Requesting Shuuabby/TheCaptain/Watergirl/Blmoon for B-Day Reading!

  • hello kind souls!

    i had my birthday 2 days ago. i am requesting a kind soul if they can please read for upcoming year for me in terms of career,finances and love! i am looking for a job! don't know what career would suit me best as i have been out of work for a decade now. it's been hard to get a job without any work experience. but i am inclined to do something that puts me in the leadership role within a team where i am interacting with people one-on-one and serving the community. don't know if this role would suit me or not but i feel i will be naturally good at it. this is something that comes from within.i don't know how my finances would be as i am currently dependent on family for support.

    i have gotten some great readings from gifted members on this forum in the past. i hope someone is able to share their gift and time again! anything that you could share with me that is important for me to know at this time would be helpful! also if you have advice for me i would be all ears.

    many thanks dear kind souls for your time and energy!



  • HP, I feel you are well suited toward any career that involves education, or personal and social development. You are innovative and progressive, and would make a great freelance inventor, computer programmer, designer, or architect. In business, employers will appreciate your organizational ability and your willingness to embrace new ideas. You would also work well as a teacher, advisor or specialist in some field. Alternatively, you may devote yourself to charity work, or psychology, philosophy, or spirituality where you can make a difference to other people’s lives. You have a talent for invention and no doubt enjoy finding new ways to make life easier for others around you. You do this not for material benefit or even recognition but because you believe that the less stress and discomfort people have, the more they can devote themselves to more meaningful and spiritual pursuits. With your clever mind and sharp insight into what a situation or a person needs, there is little doubt that you can (as long as you master the art of diplomacy and tact) make a mark on the world by helping and educating others. Professions that reward individual creative efforts in an independent way, such as entertaining (singing, acting, writing, art, etc), and entrepreneurship would work for you. Dealing with children, games and sports are also suitable. You may however have to watch a tendency to allow your absorption in a project or social group to make you neglect close personal relationships. Also you may see and know what is right for other people but sometimes you have to step back and allow them to make their own mistakes in order to learn and grow. Everyone - including yourself - needs to mess up now and again as it is an important part of the human experience. Once you have learned to become less critical of yourself and others, you will be able to break new ground and experiment with original concepts and ideas.

  • HB I feel in the area of your love life you will be engage soon. If you are not already in a relationship you soon will be, he is older by ten years, and will be your only marriage. He comes in with a T in his first or last name. Tall, dark hair good looking man. Two children here, boy, girl, for you.

    You will be lucky in love because you yourself are filled up with light and shine it on others.

    This man is from the South area, yet I hear Africa here around him in some way. He may want to travel there for personal, or business reasons.

    Have a great birthday.

    Shabby clairvoyant no cards used.

  • dear thecaptain

    thank you so much for reading for me. all what you have written about my inclinations and what brings me happiness is so true. i want to work in a field where i can help people come out of their dark past/present and show them light and hope so they can live their life better. i do want to social work as well and reach out to larger number of people and groups. i want to start working and stand on my own first of all. but i don't have any degree in the concerned field and have been out of work for long so am not able to find a job although have been trying for a very long time. i do feel like going to school and learning a course in the field of my liking but it requires money and even though i have resources that can lend me any amount and i live with my family so their resources technically belong to me too. but inside something stops me from going that route. i don't want to start my journey by using money from other people. i have been dependent on them all my life. something opened my eyes to other and better possibilities in life that could make me more stronger and self sufficient that i have been yearning for but i don't want to use others money to build this foundation for me. i can take this money and go to best college and earn degrees but my heart never agrees to this idea of going about what i want to do in life.

    i feel stuck. my overall growth has been stalled because of not being able to see any improvement from where i had started almost two years ago. i feel tired, sometimes get frustrated but i don't feel like giving in. i have this fire inside me that never lets me get bogged down by anything. but i am wondering when the universe will open the gates for me so i can see light and start moving. i am waiting in silence for HIM to show me a way out of this slumber i am in. i wonder when will i start walking again.

    i want to do so many things for people, i just feel like giving so much out of my being as i feel i am soooo full of it but there is no outlet. i want to work, i want to set a good example for my daughter so she can understand how important it is to be self sufficient and not to be dependent on others for your needs, to serve community in which ever way possible, to start living life again as it has been quite a while since i smiled and felt love inside me, want to feel the connection with the existence again.

    you are right that i don't have the skill of diplomacy and my own people do try to take advantage of my goodwill some times. i was ignorant to this fact for a very long time until one day HE decided to give me a reality check. it is one area of my life that needs a lot of work as it has started bothering me more than as it should because people are used to see me in a different way while i have started behaving in a different manner so i can save myself from letting them take advantage of me any more and it brings a lot of conflicts with them on a regular basis.

    dear shuabby! thank you so much for this insight. i already have a husband and we have been married for a long time now. his initials are RS. does it mean we will part ways in future? what will make us to do so if that's the case?

    we have seen many ups and downs together and had a reached a point when we were so ready to part ways but then destiny took turn and put us back with each other again. a lot has changed since then. we have tried to forget the past and not let it affect our present and future. and we have succeeded in doing so to a great extent. i find our life to be much better now than how it was before.

    but am not sure what will lead us to part ways if that's what you mean?

    this man who is older than me has been picked by someone else too but that was 2/3 years ago and i was going through a tough time with my husband back then so i had reason to think that we could separate. but as i see it now i don't have any reason to get out of this partnership as of now.

    can you shed some more light on it if you get some time? that would be really helpful!

    thank you once again for the wonderful insights. you guys are awesome gifted souls and i truly respect how generously you give your time and spend your energy willingly.

    much love and blessings!


  • HP, I can tell you value your personal freedom and self-reliance, but you must ask yourself if pride is not stopping you from moving forward now. Try not to think of 'yours' and 'mine' when it comes to asking for the money you need. Just appreciate the fact that you have a way to fulfil your dreams. Spirit has provided your family with the funds you need to educate yourself to gain the extra knowledge you need to supplement your already helpful personality. You are standing still because the answer is in front of you but you are not allowing yourself to reach for it. Money can always be paid back, but the huge benefits of you going into social work or whatever humanitarian work you can do for others far outweighs the smaller issue of asking someone for help. You may feel that being in debt is about someone having control over you, but instead it could be about you acquiring more freedom to do what you want. But we are all here to help each other, to pass it on - your family can help you, then you can help others AND maybe even your family once you have the knowledge you need. Your self-improvement benefits everyone. Your standing still benefits no one. If you have a way to move forward, take it!

  • HP

    I always give what I get and of course I am the messenger.

    I feel that you stay with your current husband because you feel safe with security around you.

    What I gave you I do believe is a future message and a choice you will have to make. Sometimes we can marry again in our lifetimes and it will feel like a true heart connection marriage, in which we all long for don't we?

    I wish you the very best in your future and see a bright shining star before you. You have everything within you to achive what you want in this lifetime. Do you think you are worth the investment that it will take to shine your love and light on a world that needs you and your help so much?

    Let us know how your journey is moving along, we would really be interested in knowing.


  • hi again thecaptain!

    may be you are right! it is pride because they have made me realize in the past in a very degrading way that i am good for nothing and there with them because they provide me security and a stable base. it might have been said out of anger but it did break my heart and other reason is that some people are such that if they help someone once they will keep on bragging about their generosity with great pride and i don't want to give them another chance to make me feel that i could not do anything on my own without their help. it could be pride or insecurity or inferiority complex that makes me not go to them again for help, but i really am not interested in taking any help from them again. they might have felt bad about how they treated me in the past but i have learned a lesson here. i don't want to build anything using resources, especially financial, from people around me. my heart doesn't permit me to ask for any help from them. they have changed to be good and nice to me again, but i have changed and become more secure in myself than i was before. i don't want to take any step that could potentially bring up the same situation in my life again that made me feel miserable and affected my self esteem in the past.

    this is the only reason why i don't want material help. i do talk to them, discuss issues, share information and open for advice but taking material help is against my self respect now. you might find me wrong and irrational here but i am very disappointed and today using others resources for my personal benefit feels like stabbing myself to death to me:((((( i know you are right in your take on this situation but i cannot gather courage to ask for monetary help again from anyone around me.i know you understand my situation well already!!

    dear shuabby! thanks for clarifying. i'll remember what you said. i hope i don't end up disappointing myself again in life. i really hope so. thank you so much for the good wishes!!

    i really feel blessed to be able to share my mind and get helpful advice on this forum.

    many thanks people! i love you!

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