Would love a reading please

  • Hi im 35 yrs old and pregnant for the second time. I had premature labor at 18 weeks back in june and dr isnt sure of the cause. I would like to know if im going to have any complications in this oregnancy. Im not how far along i am yet, so i hope baby is ok. I would like a reading on this pregnancy and what can i expect this time around. Thank you

  • Hi vettech78

    I saw your post previously on this... all I can say is I am praying for you and baby that all will go perfect... and I did draw the universe card which says perfect to me too... so anyway, I am sure we are all praying for you and your pregnancy to go great. I am not a doctor though! Doesn't hurt to expect the best though. blessings, and peace -astra

  • thank you so much. Yes I always pray and know we are in good hands.

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