Love reading for this year please? c:

  • Hello all!

    It's been a while since I've had or done a reading. I just randomly got the idea to visit back here so I take that as a sign or nudge from the universe, haha. So I would really appreciate a reading about how my love life will be this year! I haven't had the much of luck in the past, so hopefully I can get some insight into a better and greater future. Thanks!

  • BD, I asked your guides to help me pull the right card from my own deck for you concerning the question of your lovelife.

    Your card is The Card of Naiveté, Inexperience, Ignorance, Inappropriateness or Immaturity.

    This is a situation where naiveté, ignorance, or someone with an inexperienced or immature nature is negatively affecting the outcome. Either you or someone else has been a bit too innocent, inappropriate, overly self-conscious, or childish in behaviour and it is time for you to stop playing a role that is not you. Social, personal, or professional awkwardness or shyness may be causing problems, or someone may be behaving ‘too nice’ or how they think others want them to behave, when it is not appropriate. The expectation of outcome here has been one that is induced by a lack of knowledge or sophistication, or not fully comprehending the issue/people involved or what is needed to bring about success or resolution. Delusion, fantasizing, or even deliberate misguidance is causing confusion. You may be missing useful information or have the wrong idea about how to proceed. Moving in a different or new direction or attempting another method of solving the issue is recommended. It may be that other people need to lend their help, advice, and support. Ask those you trust for honest feedback. Any rose-coloured glasses must be removed and the truth faced squarely. You are urged to consider only the facts and to listen to your intuition, not your feelings or wishes. Do you know yourself as well as you think? Or are you going too far the opposite way and over-analysing yourself and/or the situation? Are you too focused on yourself and not enough on others? This can make you feel very self-conscious and gauche in the presence of other people. It is always best to show your true authentic self to the world in order to make a good impression. If you try to be other than you are, it may create an impression of deceit, snobbery, or falseness and make others suspicious of your motives.

  • That's interesting. I relate more to going too far and over-analyzing things. What I want to know though is will I find someone I'll connect with soon? And what would I need to know about that relationship?

  • If you don't work on this 'going too far' and 'over-analysing' things too much, you will attract the same sort of partner. We draw to us what we give off. If there is any self-doubt, fear, or insecurity in you, you will draw a fearful, insecure person to you. If you are relaxed and confident, you will attract the same. Do you know exactly the type of love partner you want to attract? What qualities do you prize in your love mate?

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