Please hlp hurting heart confusing relationship :(

  • Hi I am a Leo lady 7/24/79 with a virgo man 9/19/? Lol he is 39 we have been together kinda 3 going on 4 years.. He says he loves me and wants to be with me but something just does not feel he being honest with me...

    Thanks in advance

  • This answer may frustrate you, but you already know the answer to your question. Trust in yourself and your own inner knowing. Confusion comes in when we fight our gut instincts.

  • I'm so confused it's like I'm torn..

  • You're confused because fear is running the show. Let me ask you this...when you say that you have "kinda" been together for 3 going on 4 years now...what does "kinda" mean?

  • Wow that sums it up... Just by my eyes seeing ur words a light bulb went off without me trying to ignore it.... Wow Thank U Watergirl

    I think I have a thing for picking the wrong men 😕

    Wishing you a relaxing night... 🙂

  • Don't beat yourself up over it. Relationships are the best way for us to learn about ourselves. It's ok to ask for what you many women fall into the trap of not wanting to be "too demanding" or "pushy" when really it is just that they are afraid that speaking up will make him leave. Be clear about what your needs are and next time if you feel they are not being met, have a conversation with him and let him know. He will either step up to the plate or not. Either way, it is better for you. If he doesn't, then you can move on to what and who is next with less of a time investment into what is NOT working.

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