Good evening! I have been visiting this site and i have learned alot.

  • I would like to start working with the tarot on a more frequent basis. Due to work and family responsibilities my time is limited. I would like to see if my ability is real. My great grandmother had a "gift" she didn't read cards but was more of a healer and used folk remedies to help people, As a child and again I recently can fortell things but these things come to me in my dreams. I want to see if I can channel some of that energy or gift into reading the tarot. Can anyone guide me or help me on what I should do?

    I am going through a big change at work and am scared to loose my job but feel that perhaps if I do, its that I am meant to focus on my ability. Does anyone feel any vibes or have any thoughts?

    Thanks for your opinions or feelings on the matter.

  • What makes you feel you may lose your job? Couldn't you practice your gift on the side? Is it just dreams? Do you read cards? I'd say start reading for anyone who will let you. Soon you will know the answers yourself.

  • Scorpioreader : first thanks for your response and to answer your question, the work situation is just changing a lot. I am probably not going to lose my job after a meeting that was held today. I feel that I have some kind of gift, but want to know if there is any way to actually be able to tell? I have been working with some tarot cards and have read for a few friends of my sister. I tried to read for people that I didn't have any information because I did not want to be swayed in any way. The girl brought her two sisters and according to them the reading was very accurate. I just get pictures in my head when I see the cards and things just come to me and I tell the person. I want to know if there is anyway that I can prepare myself better to be a better "reader". Do you mean that if I keep reading I will see if it is for me? OR do you mean that the cards will give me my answer about my gift. Thank you !

  • LaLeona,

    Find some quiet time (I do mine at night when the house is quiet) and it just a matter of practice. Do readings for yourself, get comfortable. It is hard sometimes to read yourself or close family members because it’s easy to read into what you want to hear, just ask for guidance and trust your feelings. For me it was a matter of trusting myself and then after time I knew without having to ask, whether or not the reading was on...In my perspective the cards are just a tool, to be a craftsmen it take time and practice.

    hope that helps


  • I meant if you keep reading you will know if it is your calling. Or even a side calling. It is difficult to find people you know nothing about for whom you can read. You could offer on here. I am happy to be a guinea pig for you. Read away. I'm sure Nick and Astraangel wouldn't mind either. Go for it. Positive feedback is always encouraging in anything you may do.

  • Thanks for your advice TarotNick. I have done some readings for myself but never like the outcome. I tend to give myself negative readings so I have been shying away from that. Maybe I just need to get more familiar with the process.


    That's another question, when reading for someone here on the forum or someone by email or internet.... how you do you do the reading without a real first name or DOB:

    What I will do is focus on your screen name and see what the cards come up with. I will do it first thing tomorrow morning as there are too many distractions right now, in the morning kids are asleep and husband at the gym... my only "me" time.

    I am shy about doing readings and I will post all the info and you can tell me if it rings true to you! Then I will expand and offer for others if they are interested. Thank you for offering to help!!

    Many Blessings!

  • I only answer posts that Spirit Speaks up for. They choose. Some folks I get nothing. I must say screen names will influence me! Sorry but it's true. I mean, if someone names themselves negatively I step back. If you are considering getting spiritual training a place to possible work, find spiritual churches near you. Tarot is intensive. There are many other card decks to consult. I use cards by Doreen Virtue and And an Angel Deck by a name I can't spell! But you can find them on Rev. Nina Roe's site. Explore! BLESSINGS.

  • Thank you for your advice Blmoon,


    Past Present future

    Page of swords rev three of swords 8 of cups

    Justice rev ace of wands 9 of swords rev

    2 cups 4 of pentacles rev Emperor

    The past reading indicates that you had a relationship that was wonderful while it lasted and it shaped and formed you into the person that you are today. I also see that you were in a position to speak up or hold your tongue. The decision you made it something that you think about often, I don’t say that it “haunts” you but you do often wonder what would of happened had you not “held back” important information. Whether it was that decision or another decision you made has landed you in the position that you are today. In the present you seem to be in a “lonely” or unhappy state. I see that either law enforcement or some type of legal matters has you feeling betrayed, alone or simply feeling mistreated. Because you feel this way, you may be exhibiting a side of yourself that others may see as “bossy”.

    You seem to be feeling like you are ready to embark on a new journey or another major change in your life. Life is currently leaving you to feel that you are losing control of a situation and you must understand that you can not control everything. Life happens sometimes and we must deal with it. In the future you will realize that its time to move on either from your current job, relationship or living quarters. It seems that you will feel the urge to up and move or change your life’s goals this might be because of a break up of a love relationship, loss of employment or friendship. (from the surrounding cards I don’t think its relationship but more of a career change) . The emperor seems to indicate that a change is on the horizon.

    Scorpioreader, please feel free to give me your take on the matter. Tell me if you would have interpreted those cards in another matter.

    Thank you !

  • La Leona. I am going to look at these cards here and get back to you. I think you used 6? Anyway, just reading them I see an actual scenario from my life. If this is in reference to what I think, and I will explain later, there is a question of money. A lot of money by most of our standards. I would encourage you to look further into this situation and any money related to it. This would be non-earned income, if that helps. I just think there's a piece missing in order for me to tell you what I see. Also, the Page of Swords. Contemplate on that and see what you come up with.

    I am very happy to help you with your readings. Once you have addressed these other couple things, I shall be able to add clarification for you.

  • Ok. I see there were 9. I lay mine down in 3 rows of 3 to see what you have. Then I just reread your reading for me.

    The Past. You nailed it. This is in regard to an incident that occurred in June as a result of a decision I made. I do think about it occasionally, but I would have made the same decision if I had to do it again. Like I said, La Leona focus on that Page of Swords. You barely scratched the surface.

    The Present? I think you said. I know of no legal matters. BUT, the gentleman who checks the scales did not come through in regard to others according to law. I would not expect you to know that. It's a complicated story. As for my happiness... I am a very happy person. Currently unhappy with some situations. But, situations do change. Change is the only constant in this world. I am not lonely, though single. I prefer a lot of quiet time. But, for the most part, I work 7 days a week. So, the quiet is appreciated. I would have to say I achieve my happiness more through positivity and being there for others.

    The Future? Hmmm. In order to embark on a career change? I cannot imagine. What would be the impetus for this change? How would I transition into it? You see, I feel any change outside the realm of what I do would be drastic. Perhaps I make changes to what I am currently doing?

    Then of course there's that money thing I mentioned above. There may be 3 sources. Somehow I feel money plays an important role in whatever is going on. I am not the type to desire money, so for me to tell you this is important on what you're is.

    You being the reader and myself the querant, I am trying to help you see more and dig deeper. If you are considering this as a career, then we should approach it as if we are face to face. You read. I verify. Something you say causes me to answer a question, etc.

    I don't know how you came up with your reading. Feelings? Visions? Books? Just asking. I will look at these cards again tomorrow. Thank you. You are doing great so far!

  • Scorpioreader I did use 6 cards and I will review them again with see what they show me. Plus I will look at the page of swords and see what that card can show me.

    Question for you... if the card lands reversed do you always read it reversed? or can you ignore the fact that its reversed and go with the upright meaning? Thanks!

  • There are two schools of thought on this LaLeona.

    To reverse or not to reverse?

    People who study book meanings of the cards more than likely also study reverse meanings.

    While I understand the meanings of the cards, I am more of an intuitive reader. To reverse my cards would be counterproductive. (I also have a little OCD, so I simply can't stand it). However, when I read, rarely does anything come out of my mouth that sounds as if its out of a book. The cards tell me a story. So, I do not like for them to be upside down.

    I put your 9 cards all right side up. It was immediately clear to me what you were talking about.

    You can read which ever way is comfortable for you.

  • Scorpioreader,

    Thank you for your insight regarding the reversed meanings. I am trying to use my vision, I have read books for the most part am trying to see if I can get something from the cards instead of a book. I concentrated on the page and the only thing that I saw was about a bad decision made when you were younger held up from being where u want to be? I can tell u that my mind has not been very clear due to work and stress but I am trying. 🙂

  • LaLeona. Stress is not good. And the little ones must keep you busy. It can have a detrimental effect on card reading. But, on the flip side, if you can make private time with no one around, card reading is very good for stress. Very good. I recommend it highly. To truly connect with the cards for someone and let out everything you see is a huge release. I think that's why I like to tape mine. Everyone says my voice has a calming effect. Try various methods. The one that works for you will be the one where everything flows.

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