One Ancient Egypt Oracle Card Read 4 The 1st 10 Persons By Charmed

  • Hi,

    Since we have no oracle main thread is this the next best place.

    The first 10 to sign on will get one card oracle read. Deck The Anubis Oracle

    All you need to name is your name the deck will tell you what you need at this time in life.

    I´ll read when first 10 has listed for it. Be patient while you wait.


  • Hi Charmed! My name is Mary Hanauer. It looks like I'm the first to sign up. Thanks for your reading offer.

  • Hi Charmed, my name is C. Williams! Thank you so much for the offer!

  • Hey CWB where have you been? I was thinking of you the last couple of days (you kept popping in my head lol) how are you doing?

    I have never had an oracle reading it would be interesting and when you have the time I would like a card read.

  • Hi Charmed

    Thanks for the offer. I'd like a reading too.

    May I just go by Danceur?

    Take your time.



  • This post is deleted!

  • Be careful putting your full name in posts as it could end up being Googled and your post showing up. Hope it doesn't bum you out charming one----with you being so generous! BLESSINGS!

  • Hi Charmed, thank you for the offer... what do i need to know at this time in my life...

  • Hi all thanx for signing up.

    Shadow, im all right loads going on and it will take pages to tell it all. how are you?

    BlMoon thanx for the warning. its been awhile sine i last spread my wings here hehe. Are youi asking for one as well BlMoon?

    I will shuffle the deck let a card fal for each type what the card states n if i get any it will b typed as well. in this i will not ask it specific questions but rather let the deck tell you what u need at this time.


  • Mary hi you´re up!

    Alchemy, the five sacred elements. card shows a planet showing all elements of life and earth planets animals, all that also sustains life on planet earth. the 5 sacred elements

    card means:

    THE SPIRALING, COSMIC alchemic couldrun of akasha expresses the sacred archetypes of water, earth, fire, and air in an eternal dance of creativity, death, rebirth, and illumination - the embodied shamanic mysteries on our planet. it is akasha - spirit itself - that represents the fifth element.

    If you have pulled this card, you have all the tools you need to co-create your reality. Interact with these ancient neteru ( spirit ) to see how they are assisting you to accomplish your goals and manifestations in accordance with your divine purpose. These most ancient of neturo ( spirit ) have come together to help you become the master alchemist that your are.

    readers note:

    stay the course. you´re right on track. keep working as you have on your goal work job education life. at this time nothing goes wrong. if you feel unblanced think with eyes closed of neturo ask them to support you.



  • C. Williams thank you for signing up. you up now.

    Deck has this card for you:

    Khnum MASTER CRAFTSMAN, creator of form, organizing principle

    the card show a man with a rams head with horns tending various crafts from plants to figurines. in back ground you see a river that flows through the green landscape, and way behind the deserts of Egypt. very ripe earth for creative forces.

    Card means:

    KHNUM IS ONE of the greatest creator gods of Egypt. He is depicted with the head of a ram, his horns spiraling outward like DNA spirals. Khnum is the highly skilled Master Craftsman who creates the eternally evolving varieties of material form upon his potter´s wheel. He holds the universal secrets of organizing principles of DNA and of life itself. Khnum lovingly and carefully creates all the bodies of all the creatures of Earth, including humans.

    If you have pulled this card, Khnum has stepped forward to offer you renewal and physical healing. As he renews your body, he activates the deep memory of the ka body, the consciousness that permeates the human form and weaves through and around the cells of the physical body. The activated ka calls forth your connection with your ancient ancestors, the neteru of Egypt, as well as the power and vitality that come from that connection. You may feel an actual shift in consciousness and expansion in your physical body when you spend time with Khnum and imagine yourself on his potter´s wheel.

    Khnum expresses the foundation principles required for bringing form to your ideas. He helps you enter shamanic realms to find the ingredients for an to create physical manifestations in your life in an ordered, sequential way.

    When any aspect of your being is in need of renewal, repattern-ing or repair, you can step onto Khnum´s potter´s wheel with faith and trust, knowing he will spin you a new form, lovingly and with great care.

    This deity reminds you to be solid and grounded with your energy and your connection to earth. This rootedness or grounding connection allows Khnum to usher you into expanded awareness for the next chapter of your journey.

    Readers note:

    You have neglected your need for your time. Time for you and your creative needs. Time to incoperate this in your daily life. It also means youy get time to heal relax and create something important and magical to yourself. By being creative we connect to all creations. we let loose of stress daily hassle, we breathe. we´re one with universe. dear aint it time to refind it?



  • Shadowmist you´re up.

    The card that flew is:

    THE DOVE INITIATE - innocence - trust

    the card shows a peace dove with an olive branch in its beak. to is left flight toward heaven aboce is the sun shining brightly and to the right nioght sky with half moon and stars.

    Card means:

    THE DOVE REPRESENTS the seeker as the arcehtypal principle of the Innocent Initiate who responds to the call to enter the mysteries, or to request information or advice from the oracle. The Dove is brave and courageous in the search for wisdom and truth and learns to trust his or her own inner knowing when engaging not only with the oracle but also with the powerful transformational forces encountered on this path.

    The Dove carries an olive branch as a sacred offering so that the initiate, or seeker, can honor each of the neturo ( spirit ) who serve as our allies and guides in life and in our divining journeys with the oracle. The olive branch is humbly offered with a request for permission to enter into the passage through the portals of shamanic initiation that must be crossed during all transiitions in life.

    Nekhbet - Mother - Mut is the wise magician crone, the alchemist who weaves and blends the ingredients to prepare the way for you, so that you can be informed. A strong guide and protector, she is also the one who holds the key to your DNA memory of how to enter the mysteries. If you´ve pulled this card, you are being alchemically activated by the sacred elders, the wisdom keepers, so that you can begin to remember as you embark on a journey to reclaim your true self.

    Also, in the external world, a grandmother or some other elder or teacher may show up in your life to guide you. this could come in the form of a two - legged or human, or it could be a tree in an old growth forest, one of the stone people, or an animal totem. They are all our elder brothers and sisters. Honor your guides with all your heart.

    readers note:

    from this i sense you have been uprooted as far as your abilities goes as a reader, as a sounding board. either you have lost trust in what you get in your gifts or someone or more has done a number on your psyche. to me this card tells you you´re more than worthy. you´re an INITIATEE for the whole mysteries. Oracle reader on Delphi in ancient time pfftt BAAHHH kids play. no no you have reached the major big topdog league. You´re invited. Will you step in and accept or let it fall .......................... sister i greet you when you step through this door of high honors



  • Dancour you´re up now. Thanks for signing up

    the card that flew for you is:

    KHEPERA CYCLES OF CHANGE - Planetary Guardian - Spiral Dancer

    the card shows a beettle with wings one his front legs holding embracing the moon. all around one can see space and other planets along stars.

    Card means;

    KHEPERA IS KNOWN as the Becoming One, the ancient scarab beetle who pushes the solar orb above the horizon at dawn. The scarab represents the gentle rays of the morning sun and is closely associated with creation and resurrection. Khepera is a loyal guardian and protector of planet Earth and all her creatures.

    In tune with the cycles of life and the cosmos, Khepera ceaselessly works to bring forth the necessary changes that allow creation to keep moving forward. As a Spiral Dancer who filters and transmits the powerful stellar and cosmic forces that radiate onto our planet and into all of Earth´s creatures, Khepera mitigates these energies while holding the balance of time and the turning of the ages in his feet.

    If you have drawn this card, it is time to increase your awareness of the more subtle energies that are influencing you. You are encoding the mystery teachings of the spiral dance and the nature of change, and Khepera is there to protect and support you during this quickening. It is through the intercession of Khepera that you are able to handle the energies that are moving toward you at any given moment, especially as you move off linear path into deeper relationship with the natural cycles of creation.

    With the heightened awareness that Khepera offers, you can become a co-creator of your universe. You are awakening to how transformation happens and being prepared for the next level of higher consciousness.

    If your situation requires protection, feel the energies of Khepera surround and enfold you, especially when you find yourself in a physically or emotionally toxic environment.

    Because Khepera is so closely aligned with the transits and alignments of the planets and stars, this might be a good time to consult a seasoned astrologer to investigate and explore your current connection to your personal astrological chart.

    Readers note:

    Where are you headed in such a hurry? What is the rush? What is going on? You need to slow down, take time for you because you´re missing small but in the larger picture and life itself major things. Ask yourself what will happen if i dont rush? what could happen if i wasn´t in such a hurry? This card tells you slow down listen to signs small as they may be. There is a reason to slow down not just missing out but also health. Buddy time to slow down. BREATHE. live easy



  • Deonna you´re up now. Thank you for signing up

    The card that flew is:

    ISIS HOLY QUEEN MOTHER OF US ALL Embodied Manifestation of Love

    Card shows a woman with crown on her head, long dark hair, egyptain jewellry around her neck, long golden high priestess gown, on her outstretched arms bird winfs in colors outward re, blue green with slight sun yellow between. Aboce the sun shines brightly illuminating everything

    Card means:

    ISIS AND HER husband Osiris ruled the fertile lands of Egypt during the first times. Isis was beloved of all the people, whom she served as midwife and as teacher of weaving and the healing arts, It was because of her great capacity to love and her skill in the magical arts that she was able to rasie her murdered husband to conceive their son Horus, so that he could restore the entlightened reign of his father.

    Isis is the pure clear essence of spirit embodied in matter. She is always with us on this journey as a loving suppurtive force through every transformation we undergo. Isis re-remember us when we due the shaman´s death; she makes us whole again as she urges us forth into new incarnation - a new way at beinbg at a higher octave of consciousness. She is the Queen of both Heaven and Earth and unfolds her multicolored wings to build a rainbow bridge of love between the worlds of form and formlessness.

    If you have chosen this card, Isis will see into the heart of the matter that you have brought before her to dispel confusion and allow clarity to emerge. She will show you how to bridge the personal with the transpersonal. As above, so below. Isis is committed to renewal and regeneration. She assists you in seeing the both/and rather than the either/or in whatever situation you are involved with.

    As you merge with Isis, allow yourself to feel the embrace of the Great Mother, as her rainbow wings surround and envelop you. Notice how, in her embrace, she balances and attunes the chakras. Listen for her voice within as she offers you encouragement. Isis loves you regardless of what is happening on the world or in your life and connects you on a powerful way to your own self-love.

    Readers note:

    Deonna, i sense by this you feel scattered out of lignment. That something is not right. This card tells you that you yourself can align your chakras and by it bring you into alignment. Get a picture of the chakras. Memorize them. Then stand in a good sized room, arms outstretched, eyes closed, then in your minds eye you follow the chakra colors. You map where they are. Once you know where they are, you can align them. Ask Isis the first few times to help you. Once mastered it will take no time to get unscattered and aligned again.



  • Magdalena, dear you´re up, thank you for signing up

    The card that flew is:

    ANUBIS SURRENDER Shaman - Entlightened Heart

    Card shows a large tree with ripe red apples and roots. Bound in mummywrappings is a man with a jackals head hanging feet up by apples and head by roots. Tangled around his feet to his knees is a yellow constrictor snake. In background one see palmtrees, one can almost smell the ripe wonderful scent of the Nile.

    Card means:

    ANUBIS IS KNOWN as a god of the Underworld, which is actually the Innerworld. He is the Enlightened Heart Shaman, the Opener of the Way, who went before us to pave the way so that we might follow in his footsteps in our own search for enlightment. Anubis knows how to surrender his heart and the entirety of his being to ever-expanding cycles of death and rebirth in order to step more fully into his divine humanity here on Earth.

    He is our ever-faithful companion and guide, a stalwart protector who assists us in our ego deaths and in the renewal of our soul´s true purpose. He walks between worlds and knows how to sniff out the passageway between form and formlessness. He guards equally by day and by night. Anubis cares deeply about us and will guide us if we call upon him during our own shamanic journeys between the worlds. We can also call on him when someone we love dies, as he leads people safely through the transition we call death.

    When you pulled this card , the shaman within is being awakened and you are being asked to surrender and let go of your old perceptions about how things are. With Anubis´s guidance, you can view your world, or whatever situation you´re exploring in a new way. As you develop a relationship with this jackal deity, you will gain access to his keen sensitivities. He will help you find things that you have lost and can connect you to those you love who are no longer in this world.

    Take some time to sit and meditate with the image on this card. Will you choose to travel with Anubis? Feel yourself surrender to the powerful Shamanic journey that awaits anyone who does.

    Readers Note:

    Have you fought changes recently? Are you still opposed to change at this time? Well my dear is is a natural human thing to do. To dig in heels and go stubbornly no i wont. Well if we wish to evolve, to move ahead, to develope skills we must surrender to change.

    The fun thing is, once we have surrendered we learn it wasn´t as bad as we worried it to be. Nor painted it as worst thing ever.

    So my dear surrender and let Anubis guide you. He will NOT lead you astray.



  • Dear Charmed,

    Thanks for offering readings and for your time. If you are still doing these then I would like a reading too.


  • Hello Charmed, could you do a reading for me so that I could further be inspired in my Artistic endeavour I love to paint and have done this as a pastime and for gifts to others, I recently have been asked to do a piece for an album cover and I need spiritual help. Hoping you can offer a reading for me. Thank you..... Leinida

  • Thanks so much, Charmed,

    I can relate 🙂

  • Thanks Charmed! Very insightful.

  • Thank you Charmed, the read makes sense... i need to go with the change, to be more open to it... your read only confirms what i heard from other readers... the card you have drawn for me Anubis surrender... would you say that in meaning it's similar to Hanged Man in tarot deck? is sacrifice involved? hm, now when i think of it every change requires some kind of sacrifice, some kind of letting go... 🙂 so probably yes...

    Thanks a lot Charmed 🙂

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