Good fit?

  • How do up we pair?



    Thank you!

  • A rough ride is predicted here as you are both fixed signs. Empathy is a key factor in determining the future of this relationship - although you both can understand each other's feelings, there is no guarantee that you will be sympathetic to, honour, or even pay attention to them. An aggression, even anger, lies dormant in this relationship and that is why it is best as a friendship rather than anything more serious or intimate. This relationship is in fact a curious combination of empathy and selfishness, so that the two of you can be quite unfeeling and even ruthless toward each other, and also in dealing with other people. Sweetgem, you will be the more flexible person in this relationship, more able to adapt and compromise. However in a love affair, you may have no interest at all in doing so. When disputes arise between you, you are quite capable of soothing your savage lion mate, but you will do so only when you want to, even though it might be in your best interest to do so. Your partner may be a bit unassertive at times, but he has the instincts of a leader. Yet in a love relationship he tends to be very giving, virtually doting on the person he loves or is close to, and so this particular romance might end up being directed - not necessarily very rationally - by you, who will manipulate his predictable attitudes. In a friendship, this man would be quite loyal but may not have enough interest in your activities to share them. The two of you would be mutually supportive in times of distress but not necessarily attentive to each other's needs during busy or successful periods. Still, your bonds - once made strong - would stay intact, and even when physically distant, you two would keep your lines of communiction open through email, phone or fax.

    Sweetgem, you should not be short of admirers but you may miss out on opportunities for romance because you are reluctant or too shy to make the first move. Once in a relationship you also need to guard against passivity and should try to take the initiative more, especially when it comes to showing affection; your undemonstrative nature may be interpreted by others as indifference. You need to avoid isolating yourself from social contact. All activities that bring you out of yourself should be encouraged, as should spending more time with friends and loved ones. Exercise is highly recommended for you, especially activities that involve social contact, such as dancing, aerobics and team sports. Make sure that boredom and loneliness are not the real causes of any overeating or over-indulgence in sex, drugs or any other addiction.

    Your potential partner will often put the happiness of his partner or loved ones above his own and he needs to remind himself that his happiness is just as important. In love, he finds it easy to connect and will be seldom without a partner to support, encourage and adore. He is at his best when in a relationship, but needs to find a balance between his need for independence and his desire for cooperation. He is compassionate and selfless at heart and needs to make sure that he doesn’t neglect his own health for the sake of others. Prone to anxiety and insecurity, and the consequential insomnia, he would benefit greatly if family friends or members encouraged him to take a more proactive role in his health and wellbeing. This would include regular health checkups, due care and attention to healthy eating, and a regular exercise program.

  • Thank you Captain.

    2 years ago you gave me an assessment on someone I was dating. I'd have to look back to know for sure what was said. But I believe it was you who pointed out he could become controlling. I wouldn't say he was an aggressive control freak, he was much more passive about it.

    Either way, as predicted, it didn't work out.

    The man I'm asking about now, we have hung out and chatting via text for a little over a week so not putting to much I to it. Just curious how we stand as far as astrology goes.


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