Virgo/Libra Cup man driving Aires girl crazy!

  • Virgo/Libra cusp man is driving me crazy?

    I've been dating a Virgo/Libra cusp man for 8 months. I am an Aires woman and we are both Capricorn rising. His moods change from day to day everything is fine, the next he's insulting me all day long. I don't even feel like I can speak my mind without him turning on a dime and reacting WAY to strongly to something I've mentioned. Then being pissy about it for the next few days. Meanwhile, he is BRUTALLY honest and I wonder if he thinks before he speaks. That's what he always says to me anyway.

    I consider myself to be a stylish, petite and attractive girl and never have a hard time finding a date. I am also very faithful. So what is his problem. When we do have sex, it is lovely...but I have to initiate everything. He does not hug or kiss me, touch other wise..but wants me to massage him incessantly. For a while I was "treating him" and didn't receive anything back for 4+'s almost like he's oblivious to my needs. If I didn't directly bring it up and actually whine about it, it would have continued like this...Lazy lover?

    He is having trouble supporting himself. I pay some of his bills, buy food...without much thanks....even though I make less than $30 a year and support myself completely. if I ever brought that up I'd never hear the end of it. It seems I give and give and he takes. When we argue, it's all about "how much he does for me and how I don't appreciate it" Where? I don't see it.

    Lot's and lots of double standards.

    Anything spotaneous is out of the questions. This man can be so cool and fun, but also so crusty, mean and grumpy at the drop of a hat. We can never make plans to do anything fun because he is so obsessed with finishing at home projects. Does this person know I exist? What does he want from me! Did I mention when we argue and I believe its time to leave...I also get s***for leaving a potentially volital setting. It's as if he wants me to be "around" so he can be angry and lecture at me..and scold me more...instead of just letting it go.

    He is meticulous about his hygiene and cleanliness of his home, but doesn't take care of himself or even have schedule to eat food and gets angry with me when I make him something to eat. Everything is a big deal. Everything needs to be perfect. He's never ever satisfied with himself or me. Is this normal Virgo behavior? He says he loves me, but why don't I feel loved? Somedays I litterally have to be a shadow of myself as not to upset the apple cart. Has he turned me into a love slave? What am I doing wrong. I have a very stick-to-it nose to the grindstone, do what it takes personality. I don't give up easily..and I am not as hot tempered

    as most Aires. Any advice? He is litterally driving me insane. Is this a big game?

  • My advice would be tell him how you feel. You have been remarkably devoted. Virgos can be really critical and Libras indecisive and moody.

    Next time he lectures you, walk out. Or hold your ground. If he truly loves you, he will want to make amends as much as you do. But as long as YOU are the one always trying to make amends to HIM, he won't have reason to change.

    Hopefully, this will help. If it doesn't, know that you aren't stuck. You can leave, and will likely find someone who gives as much as you do in a relationship. Either way, good luck.

  • Good advice...sometimes its good to try hard, and sometimes it's just isn't good to try hard I guess. I am always trying to make amends for stuff that a reasonable person wouldn't even see as an issue or problem (I know, I've been in two 5 year relationships and my ex's and I still respect each other)

    What gives. I'm taking your advice. This one sides relationship go jump off a bridge. It's double or nothing ; )

  • that advice they' re giving you aries is full of s#@t ! first of all it anit about signs anymore, it's about respect! this man should be lucky to have a women holdin him down. but like some men who do these things don't care aries if you go out on a limb to show you care! my advice, and i'm not always right is to leave hima alone and don't turn back! this situation can, and will esclate to more than just words if you contiune to deal with this type of man!!! as women we don't remove ourselves when these signs first occur. you should stop looking at his signs and look at how he treats you, and also focus on taking care of your own self! good luck.... joebull.

  • I agree with joebull... I also know how difficult it can be to make a change in your life when you truly care for someone, but if that person is not nourishing your wants&needs and it,s all about him you will always be unhappy and in pain.You sound like a wonderful person and you should think about asking him to work on changing his ways or you will take an other road without him. I hope you can stand firm.& I also wish you the best of luck. ......Leonida P.S. I have been in your shoes .

  • I agree, I mean its one thing that this guy is a Virgo and that Virgo's are critical but this man is showing very little respect for you and by putting up with it you are showing very little respect for yourself.

  • Thank you all for your very insightful comments. I've taken a break from this man and decided to date occasionally. Meanwhile, I've got my calender booked for the whole week. Feeling more like myself. No more waiting around...Go get em, aires girl. Free....Free at last

  • Good for you rainbowmeadpow77... At the very least you need to try. I know it is very difficult but sometimes we find out that our actions where absolutely necessary to get to the next step in our lives I for one wish all you the best & I know where you are coming from.

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