those risks anymore

  • This is pretty simple. Ask yourself, How long have I known him? How long have I loved him? How long has he loved me? We all want to know what country, it makes a big difference. If it's Great Brittian, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Sweden, I say go for it! If it's in the middle east I say, you better really think about it, not only because of the location, but also because the culture practiced towards women over there is really bad, and your experience could be very bad. Also, are you going to become a citizen of that country? If you do, do you have to give up your American citizenship, if the answer is yes, and it is the middle east, I say forget it, too dangerous.

  • How are you working on your self-esteem. Is it thru another person. I mean, does it help your self-esteem to have someone in your life. It's true, if it's the right kind of person, it can be a huge emotional, spiritual and financial support. I guess, be sure it's the right partner for you. I take it that your talking about overseas. Have you been over there yet.

    I don't want to discourage you. I think we all need someone in our life to love and support us. For me, it would be a huge leap. And I wouldn't do it unless absolutely sure and it really doesn't have any bearing on my self-esteem. I think you should talk with someone else about this. Maybe counselor, priest, clergy.

    One thing that always stands out in my mind is can I afford this (coming home) if it doesn't work out. Never hurts to have a back-up plan.

  • Wise words, thank you. Self esteem i'v worked on myself, the last piece of the puzzle is this guy reminds me (not totally) of my ex, that's the bit I'm really struggling with. I know he's not the same, but then you could say all men to some extent have similarities.

    The country is Turkey and I'm making every effort to make sure I am not dependent.

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