Help with my Celtic Spread

  • I am a female Taurus pretty much completely in love with a male cancer. This is not one sided. His words and actions say he is in love with me as well.

    Before doing the Celtic spread my thoughts and question were: Will this be a lifelong relationship? Will we remain loyal to each other? Will there be money, babies, and unending love, love, love. lol If not anything else! So here is my resulting spread: of pentacles

    2.nine of pentacles of wands

    4.queen of pentacles

    5.three of cups

    6.king of cups of cups

    8.wheel of fortune

    9.eight of cups

    10.ace of wands

    This spread implies good news to me, but, I am a novice 🙂 so a more experienced interpretation I would like and be very appreciative.

    Thank you in advance to anyone willing to share their wisdom.

  • Is there anyone available to share their knowledge on Tarot?


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