May I please have a tarot reading...

  • Hi I'm 34 7/24/79 TDV.... I'm going thru many things in my life I would love a little insight... Thanks in advance

  • Hi Moonrai

    I will try and help... give me a moment to look at some cards for you and I will post back hang in there watergirl is great too... she is right your answers are within. However I am happy to share what I see too

    love, astra

  • High Priestess and the 8 of Cups.

    Mystery, uncertainty and expansive emotion reality pattern. So you are in some sort of situation where you are really wanting answers to something, and they are not coming. And your emotions are being tested as a result. I would relax and read a book or something. High Priestess means you are in some situation where a lack of answers is actually in your best interest (for emotional development apparently).

    I hope that helps... I would try to simply be at peace about whatever it is you are concerned about, the universe always knows what is best...

  • Thank You so much I truly appreciate ur help.

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