Is moth presence the same as butterfly ?

  • Yesterday was my dad's birthday. He paste away, 2 weeks ago. Laying on my bed, I was crying at some point and a white baby moth was on my arm. I never saw this before as i leave in 20th floor of a building. Soon after i noticed a big heart shape on my coffee cup. all felt like magic. I wonder if the moth was his sprit presence.

  • *spirit

  • I am so sorry for your loss breze

    I believe it was your fathers spirit letting you know all ok. Angels are sent to help you by guiding and giving messages

  • Thank you Shadowmist !! Love B

  • What a BLESSING! Enjoy! Always be open to your first not logic away these divine gifts of LOVE....LOVE ENDURES....LOVE IS FOREVER. So so powerful yet as gentle and precious as a small white moth.! He says, smile baby girl, my innocent baby will always gentle with yourself. I did not stay old and journey is fresh and Angel wing white and I will always be this close.! BLESSINGS!!

  • Oh I had missed this. I just saw it. Beautiful !! Thank you Blmoon !

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