BLMOON, I need your insight Please???

  • Hi Blmoon,

    I need your insight concerning this man that I love dearly and I believe loves me back. We live apart but have managed to keep in touch for a couple years or so now. We first met approx 20+ years ago, but reconnected approx 3yrs ago. The connection we share is very strong and I care very deeply for him. Not sure if there is truly a future for us or not; whether I should remain or move on? Not completely sure where his head and heart are authentically. He is a war vet. Is there a future here for us? His initials are JB.

    Light and Love,


  • At first I got nothing from Spirit ---no connection but did feel compelled to look through my past posts and there you where two years ago as if nothing has progressed and from my advice it seems you chose to hang on when I did not see commitment in the future. I'm not sure what changed that gave you hope for more. I see no change. STAGNATION. Whatever PURPOSE this distant relationship is serving you and him is all there is. I see a lot of safe fantasy. This is your choosing. Why it is your choice is your blind spot. There is a feel good factor but at a price. Have you visited him in all these years? Has he visited you? I'm sorry but if you could balance your head and heart your head would tell you the unwanted truth. If his love is the real deal he would be with you. It really is that simple. That said, it is possible you do not know how true love works and so you only know what you learned and it is understandable. As much as you do need the little you get it is not enough. You are settling out of fear, as if this is safer and better than being alone with yourself. You deserve better and my prayer for you is not getting another post in two years asking the same question. BLESSINGS!

  • Hi BLMOON,

    Thank you for your post. Wow, you are a woman that speaks her mind; and I appreciate that πŸ™‚ Thank you for your candidness. Yes we have had lots of interaction these past couple of years; he has visited me many times as have I. The biggest challenge is his PTSD/depression from the war and an aging and not in the best of health mother whom he provides for. I'm not afraid to be alone; as I have been for some time now and actually enjoy my time to myself; perhaps it is why I settle for the distant arrangement; bridging the huge distance gap between us is easier said than done; but I get your point. I was wondering if you could discern when and if opportunity would open up in the near future for more.

    Thanks for your time πŸ™‚


  • Well I appreciate YOUR honesty! His situation looks good on paper as a roadblock but not in a true love got to be together scenario. Because, many couples juggle that issue with making room for aging parents. Couples mostly do not choose separation over care taking of a parent. It can break up a fragile rocky relationship. Sometimes a parent really belongs in a home but husband and wife can't agree. So the brain says that is not enough to keep you apart because strong commitments make room for that. My impression from Spirit still sees this as your choice and his.And you are insightful to consider that perhaps you like the distance or NEED the distance more than you desire to be a full-time couple. DESIRE is what moves things. So yes consider the truth of your intention. The stronger desire. If it is your nature to need distance then even with this man out of your head you will still attract distant love. When I said you are afraid to be alone I meant EMOTIONAL not physical aloneness. In fact it seems it is your intention to have both! That has been your choice. I think opportunities have always plentiful but you pass them by already emotional tied to this man. The act of loving gives off endorphin----even if it's solitary in your head. It is a delicious feel good state of being to having loving thoughts.To get my point try not having any thoughts at all about him for a few weeks and find the words to describe how that feels. I think you are both A LOT alike in how you love---your comfort zone. I do not think at all things would change much if his mother were no longer a burdon. In fact I feel his mother is his rock and she knows how to snap him out of an anxiety attack. I doubt he likes to see it that way but she is not just a burden. They have a relationship that gives and takes. This man was not ready for war at all. He wanted to break free and prove himself but was not realistic about the other side of war. His self esteem has always been low and what should have brought him pride and a sense of honor instead did the opposite and gave him more reason to question his worth. I see him as always being the hermit and the progress of any living situation will only happen by way of an aggressive woman. I believe in the past he had other internet lady friends but right now I feel that did taper off and he got tired of the ladies who did not prefer the distance. You stay in his comfort zone. BUT honestly he would still connect with others if the right one came along. I think you sense that but can't prove it and its just a gut feeling. Trust your gut. This is a free will choice for you and Spirit only gives you help to make a right choice. I think when you embrace your true desire----when you want more that's the door that will open. INTENTION. Most questions require you peel down the layers and get down to the basic intention. Is it your intention to share a home and life full time in complete commitment? Or is it really your intention to have your space? This can happen NOW and anything you think your waiting on is delusion and a good looking excuse. So, stop waiting for something outside both your actions to change things. Spirit does not show me what is tying you down from moving close to him and you didn't bring it up. Spirit just said "does it matter?". I guess they are telling me it's your choice. Excuses are selective depending how bad you want something. Take action or don't take action. I don't see destiny in your situation. There are events that are destined and choices that are not right or wrong but what you desire. If you chose a distant state of loving and so does he you will enjoy certain aspects and pay a price. If you chose to cross your comfort zone and push for more and get it you will as well enjoy the reward but also pay a price because it will be work and compromising on your need for space. Right now Spirit wants you to shift responsibility from outside roadblocks to personal choice. You have more power than you acknowledge. Really know yourself. I pick up from you that having a person DEPENDENT on you is not your happy place. Be true to yourself and move on if I'm right because this man will always need an anchor. BLESSINGS!


  • Wow Blmoon,

    You have said a lot to process; but I connect so authentically with much of what you have expressed. There is definitely a Law of Correspondence taking place between us; we both find a certain degree of comfort in our space except I am more inclined and willing to share that space with another than I believe he is. You have hit the nail on the head with his mother, Wow! I have sensed also what you said about prior to the war, during the war and even afterwards; my spirit resonants with this; but I do know for certain too that there is a very strong soul tie/karmic connection between us and that is a part of the challenge; i do believe that the feelings are sincere and are mutual between us but I have felt for long time that he has struggled with his worthiness of having a partner who is solid and devoted emotionally as I represent and I believe this stems from years and years back; too though I have struggled with this unconscious shadow from a dysfunctional father/daughter relationship growing up; he too was not emotionally available; however I have been working very intense over the past year on my own personal development/empowerment and am learning to love myself and so my energy is shifting and I am desiring a corresponding/like love presence; one that is 'emotionally available' as well as physically available, but because I am so focused/devoted to my development program the physical part is not yet fully embraced by me as much as the emotional, yet.

    One major difference between us I can say is that I have remained true to only him since this reconnect; but it sounds as that may not have been the case, in times past, on his part; but even though, I believe too, that that it is part of his inner brokenness/confusion (and certainly not that it is an excuse, but I understand it). And too, I know that there is a deep-seated need with this one for an 'anchor' and I've considered that from many angles, but my endeavor to love unconditionally makes a minor factor in the grand scheme of things; one this is certain that we have been enormous 'teachers' in each others life; which is what relationships are all about anyway, to show us more of ourselves through the encounter with another, whether it be romantic or not; the question is what do we do with what we see 'about ourselves' in the process and when is the 'learning' contract over; this one is a challenge for me because I know without a shadow of doubt that this is a soul/spirit connection; so there is this seemingly unspoken (verbally) agreement between us that we will help each other through the lessons of this incarnation; I know it may sound strange but I'm being as authentic as I can. You are also very right about 'intention'; I get this loud and clear πŸ™‚ And there have been other attempts/advances toward me from others, but the vibration from me hasn't matched it to allow it; and of course when I am, if I do become, that will change very quickly, I'm sure!

    Bottom line, I am a lover, I love relationships of all kinds; I love the exchange; I love the growth and insight that is gained; I love the dialog, the companionship, the intellectual exchange, I love giving love and receiving it! It is foundational to me, the way I'm wired and it is the gifting that I brought to this incarnation numerological-ly. There is eerily something about this one; and honestly it is mutual! All and all I want the highest good that Spirit has for me on my path; I just know that we are all souls on a journey and this life is a 'school house' where a bunch of teachers come in and out of our experience to move us along our 'way'! I am on a journey of 'evolution of self' and I will continue to trust Spirit along the way for the guidance/direction necessary!

    Thank you for passing by my way again, Blmoom. I am so grateful for your Light and Love shown toward me! Your insight has been very very supportive for where I am! Blessings be multiplied back to you until your cup runs over πŸ™‚ Much Love,


  • All you needed was validation. You are very intuitive and you get things on a deep level. You are very right, relationships are not just good or bad but OPPORTUNITIES to grow and heal. I am glad you get it! BLESSINGS!

  • Hi BLMoon,

    Pls tell me if you get any insight regarding the reappearance of an old male friend?? His initials KWM, Birth day Aug 29th….35 years from my past πŸ™‚

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