• Hello tarot-nick how are you? Was just wondering if I can have a reading just whatever you pick up will be fine. Thanks in advanced.

  • here is a pick up on your feelings,

    it seems like you are angry or ready for a fight, the negativity brings negativity

    your miscommunicating, not meeting, not understanding with someone...

    feels like you have this dream that you want it to be...

    watch when you make a decision...don’t just do something to do something...if you just go thru the motions, things won't just work themselves out because you did it

    some money pops up

    you can make things happen with hard work and thinking things thru

    you have someone watching out...observing and strong

    you have been worrying about someone just yessing you, and you have been taking it... I almost feel like you didn’t care because ah it's not going to affect me...so you are just going with it

    this doesn't seem to be new news to you because you have had it worse...it's still not nice but not as bad as it was

    yeah you have been fighting...someone wasn't true... you need to focus and stabilize your emotions

    be open to new ideas, I think some learning is coming

    hope that helps


  • Thank you Nick for the reading I think this related to the father of my daughter and his wife since she's always on top of me for the most dumbest stuff ever. Am open to anything new that cone to me.

  • Hi nick would it be to much if you can do a reading for me. Just whatever you pick up.

    Thank you

  • Here you go,

    you have had some good news or have succeeded at something

    but you’re feeling down or dull

    and be careful with money, make good decisions

    look out for a woman that is domineering, she wants it her way or she will be aggressive to get her needs

    not too long ago you were feeling good, ask yourself what’s up, something is up why your mood changed

    there is something underfoot, I'm getting for you to think things thru...try not making any rash decisions

    someone is going to give you good information, listen and think and plan

    look at why you don't want to do anything or feeling blah... it's bugging you, if you can understand why it will help you get out of your own way

    some new learning is coming...feels good

    yeah not sure if is a school learning or like a new job where you learn something new but it feels positive

    even though that feels real positive don’t go nuts and spend money...tighten up, spend wisely...there may be a few bumps

    hope that helps


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