Need a shot of hope

  • On this loneest of lonely valentines days. I would like shot of hope for the next man, mr right. Yes I know mr wrong needs to final heave hoe once the house sells but I am in a perpetual limbo land. I just need a sneak pic of how grat a man he is to think about on days like today (my last crappy valentines)

    Thank you as always


  • Please someone read me. I am under constant attack emotionally from this horrible man. I just need hope that there's a better one coming.

  • J3nnygr, don't get sucked in by Valentine's Day - if you need to have a special day to remind you to show you love someone, then you are in big trouble, IMO. You don't need hope. You need the faith that you can make what you want happen - it's all about belief. If you truly believe you deserve and can indeed draw a better type of partner, you will attract him. But it's not self-belief I sense in you - it is despair and doubt. Perhaps your belief in your ability to attract a nice guy has been shaken. You have to get into the mindset that there ARE more stable and healthier men out there for you. You cannot let your future be tainted by your past. The past won't repeat if you recognize any mistakes in relationships - not everyone will behave like your husband. Picture yourself in your mind's eye meeting a wonderful man and it will happen. Keep the image positive - don't let doubt or fear creep in. Also you need to work on dropping the defensive wall you have built around yourself. When it comes to relationships, you can be a little hard to get close to, so try opening up to other people and sharing yourself more. Don't let potential suitors simply admire you from afar. You have to risk taking a chance in love. We all make mistakes but it is better to try for love than to sit at home alone. And you are now wiser about relationships than before. Get out there and meet people. Don't let any previous bad experience stop you from being the charming, generous, honest, loyal and evolved person that you are. Deep inside you is a character of steely determination.

    The key to your happiness (and avoiding depression) is to find a vocation, lifestyle or relationship that inspires and fulfills you. Once you figure out what works for you and what stops you moving forward (lack of motivation, fear of being controlled or misunderstood by others, unassertiveness, abandoning your personal beliefs just to buy some temporary peace), you have the inquisitive mind, the creativity and, above all, the fighting spirit to realize your cherished dreams and command not just the attention but the respect of all those with whom you come into contact.

  • Thanks so much captain! Tomorrows another day and a day to move forward. I appreciate your perspective.


  • And don't forget to take advantage of the very social and fun vibes that 2014 is bringing you now!

  • Funny you should mention that. I do partake in lots of girls nights out.


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