Self-reading: is my state of mind affecting the cards?

  • I've been using a RWS deck to do some self-readings, but I've been having a lot of trouble lately.

    When I first got the cards (about a month ago), I did some readings on my situation with a guy I dated last year and they described the situation perfectly. A few weeks after that, there were some changes on the situation so I decided to do another reading (this was less than 2 weeks ago). Those readings seemed quite accurate as well and made sense, and advised me to take action.

    When I did these readings, I managed to stay calm and objective. I felt "connected" to my intuition, detached from the outcome and open to see what the cards had to tell. And I was surprised by what the cards showed me, because despite being in a complicated situation, the outcomes were quite positive (not a rosy happily-ever-after too-good-to-be-true positive, but instead showed a peaceful reunion and a friendly talk between us). In fact, I wasn't really sure whether to believe them (I tend to be quite negative and expect the worst sometimes). But the past and present were very accurate and insightful, so I tried.

    However, as the days went by, I started getting really anxious and a bit depressed. I am in a very confused and conflicted state of mind at the moment, feeling hormonal and all over the place. Last thursday, despite feeling depressed and conflicted, I decided to do a reading (on this topic) to see if it could help me. I wasn't able to concentrate, I had a heavy feeling on my chest, my heart raced, I was feeling worried, scared, anxious. I felt "off". I wasn' t feeling any clear direction on which cards to draw, but decided to go ahead with it anyway. And BAM, completely negative reading. It made sense, but it was horrible. Worst case scenario. I started feeling even WORSE.

    I went away for the weekend, but kept feeling a bit down. I decided to give it another go yesterday. I did two readings and had the same kinds of feelings.. expecting the worse, full of fear, heart racing, heavy pressure in my chest, couldn't concentrate on which cards to draw. And again, both readings made perfect sense but they were completely negative and just horrible. I saw ALL of my worst fears reflected on those spreads, the outcomes were the worst possible scenarios and I drew all of the cards I feared seeing. Even when I tried asking how to find peace, the cards I drew were completely horrible and indicated pain, anguish and sorrow.

    Could this have been caused by over-reading? I decided not to read on this topic anymore and just let it go. But now I am confused as to whether to take action or not. How can the readings be so different? Which ones are the accurate ones? These horrible readings left me feeling quite anguished and depressed and confused, so I'm finding it hard to stay calm and let it go. I don't know if these last readings were affected by my state of mind and my emotions. I saw all of my fears reflected in them, so I'm not sure if the cards were reflecting back my emotions, perhaps telling me to stop the over reading, or if this is what is actually happening/going to happen.

    Any advice/feedback is appreciated! This has got me feeling quite confused.

    Thanks for reading! 🙂

  • Fear and anxiousness always are louder than clarity. Pulling cards when desperate will be a bust. Put the cards away and detach from the situation. Detachment does not always sit still--it CAN BE an action! It can be you taking a lead. PERSPECTIVE is everything. Have patience and surrender to the unknown----this too will pass! BLESSINGS!

  • Ellie90

    I feel your pain at this time and the cards should only be read as a reference , also when you are more grounded and have not comsumed alot of caffine, like coffee, soda.

    Faith is the best thing to have when you find yourself stressed out in this way. You do have the power within yourself to change your life , yes I know at times it is hard to do.

    You need to let go and let God so to speak in this situation. You needed the encounter to learn from and I do believe if you set down with pen in hand and write what you learned from this , it will help you alot in the next few days.

    You will move on to a more reliable relationship and I see this man as having glasses on and a book in hand so he is an intellect. Not meaning that he is'nt also fun to be with as he certainly can be , he likes sports and cars is what I receive. Fishing and camping also. He appears to have bushy hair or a lot of it and wavy , yet not to much so.

    He may not be a head turner in looks but he is stable and charming. He will turn your head in about six weeks.

    Let us know when your heart is singing : The Song of Love again only this time it will be a lasting one.

    Shuabby-Clairvoyant- No Cards used.

  • In my experience can NO reader SELF READ. Reason, we are NOT fully detached from ourselves and by it we CANNOT BE NOR SEE OBJECTIVELY!

    I STRONGLY suggest you ask your questions issues on a new thread ASKING a DETACHED ATTACHED OBJECTIVE reader for insight to your issues.

    Best of luck sweetie


  • Would like to share a story, maybe it helps.

    I was going thru a period when the downsizing in the company I am in was happening...Just like everywhere else people were flying out the door. So you start getting nervous and I did a reading and it kind of said I was going to run into some money problems but eventually it would work itself out and things would work out...This of cause got me nervous and I ended up doing another reading not long after the first my head I’m going tell me what to can I avoid it...what's going to happen...all the stuff that runs thru your head at time of troubles. As it happens I was let go, so I start at every resume I put out that I thought I had a chance, is this the one? a this the one? a reading....I must have been so annoying that the cards yelled at me to cut it out... it was an eye opener... Long story short I was hired back from the company after about six weeks and still plugging along. What I have learned since then is I use the reading as a guidance to help out...not make my decisions but as a guide to see my feelings. It's not going to tell me I am losing my job and I will get Job A, but that you may have some money problems be aware but you will work it out and grow... It takes time to go thru situations and when you are in them calm is not easy to do. For me now I tell people to wait a month between readings, because it take time to work out your thoughts and seems like a good buffer that I have come comfortable with...everyone has their own thoughts but hearing others sometimes you can see what will work for you. I have other stories on reading for family members… which you need to detach yourself from the reading also…but I don’t want to ramble more then I am…

  • CHARMING ONE---To each his own but I pull angel cards everyday for myself and there is clarity. I am usually calm and centered. The issue is when one is not centered. FEAR is the problem. I do an ANGEL CARD reading but also during very big problems use the ARCHANGEL MICHAEL deck. I on occasion use Healing with the Fairies. Some of us are in AWARENESS about ourselves. It is a goal for everyone to be self sufficient mostly, and outside validation is icing on the cake. Sometimes we are just impatient and need faith. Answers come according to our lessons. BLESSINGS!

  • as i said BLMOON in MY experience speaking of me myself n i NOT ANYONE ELSE!!!!



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