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    Im a lil desperate here, went to lunch with hubby and ended knowing that from 80 persons my boss will keep only 6, I knew I was going to be one of the ones that are going to be fired but him?

    Can anyone help me, shed some light on this subject, I know its hard but I cant think straight or hear my guides now Im too emotionally involved to do so, I just cant believe in all this that is happening a lot of co-workers of mine will be jobless too.

    Oh Im praying to God for all this to end and go back to the way it was before, for them to have mercy on us.

  • This is the universe telling you that this job is no good for you but that if you remain positive, a better opportunity can come to you. Look forwards, not back. Remain calm and hopeful. And have faith that you are in the hands of God!

  • Thanks Cap, I do think the way u are thinking, that when something doesnt fits us another is provided, this has happen to me all my life but its scary and its a life rethinking issue. Im worried about George he just loves what he does and it will be so damn hard after all this time seeing him looking for work, he will collapse if this goes thru.

    Many blessings.

  • But we cannot go back to the past or get stuck in a rut - we must always be changing and moving forward in order to evolve and grow. You seek to keep things the way they are - but perhaps it is time for a change to your life, one that will be even better than the old. However you need to be ready and wanting this positive change. If you fear the future, you will only attract what you fear.

  • Yeah u r right, I fear for others not myself, cuz I know Im strong and I will survive, I have learned my lesson, some years ago I was afraid of doing a major change in my life and this didnt benefit me in any way besides choosing to stay the same brought me more pain than happiness. I know it will be a shock most changes r at the beginning but I think Im ready for them, I trust in God always did. I made my choice I want to be happy and follow my path whatever it is.

  • Then ask God and the angels for help and for a sign of your new direction - and stay watchful and alert for opportunity to knock.

  • Actually I can feel a new job opportunity floating around you. You just have to be willing to embrace change and not fear it in order to attract this job offer.

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