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    I've been reading information in various books and online about mediumship. I don't feel that I have exceptional abilities or anything like that. But, sometimes I do feel like I get messages from those who have crossed over. Other times I think I may be imagining it. How do you know the difference? I've never received any scary messages. But, I have had some unusual experiences. Also, can anyone get a clear impression of who may be trying to get in touch with me? I don't feel like it's someone who is earthbound. Thanks!

  • You are correct. This entity is not earth bound. It is one of your guides. This guide will be helping you with the difference between imagination and a message. Messages are the ones that just come out of no were. Imagination is when you are kinda thinking it. Also pay attention to how you are receiving the message . This will help you open up more. Good luck and blessings to you.

  • Thanks! Can you tell me anything about this guide? Do you know the guide's name?

  • Psychic experiences are a natural part of our everyday lives. People often have difficulty accepting that they have been blessed with psychic abilities because without a frame of reference it is almost impossible to identify an extrasensory experience and to distinguish psychic sights, sounds, and sensations from the projects of the unconscious mind. To some extent, every human being on the planet is clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient, although most people discover that they are naturally adept at one more than the others. When you trust in and take steps to hone your innate clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience, you will enter a new realm of being in which the universe, your higher self, and your spirit guides lovingly conduct you toward a more aware existence.

    Clairvoyance, or clear seeing, is the ability to see with the mind's eye. An individual who has honed their clairvoyant abilities may be able to see in their mind's eye events in a remote location; to witness incidents that have yet to occur; or to perceive shapes, colors, and other images that are physically invisible. Clairaudience, which means clear listening, is the ability to hear sounds not physically audible. A person with the gift of clairaudience perceives psychic information as auditory resonance and may hear angelic voices, music, or other sounds. A clairsentient, or clear feeling, individual is able to sense physical, emotional, and spiritual energy in the form of seemingly unearthly scents, touches, and movements. Mediums perceive spirits in other dimensions using one or more of these abilities. Each of these psychic abilities can manifest themselves within us voluntarily or involuntarily. It is natural for us to have these abilities; we need only practice.

    Developing your psychic talents is a matter of releasing your fear of seeing, hearing, or feeling inexplicable or disquieting stimulus. Before you attempt to consciously tap into your gifts, ground yourself (visualize roots growing from your feet into the ground) to anchor your mind in the present to disconnect from any involuntary psychic experiences you may be having. Shield yourself with white light. Pay attention to your intuition. Don't dismiss your dreams. Recognize the various energies that affect you throughout the day. Concentrate on your intuitive responses to the world around you and notice any sights, sounds, or feelings that enter your mind. Acknowledge the odd emotions and urges you feel. Don't control what comes; welcome and absorb it. Open your mind to the possibility of receiving communications from energies generated outside yourself. If you trust your perceptions, you'll discover that each psychic impression you receive will be in some way relevant to your experience - even when that relevance may not be immediately recognizable.

    Daily OM

  • mh83,

    Guides do not care what you call them. Their names are mostly generated by the ones they are guiding. I can advise a very good author to you. Sonia Choquettte ," Ask your guides" . Available on Amazon . She has many books on the topic.

    Captains post has allot of info on the different types of abilities. I find it VERY true that believing in what you are receiving is key. Before opening up I highly suggest prayers of protection with grounding. If you have religion ask your higher power , God ,Creator or were ever your faith is in to protect you. I circle myself with Gods holy white light around me ,a nd state that nobody or anything not come near that does not come through the light of God , Jesus or the Angels. Your guardian Angel can and will protect you too. Please know that as many good and ones with bad intent that walk our world also are on the other side. Sonia`s books will be more clear then room here will allow.

    When opening up after asking for protection , Just ask your guide what their name Is. The name that comes to you first is it.

    Love and Luck ,

  • Thanks very much to both of you for the information!

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