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  • Hi everyone, well it is a new year so I am hoping that this year will bring me love. My birthday is July 7, 1965 and his is July 20, 1950. He came into my life again, and I am wondering where is this headed. Thank you for stopping by.

  • This is a good relationship for friendship, but it is definitely not suited to a love matchup, especially a long term one like marriage. Ceeslight, you will however benefit from your contact with this man, because he will encourage you to realize your fantasies and dreams. Your psychologically astute understanding will in turn help him in his own process of self-discovery. A love affair here would involve a certain amount of secrecy and risk-taking, a combination that can encourage extramarital and other covert relationships. A love of danger and adventure can get out of hand also to the point where it becomes the main ingredient of the whole pleasure process. That is why a conventional arrangement like marriage that reaches for stability and social approval would probably lose its thrill for both of you. A friendship here will likely also feature some adventure, maybe as part of a team in a group activity. Together you both make persuasive leaders, able to face danger with equanimity. Your friend is prone to erratic mood swings however and your own penchant for fantasy must be scaled back - still, it can be a good friendship and you should both be resistant to one another's emotional manipulations.

    In love, your friend is often attracted to restless, exciting types just like himself but he will thrive better with a partner who is stable and reliable, and who lets him go off into his wild imagination and on his own without stifling him. Mental stimulation is also extremely important for him in a relationship, so he needs a partner who can match his intellectual curiosity. He thrives on movement, change and new experiences, being exhilarated rather than daunted by fresh challenges and situations. No matter how comfortable or secure his position in life, routine can be deadly to this man and his restless spirit constantly seeks to move on and evolve. He is not the most faithful of partners, then. His greatest challenge in life and love is feeling satisfied - he must come to understand that moving onto the next challenge will not necessarily bring him the fulfillment he seeks. The secret of fulfillment lies within him, not without.

    In love, you Ceeslight have a tendency to fall in and out of love quickly and you need a partner who can maintain your interest and keep you feeling grounded and secure. Since you can usually attract partners easily, you need to become aware of becoming too demanding or emotional in your love life, but once in a steady relationship you will give everything to the one you love. Having a low stress threshold, your greatest challenge is dealing with criticism or rejection - you must learn to take on board what is being said and learn from it. Criticism and rejection are simply stepping stones on the way to success.

  • Hi Captain,

    How are you? Thanks for stopping by. This man came into my life years ago, and recently he came back wanting to understand our connection. We have a connection that is odd. We can feel each other, as well as know things about each other when we even didn't know the existence of one another. It has been strange and scary because he knows my inner secrets, things from my childhood and I know things of him too. We don't understand it and we want to know why we have this connection. I mean this man knows things that even my family don't know. Sometimes I feel like we can read each others thoughts. I know when he is frustrated, or thinking of me, when he is sad this I knew when we were not in contact. He thinks about me as often as I think about him. I have never been though this and never met anyone with this kind of connection. Soul mates? Thank you for your reading. If he is not the one, can you see anyone entering my life.

  • There are many types of soulmates, not just romantic ones, and it sounds like you and this man may have had a connection in other lives because you know each other well.

    If you clear away any obstacles to love - any fears, doubts, or insecurities that may be holding you back - then certainly the right person will enter your life. Check your past for unhealthy patterns and reasons why relationships may not have worked out. Do you regard potential partners with more fantasy than reality? Are you afraid of losing your freedom by settling down with someone? You may be seeking the same sort of person each time, one who may not be good or right for you.

  • Thank you for your me and reading. Have a good weekend

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