Reading 4 ChaRmeD - Tarot Nick, Shuabby, BLMoon N any who feels drawn

  • THANK YOU THANK YOU THHHAAAANK YOU for at least READING this thread.

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to know what I need to know this time in my life regard:





    and of course what is more important than the listed as i VERY WELL KNOW asking specified issues will not always get answered.

    In advance many blessings namaste´s and loads of love for all your times, energies, goodwills and lovong healing divine light.


  • Are you looking for good Karma charming one? ; ) You have made a lot of folks happy! Good for you! I did enjoy visiting your thread---you did a great job---not one argument! You were organized--to the point---let the cards speak and kept your opinions tamed. Excellent. You did not get attached to an outcome or second guess the cards. I'd say that you really let your best self shine. This is not always easy for you as your shadow side can be defensive at times and you can take things wrong. Self confidence looks good on you! I pick up that you have made a change that has you thinking much clearer. You can get foggy but you are very sharp right now---keep up what ever your doing. Spirit advises to honor your giving with self nurture and rest. LOVE

    this year brings an opportunity for change. There is a pattern in your attractions that has seemed outside your free will but this year you can break that pattern by looking at yourself with forgiveness and without judgement and seeing the choices as a survival safety net that kept you SAFE. You have been attracted to unavailable men for a reason. Yes you can not deny wanting love--it is the most essential need BUT you have trust issues. Very deep ones---some one in your childhood did not play fair and you did not feel safe

    someone gave love a bad name! The best you have allowed is love from a distance. Much of this year will be about bravery, trust and change. How well you can embrace change will effect all areas you ask about. Everything will move out of stagnation depending on your ability to trust change. Last year was a rough one but served to push you to have had enough---to be desperate enough to be the real you---born into this world before life wounded you. Getting along with people effects all aspects of your life so this year you will be tested to keep your balance. Emotions must match your head. Allow your emotions but do not wallow----emotions must be released then your head must say ok it is what it is now detach and let your wise had make choices. This will help your health. When the body eats too many emotions too long it manifests in the body as pain---autoimmune diseases set in----arthritis flares, fibromyalgia, migraines etc. Eating your emotions also manifests as depression. This year you can really tap into a new awareness as you connect with your body. You have not always been friends with your body. You often misdirect anger meant for loved ones onto yourself. This is changing. I'm addressing your health first because it is key to work and men as loving yourself shows others how to love you---you set the example and others follow. Spirit says pray more---they do not mind! Ask every morning for guidance with the changes they ask for you. I know this is a touchy subject but pain meds are not your friend. By now you are seeing that. You get defensive because you feel others are accusing you of inventing your pain but it is real. There are other ways of treating inflammation and pain. Spirit will help you. You are stronger than you know and this year that will shine. It will manifest in small ways that just keep growing. Practice inner power

    choosing your battles---say to yourself I refuse to get ruffled when you want to KEEP your energy for doing things that give back. It's the ego that must fight every wrong. Choose your battles knowing sometimes you win because you save your energy. I see a man with an airies energy that makes your heart thump but he plays hard to get---I get march then April. You start saying ok here I go again and you step away from that. Another man with a lot of water in his chart tempts you----he makes folks feel safe but you end up feeling you can not be yourself with him as he is judgmental and shy about drama and passion. The man who can change things and last has fire in his chart. Passion! The drawback for you will be you can not hide your heart---he will call you out---not in a manipulative way but he does not play games. Are you ready for this one? His feedback will be honest and direct not malicious. Can you handle being truly naked? You as well will see his faults so it can be a very spicy union that keeps you both in line. BLESSINGS! PS---I see a job opportunity in July that will require patience as it may not manifest until August.

  • Ever go to a comedy club and the Head Liner walks off the stage and the next guy goes ....I have to follow that!...hahahaha that was the first thing that popped into my head...funny, being I have a different skill set...and it's not a competition...just friends sharing to help each other...see if this helps,

    I get the feeling you’re not in a great mood...edgy waiting for a fight... watch because negative brings negative

    either money has made you happy or your feeling your I am something

    and you want something to someone new

    your doubting something...because you can't see it...relax...

    something just failed…but have courage...learn

    you just did something to say you did it, it’s something you couldn't see or someone didn't want you to see

    your going to be learning something or a craft that you are skilled at...good feeling

    you have been worrying, but it seems it was something peaceful or where you were able to finally breath

    with a friend something that started out nice...seems to be turning

    something good is coming...think it and make it happen

    the guy thing...keep an open mind and look at your choice... something is up...understand the good and bad... and why you make the you can take the good into the future....

  • I loved your reading!!

  • BLMoon thank you. The pain was real. I had AGAIN surgery for removal of heavy duty endomitriosis. That is as real as it can get and at the time only relief was pain meds as much as i hated it. HOWEVER this round i REFUSED flatly to take any morphine pain killers. I controlled it with loads of meditations, and centering with cleansing breaths. Also with some small significant stretching.

    thank you again. i will re read your reading often.


  • Thank you Nick, Ill also re read yours often. Yes when i posted i was on edge tad grrr i kept afloat refusing to let it get the better of me.


  • Congratulations! Your strength is REAL! And the best choice is rarely the easiest when facing change. BLESSINGS!

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