1 Card Oracle Read 4 The 1st 10 Persons By Charmed

  • Hi,

    Since we have no oracle main thread is this the next best place.

    The first 10 to sign on will get one card oracle read. Deck Healing With The Angels.

    All you need to name is your full name and 1 issue and one issue alone.

    If i see more will I choose which to flip for.

    I´ll read when first 10 has listed for it. Be patient while you wait.


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  • HI, thanks for offering insight. I am waiting to hear from a guy friend about a car lease issue. I am wondering if he will eventually help me with getting a new car? Thanks. Sherry

  • Deonna, thank you for listing. The healing with angels oracle card that flew is:


    The card shows a woman at night time, long flowing hair, blue dress remiscent of a high priestess dress she moves her hands outward by this generating magic , signs. she is connected to the cosmo. the great mystery.

    Card says:

    Pay careful attention to the messages the angels give you now. you have asked for a sign, and they deliver it.notice and trust these signs!

    You´ve asked for heaven to help you. now it is up to you to pay attention to the evidence of their help. this card signifies that your angels are trying to get your attention with signs. they might ask a butterfly or bird to fly near you. or they might put an object in your path so that you have to notice it. drawing this card is also a sign from your angels. they are trying to get through - please notice!

    you can ask you angels to give you a sign whenever you have a question or a decision to make. Useally, it is not a good idea to specify what type of sign you´d like. leave it up to the angels. they are very good at making their presence known.

    readers note:

    often are we the self creator of our lives and what choices we make. Free Will. Notice signs you may have ignored such as a book falling down, lyrics in a song, lines from a movie, something you read that resonated in you. Maybe even from a random child or person walking by.

    blessed be


  • Hi Sherry tahnk you for signing up for a 1 card read.

    The card the flew for you is:

    Divine Timing.

    The card shows a child aged 3 or 4 with wings and bow and arrow, along a holder with more arrows. No it ain´t cupid. heh. The angel child is in some wilderness close to wood and mountain. One may think the angel child is on the hunt. Luck in hunt is a matter of luck or as the card said DIVINE TIMING

    Card means:

    pay attention to doors that are opening and shutting for you right now. wlak through doors that open, and learn from the doors that closes.

    your prayers are being answered; there is no doubt about that. however, everything operates according to the Universal Laws of Divine Timing. this means that certain pieces of the puzzle must first fall into place so that other parts can come to fruition. if you try to skip or rush certain pieces or parts, the whole plan will lack a solid foundation.

    dont try to force open any doors that appear closed to you. instead, ask your angels for guidance to see if the door closed because of negative expectations, or if it is simply a sign of Divine Timing. look for other doors that DO open, and walk through them with faith and gratitude.

    readers note:

    i do not know how long you have waited Sherry for this to come through. I feel if you push you will end up with a dodgy car, in sense of more at the mechanics than at your disposal. another money pit of no use. bare your time. you know when the time id right you will feel it in your bones. dont force flow and be as a hunter of good. bide your time your divine timing

    blessed be


  • thanks for the reading n your wonderful advice. much appreciated!

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