Thoughts on Tarot decks

  • The deck I use is old and I cringe sometimes when I let other people handle them. They have the feel of old friends to me. I have used other decks and not gotten any attachments to them, now I am not sure if it’s because I haven’t used them enough or if it’s just an attachment thing. So I was looking for other opinions. Before I go to a store or order online from someone, it is said to see which one appeals to each person. I can understand that, is there anything else that other readers look for… information never hurts and it may be something that I haven’t heard of or didn’t think of… any experiences are welcome.



  • Just follow your gut. I do not use Tarot cards but do use other cards and for many years only used one deck called HEALING WITH THE FAIRIES ORACLE CARDS BY Doreen Virtue. They were my daily cards for ME and yes they are like a friend. Then one day I just got the feeling I needed another deck, couldn't explain why but just did and I also found the longer I procrastinated the more my daily read no matter how much I shuffled kept showing me the same two cards! As if to say move on but not because we stopped speaking truth in fact how divine is that pulling the same two cards! Let me add that all cards come with reading suggestions and layouts but I follow my own layout----shuffle or not but cut and I read top and bottom card. So in that way you newbees reading this---trust your own style. The power is NOT in the cards but Spirit uses the cards as language to speak through. In fact you can make your own cards! Anyway, I ended up attracted to Angel Cards....which at first felt odd as they force you to use your psychic gifts more instead of relying on the cards already explanation. They are now my daily cards of three picks. Then in a big bookstore I was very attracted to ARCHANGEL MICHAEL CARDS by Doreen Virtue. Once home I questioned why as they had a very very serious different feel. Nothing like the FAIRY cards. I realized after awhile that for ME these cards were not everyday but I get great advice in times of true crisis. Follow your gut Nick and trust your choice.....what calls to you but try not to overthink it---if your shopping online and cant decide then wait as Spirit will help. Or try a big bookstore---they carry many cards---including Tarot. I do know Tarot cards with just a toe in the water but have never had a passion big enough to be a expert.......I can read psychically off them if I have the question asked with them. Trust yourself and just listen to your gut instead of wondering why this happens. I still have my old friends my fairy cards and they still give me the same two picks! With a wink. BLESSINGS!

  • Funny, you sound like my brother...I know that is the answer...but my head gets in the way...I like to think it...see it and touch’s the engineer in me. This goes against how I trust my feelings when I do my readings.

    I use my own version of the Celtic cross, I've change the layout and added an extra card, also from experience the meanings aren't the same, but it works for me.

    I have used the Angel cards before...different type of use.

    The funny thing is I don't want to cheat on my deck..hahaha .really I'm being selfish... (mine, mine, mine) hahahahaI guess I just have to go out and do it.

  • I hope your brother is a nice guy ; ) As a Taurus I get the mine thing......I am a loyal keeper of all I love!

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