Asking for Universe's guidance in love

  • Dear community,

    Feeling ready to get back out there (I think) and find a companion/partner. Not looking for a reading as such but any words of wisdom (any angel whispers 🙂 ) for me in my current situation? I feel like there is a message wanting to come through from The Universe. Whether it's 'this is not the time, wait a little (or a lot)' or something different, please let me know if you're getting anything...

    Lots of love,


  • Helbells, I asked your guides for assistance and pulled a card regarding your question about love. This is the card I drew for you. I hope it means something for you.


    This situation calls for an understanding of the spiritual Law of Responsibility. Responsibility is the ability to respond appropriately to a person or situation. Challenges are sent by the Universe to gauge or check how you respond to each situation. Successive tests prepare you for spiritual promotion. It is up to you to prove that you can handle responsibility. Before promotion you must pass the test. If you rise to all challenges with integrity, your spiritual progress will be enhanced. Everything and everyone you are given to look after is a responsibility. If you do not respond to the challenge then it will be taken away from you and may be re-presented at another time. You have a responsibility to everything in your life. Take note of how you look after yourself, your children, your home and garden, your pets and possessions. You have a responsibility to care for them. You cannot take on great responsibility in life if you do not take care of your own needs. Your emotions and spirit need to be looked after. You must look after and nurture your physical body, and take care of your emotional state. Every single individual is responsible for their own feelings and their own destiny and you do not have the right to carry someone else’s burden for them, as this would prevent their personal growth. When we take responsibility for someone else’s decisions, we do not serve their highest growth or good. Your responsibility is to empower and strengthen others and encourage them to carry their own responsibility. Most of us project our own feelings on to others. When you choose a partner, you must find an equal, not someone you can carry or who is weak or dependent. If you cannot tell someone about a situation or how you feel in case they feel hurt, jealous, angry, depressed or jealous, you are taking responsibility for their feelings, and are doing them as injustice. When we speak honestly about our own feelings, we take responsibility for ourselves, and in doing so we release the other person and as well as ourselves. When we understand the Spiritual Law of Responsibility, we no longer blame anybody else, or project our feelings on to others. True responsibility is the ability to respond to the needs of all around you - to flowers, trees, animals, humans and the planet. An evolved being responds graciously to every living creature in the Universe. It isn’t what happens to us that counts - it's how we react to it. Be responsible in and for your relationships and your life.

  • And about you -

    Intuitive and reflective, you have the ability to attract others but you need to make sure that these people boost rather than drain your energy. You can find it hard to express your feelings and vulnerability, and once you start to feel serious about someone, it can take forever for you to declare how you feel. Surrounding yourself with trusted friends who give you confidence will help you open up sooner. You tend to like secrets, mystery, drama, fantasy, and intrigue so that's what you will attract to you - this is not good for relationships however where you need to be more grounded, open, and realistic. Any relationships that involve secrecy and/or clandestine activities will backfire.

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