Round 2, 1 card Anubis Oracle Egypt Read, 10 1st by Charmed

  • Hi and welcome to round 2 of 1 card Ancient Egypt Anubis Oracle readings.

    10 first to sign on gets a 1 card reading by me ChaRmeD.


    MH83 MARIA










    Thank you for understand 1st 10 lovely people 😄

    So new 10 lovely people get signed on


  • Hi CharmedWitchBente

    My sister & I Rachel had a falling out and have not spoken for 3 years now. I'd like to know if she will make the first move to contact me. Its a long story but I'm sorry to say that I'm not going to make the first move. So if it ends so be it.

    THank you and many blessings.

  • Magickal this one card read is NOT specific topic based but more a one card insight to what you at this time in life need to know. So i need to ask are you still interested or would you prefer to reask on a new thread for a more insightful longer read? By asking this mind you i am NOT offering a longer more insightful one.


  • It seems I forgot to mention that these one card reads will tell what u need to know at this time, not specfied replies to specified issues. if you have such please post as new thread as it will take more than one card to get the issue clairifed. i dont do such as they take up too much time.

    sorry, i do hope 10 will sign on anyways.


  • Thanks Charmed, its Ok

    Many blessings

  • Hi Charmed

    I would like a reading if you have time please. Im struggling with alot of things at the moment and i would like you to tell if there is light in the tunnel. Thank you

  • Magickal a one card read can often be more powerful and to the point than any longer card reading. I´d still read one card for ya. Just say the word. For now im holding the 1st spot for you.

    Gino26 you´+re nr. 2 on the list.


  • Hello Charmed

    Alright one card will do if that's OK then.

    Many thanks & blessings

  • It is more than ok Magickal.


  • HI Charmed,

    I would love a reading as I am so lost

  • Hi Charmed

    I agree with you. Go ahead and do 1 card please.

    Many thanks

  • nancyann you´re nr 3.


  • Dear CharmedWitchBente,

    Thank you for your super kind offer. I would dearly love a reading too, please. Thanking you lots.

    Angel Hugs,

    Icey x

  • Iceria you´re number 4.


  • Thank you so much Charmed.

    Angel Hugs,

    Ice x

  • Hi ChaRmeD

    I would love to get a charmed card insight! Exactly what I need. Thank you


  • The list as far is:

    1. magickal

    2. gino26

    3. nancyann

    4. icearia

    5. songof sharon

  • Magickal, FINALLY you´re up. Sorry about the wait.

    The card that flew is:

    THE DOVE INITIATE - innocence - trust

    the card shows a peace dove with an olive branch in its beak. to is left flight toward heaven aboce is the sun shining brightly and to the right nioght sky with half moon and stars.

    Card means:

    THE DOVE REPRESENTS the seeker as the arcehtypal principle of the Innocent Initiate who responds to the call to enter the mysteries, or to request information or advice from the oracle. The Dove is brave and courageous in the search for wisdom and truth and learns to trust his or her own inner knowing when engaging not only with the oracle but also with the powerful transformational forces encountered on this path.

    The Dove carries an olive branch as a sacred offering so that the initiate, or seeker, can honor each of the neturo ( spirit ) who serve as our allies and guides in life and in our divining journeys with the oracle. The olive branch is humbly offered with a request for permission to enter into the passage through the portals of shamanic initiation that must be crossed during all transiitions in life.

    Nekhbet - Mother - Mut is the wise magician crone, the alchemist who weaves and blends the ingredients to prepare the way for you, so that you can be informed. A strong guide and protector, she is also the one who holds the key to your DNA memory of how to enter the mysteries. If you´ve pulled this card, you are being alchemically activated by the sacred elders, the wisdom keepers, so that you can begin to remember as you embark on a journey to reclaim your true self.

    Also, in the external world, a grandmother or some other elder or teacher may show up in your life to guide you. this could come in the form of a two - legged or human, or it could be a tree in an old growth forest, one of the stone people, or an animal totem. They are all our elder brothers and sisters. Honor your guides with all your heart.

    readers note:

    In all things spiritual psychicness meidumship healing whichever you craft / crafts powers abilities this card tells you that you Magickal has been promoted. Arise and accept this honor gracefully. Embrace it. Donbt be affraid or shy from it. It tells me that you my dear Magickal is on the right track. You cannot do anything wrong. Breathe, let it sink in embrace it as if you shed your old skin and emerge as a renewed higher being.



  • Gino26 you´re finally up.

    the card that flew is:

    BAST - HOLY LONGING (DESIRE) - Instinct - Sensuality

    The card shows a woman with head of a cat and a cats tail swinging down her backside like an extension of her hair. her right hand is raised holding reddish grapes. from her being aura shines in whirls of various colors. Background shows palmtrees, at her feet redbrown fertile ground and grass. her left wrist is jewelled as is her entire left arm, plus both upper arms hold golden bracelets.her necklace has a turquoise beetle as pendant while the necklace is gold beads. Her dress is that of a upper high priestess. rich.

    THE SENSUAL CAT goddess Bast creates the compelling desire to be born into form from the disembodied ba (soul) in the realm of formlessness. Her instinctual holy longing is irresistible in its urgency to create new life. She shows us that birth is sacred and being born into form is a blessing, not a curse. She is our guardian through the birthing chambers each time we are ready to renew our form. As a fertility goddess, Bast represents the sacred side if lust and discernment to know when to surrender to the holy longing, which is based in the desire to embody form and connect to the soft, warm, animal aspect of our human bodies.

    Without her alluring promise of new delights, we would never have the impetus or courage to reenter the cosmic birth canal and be born over and over again. With each birth we celebrate the joy and magic of our previous incarnation here on Earth. One of Bast´s functions is to help the birth mother distinguish and call for the new soul that is coming toward her during conception.

    Every act of creation requires birth, whether it is the words that come from your mouth or the food that arrives at the table. If you have drawn this card, Bast is showing up as a guardian and guide to lead you to your heart´s desire and to bring your instincts and sensuality into alignment with your holy longing. Pay close attention to what you are now birthing into the world. Bast will help you see and hold to the higher dedication and commitment underlying what you most desire to create.

    Additionally, consider how cats are self-confident and self-contained and how they reflect for us a strong example of self-love and self-care. If Bast appears in your reading, make the time to settle in and pamper yourself. You deserve it.

    readers note:

    the card explains it self. self pampering, when was the last time you did that? not in excess but in terms of shedding n be reborn? also to answer further through Bast, are you considering to settle down? reproduce?


  • Nancyann you´re up.

    The card that flew is:


    The card depicts the Egyptian bird IBIS in flight going further up toward the sky. On head its cap so to say is fire engine redbut its feet and much if the IBIS`s coat feather are as golden as gold and the sun, All around is swirls in circular form in various colors such as is depicted in a rainbow.

    The card means:

    THE SACRED CRESTED Ibis, known to ancient Egyptians as the akh bird, is associated with the element of air, and with Thoth as he relates to the cosmic mysteries. The crested Ibis is in essence the phoenix rising from the fire. It speaks out not only of rebirth but also of clear thinking that gives you the understanding of your journey. This beautiful bird is a power symbol of the ability to conceive of a resulting creation in advance of its actualization; it refers to the preconceived idea and the goal, both of which are contained in the mind.

    The domain of the element air includes communication, language, and articulation. It is through air that we speak words of power, and it is by making sound and music – toning, chanting, singing, speaking, laughing, and breathing – that we express the element air. Through our connection with air we find sound within ourselves and communicate directly from the throat. Aesthetics, including beauty and pleasure, also exists in the domain of air.

    When this card comes up in your reading, it is time to look at how you express yourself, especially in your communications with others. You have a valuable ally in the Scared Crested Ibis. When you meditate on this card, you will your consciousness rise as you are uplifted to a higher perspective, from which you can see whatever situation or question you have brought in a new way. Use this perspective for clarity and “Thoughtfulness” in your thinking and speaking.

    Drawing this card can also mean it´s time to lighten up. Air will assist you to experience and express wisdom with joy and a light heart so that you can appreciate the humor and playfulness available all around you.

    Air is your ally. Breathe deeply. Free yourself. Experience awe; then express your gratitude with exuberance.

    Readers note:

    Often the spoken word and written word can be misunderstood. It is part of communication psychology. What the sender sends is not always received by the receiver as the sender intended. Often is what was meant only inside the senders heart and mind.

    Dwell on the meaning of this card and think when did your well meaning words go wrong? I think you can benefit from a course in communication psychology. No you aint ahm dumb or anything and yes you do NOT always get misunderstood, but at times even i, articulate in a non productive way.

    In my last job i had to change my articulation as not to alienate my services to costumers. I believe everybody can benefit from a course in communication psychology. Consider it. It may be fun.



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