Astra update reading please

  • Hi Astra

    I had a reading from you few months ago regards to a guy in London I met online. So I made an effort to come to London to visit him. He is going to a life change where he needs a new direction in life. He is going to be in Australia for a month now and I really aren't too sure where he would want to settle next. I want to know how this relationship will go from here as I couldn't really see it myself because he is lost in his direction. Would you please do a reading to see will there be another chance that we will meet up again and is this worth it for me to take a risk and go dive into it?


  • Hi cellisi

    Okay, sounds good... I will share what seems to show up and you can consider that.

    Two cards that should sum up to declare your present situation in this...

    a. 7 of Wands

    b. 2 of Swords

    So, that is a dreamy path card of the imagination, and agreement, affirming in some way logically and in an outer communication pattern. So on the face of it, that sounds like you saying "yes" to whatever this imaginative adventure is, a path. So far it sounds like your heart is in this, and you really want to say "yes" to him, be a part of his journey, even thought it is taking him to places he or you are not sure about yet.

    1. Beginnings. Ace of Swords. That sounds like a wonderful beginning in outer communication patterns. That seems to be saying where you and he 'began', it was in your communication style, the way you could so effortlessly share with him, and he would with you too. Like heaven, the words were so easy. At last someone to talk to and share with! I hear you so happy there with the communication with him! Yay!

    2. Affirming. 8 of Pentacles. So now we come to the physical expansiveness. "Oh the talking and sharing is so wonderful! I would love to ... see him too... I would love to see something develop physically with him... he is so wonderful, I feel such a connection with him, it is so fulfilling. Why can't we hold each other too! Why can't we enjoy something beautiful and physically together too!" So this is what is saying "yes" to the nice communication you have going with him. You really want to see something very close and physically wonderful with him!

    3. Growing. Emperor. Emperors are viewpoints and "how we see things" in life. So, "how we see things" becomes a growing part of the relationship here. So, you and he must have been, or are, sharing a lot of "views" or how you see your lives, and that could touch on all the things you mentioned about him, searching... lost in his direction. The Emperor is a really deep card of an identity search... so that seems to be him in the reading I think.

    4. Foundations. King of Wands. That must be him again, so that is how he is trying to "act" on his identity search, it is through his inner path dreams, as a King. So he is using "path" and a move to Australia to symbolize his journey of the heart. So that Australia thing is his "physical" way he is expressing his spiritual inner search for his identity. And this is a foundation, meaning this is very, very important to him. He really needs to do this at this stage of his life.

    Probably one thing you are contending with cellisi is coming up against his strong Wands here as a guy in an identity search. That can look a little threatening because you can sense how determined he is to find his answers to his identity search, so you could be wondering "Hey, where do I fit into all this? Here he is, off chasing his own identity quest... what about me Robert? What about my heart?... my needs?... I love you so much... I want to love you so much... and now you are off and running away... to find yourself? I can be your identity dear man..."

    I hear you crying out in that way. So, that is understandable, you want to know... where this will lead? Certainly, I can love him... and yet he is so strong willed, I don't know how I fit in!

    5. Changing. Hanged Man. That is a pretty much saying. Stuck, and can't really move. Could be you. It is changing in some way though. So there is something in this relationship that has "bound" you or felt like some restraint on your heart. That seems to be changing now, in some way. So that could show a dawn of insight in some way. Where you can say, "oh I see! It is really all about love! And even though he travels to Australia... or to a distant star... I can still be in love!" So, that may be something of the story here.

    6. Social and sharing. Queen of Wands. This could be showing you now. This is right next to the King of Wands too... so this is sharing, seems to show you sharing your path with him too, as a Queen. Like reflecting back to him your dreams, your goals, your heart's journey, sharing that with him a lot. So I think you have really been pouring out your heart to him about your path as well, perhaps in the hope that something could "click" between the two of you, like where once there were two paths. Now there is one.

    7. Rest-reflection. Page of Swords. That is a very innocent and tender, outer communication card. Like, really being honest and willing to risk saying what is really on your heart to him. This has been something you have really wanted to do... you are thinking about saying something to him that means a lot to you. It will be a risk, and yet you know in your heart it is the right thing to do. I don't think we can ever go wrong being honest with one another... taking risks as needed... with no guarantees... so there must be something you really want to say or share with him that has been bottled up, or you have been pondering saying?

    8. Completing, expansive, doors, developments. 8 of Wands. This is very emphasized dear Cellisi, the 8 in an 8. So something is "developing" with him and it seems to answer a lot of path questions for this King and Queen of Wands. A strong and much needed development. Door opening, could involve travel for you too. Somehow it really feels that your path and his are going to merge. I mean, that just seems to be the case here. I think a lot is hinging on that Hanged Man's "revelation" and your willingness to say what is on your heart (Page of Swords at 7).

    7 Wands... King Wands... Queen Wands... 8 Wands...

    Within the Emperor in my deck is 8 wands... within the Hanged Man is Ace Wands...

    So you can really feel the "wandiness" in the cards about you and him!

    Me? I think something amazing is developing here with him, as a shared path. Something developing that is really really wonderful. That is only me though, dear Cellisi, and you know me, I am an incurable romantic I would chase love right off a cliff. This could be Cellisi's and Robert's chance to jump off a cliff together.

    So Cellisi... how well can you speak Australian? Like... repeat after me...

    "bloke" - that means a guy...

    "G'Day!" - that means hello...

    "Fair dinkum" - that means true, genuine...

    Follow your own heart and be yourself is it I think, Cellisi. Just share, maybe dream a little...


    much love, astra

  • Thanks Astra. Your reading is dead on with the situation. I am scared right now because I can't see where I am fitting in in his search for new direction and I really want to be part of it. And this is one of the thing I really want to ask him is where do I fit in? But if I asked and said it will I be pushing it? As he is not too sure himself where his life is going. From the reading do you think that while he is in Australia our communication will still be strong? I am so lost with what I should do about him right now 😞

  • Also do you see us meeting up again ?

  • Dear cellisi,

    You are not in a really easy place to figure out. When people (like your friend) are searching for direction that really makes it difficult to establish secure relationship patterns that you would love to see develop. My sense from the reading above was that he sounds pretty determined to find his own path or calling, or whatever that is to him, first.

    My feeling is that love should be there for one another even in these sorts of settings. You can still feel love for him, and stay in touch with him when he goes there. It is funny, I was writing about that today, how that our love for one another shouldn't be limited to what we can "see" of one another, the physical aspects... I know if I was this guy, and I knew I would have to make this journey, and I had a lady who loved me enough to care about me even though I would have to go away for a while, I would be swept into love only that much more. Would your communication remain strong? It would if it were me! You might even be amazed at how much closer you two become.

    Me? In your shoes I would see it as a grand adventure he is taking, and you are taking care of business "back home" until he returns. Sure, that may be only your dream... ah well... you see? That is the stuff that reality is made of. Dreams. If you feel such a love for him, and you are a dreamer like me... and an incurable romantic like me... and I think you are the same way cellisi... then you really have no choice, but to follow your heart and let yourself be swept away. With no guarantees, nothing clearly defined? Why not... for that is the adventure of love, and love will always return to your door that much stronger and deeper.

    I would encourage you to let your heart go... just love him and tell him, "hey, I will be your biggest fan, cheering you on while you are down under... and will look forward to hearing from you so much!" That would be the sincere love response to me... just love love love and let the universe work out the details... and she always will... beautifully. Probably not without a few tears along the way... she will still work out everything... I can look at cards too, those were just some thoughts to a close friend, and you seem like a close friend to me cellisi. I would tell you these things in person were I there near you to do so. I would tell you the very same thing... I can tell you from experience that when you fall in love, it really doesn't matter the twists and turns from that point on. Why? Because you are one with that one you love. And you could be a million light years away from each other... or in one another's arms with a kitchen full of little children all running around... and it wouldn't matter. Love would still be there, always be there.

    Anyway... here are some cards too, to add to that? We can see...

    The Queen of Cups. That must be you...

    The Devil. Seeing the surfaces of life... concern over what we see and how life looks...

    And the 4 of Cups. That is a secure emotional card for you cellisi.

    I really think this is a beautiful story developing with you and him. How do you fit in? You fit in because you love him. Your love for him is the "fit" into this picture. You see him by your side... you see him off in other lands... for a time perhaps... your fit remains how much he means to you, I would love him like the Moon and the Stars, I would fall in love and never look back... I would travel with him to Australia if I could, I would hide in his suitcase and hope we would land in some faraway land of sweet affection and tenderness... well... maybe you can't hide in his luggage, you can still be there for him in your heart.

    So that wherever he is, walking past kangaroos or Foster's beer in the store... or wherever his, Sydney, Melbourne, Parkes... you can still see yourself walking with him. Sharing times together, sort of long distance? Imagining being together... that is the magic of love!

    So I hope that is something for you tonight dear cellisi... I know this man cares so much about you, and loves you deeply. Maybe he has not been able to tell you in exactly that way.... I think he is praying and longing that you will be there for him... saying to you,

    "Dear Cellisi,

    You are a part of my life, no matter where I go,

    with love..."

    (I added a photo of a little constellation that you see from Australia that is not really visible from the northern hemisphere. It is called, the Southern Cross.)

  • Hi Astra,

    Thank you so much for the guidance and helping me to stay positive. I think when I decided to take this trip to London I was expecting an answer even if it is a closure I will be fine. But it turns out to be a very emotional confusing trip for me. The trip did not lead me to any answer I want to know. I think I WILL stay by him while his is in Australia with his mom figuring this out and see what happen after a month time and wishing I will be able to see him again (hopefully will be a different experience).

    I had a quote on my inspiration board that says DISTANCE never separates two hearts that really care. I think I will need to look at it before I sleep and wake up to just remind me of it. Hopefully this will help me to stay positive and keep going strong until he figures his thing out. Also wishing in the future there will be ME in his path or that our path will merge together.

    Thanks a lot

  • cellisi,

    I wanted to look again... your situation has really captured my heart. I happened to catch a bit of that program on TV called "house hunters" and it was the international version. And it showed a young couple who had just gotten married in the US and then moved to Australia (Melbourne I think). I immediately thought of you and I was like "I wish so much something like that could happen for cellisi". Something magical, something to just work for you and him so you aren't left with wondering... and looking at inspiration boards as all you to go on... why can't you and he marry before he goes? Or at least get engaged. Then you know... then he and you will be together no matter what. I know that is so out there... but that is me cellisi... like I warned you I am a hopeless romantic nutcase and I would say propose to him a proposal.... just pour your heart out and see what happens... what can he say? 'cellisi is really out there! marriage! wow...'

    He may also say...

    "wow... this girl really loves me... unreal... I have never known that... she is so beautiful, is it possible?"

    You: Sure Robert, why not... I am desperately in love with you, I would follow you anywhere, because I would follow love anywhere...

    Him: Really? So... you would be willing to be engaged or something... I think it would be wonderful...

    You: Me too... I believe in us... I believe we have a future together. Something so beautiful... Australia... here... I don't care where. You are what matters.

    Him: Oh wow... I never thought... this could ever happen to me... you really want to do this? Seriously?

    You: Yes, yes yes yes...

    Him: I would too... let's do it cellisi... let's believe in each other... I think you are so amazingly wonderful and sweet. I... I had given up... I didn't know it would ever be possible... I sometimes wonder that I... that I run from love. Australia... I don't really know why I am going... I want to be with you so much... so we will have to do this!

    You: Yes... yes we will have to.

    I shouldn't be a tarot reader cellisi... I have no business sharing what I see because I will always see only love and marriage and roses and babies and homes and happiness and everything... so I don't know of what use I am as a reader. I can look at the Death card and see two people so in love that nothing matters any longer... and they try any and everything to be together even if it kills them.

    much love, really on your side here


  • Oh I did want to share some cards too cellisi... I hope I am not making matters worse for you... however I believe you could use any extra insight possible, so I offer this in hopes it helps...

    Sometimes cards will show up more than once and I thought this was nice that the Lovers showed up twice, that must show that there is really something here between you and him.

    Covers 8 Swords

    Crossing 7 Swords

    Above Temperance

    Below Lovers

    Past Lovers

    Ahead Knight of Wands

    Self 10 Wands

    House 5 Cups

    Hope The Moon

    Outcome 7 of Cups

    So your situation is working through some outer dialogue about him somehow. Maybe you are talking to a friend. Somehow you are talking this out in some way on the outside. I think what is crossing is simply the "plans" of the mind (7 of swords)... where does this lead. Plans.. and life choices.. seems to be what is a sort of challenge. The 8 swords shows you are very willing to talk it out, through, with him. You want to attain open clear understandings. So there could be some little wall there that is keeping that honest communication from happening.

    Above Temperance... so that is blending, a most beautiful card of love's desire to merge with someone, to mix your life with his, that seems to be your higher goal desire, wish, dream.

    Below, the Lovers. It is real, it is deep and you know what you are doing.

    Recently and fading a bit... The Lovers. This could be capturing the time with him recently... and you are still feeling that as memories and wanting to be there with him still probably.

    Ahead, approaching... The Knight of Wands. That is saying "trust" in path and role and your inner communication. So, that is what is now entering a time for trust... maybe I was a little overboard on broaching the subject of marriage... maybe not... this is a strong PATH indication coming into your life now. With him?

    Self, your attitude right now is the 10 of Wands. That is transition, of your inner communication about this situation. Transitions (10's) are deep searching cards... you are probably really thinking a lot about him and his decision to head for Australia...

    House 5 of Cups... changes emotional realities. So your "environment" is feeling like emotional changes. The way life feels is emotionally changing as your heart is reaching out for your higher dreams and aspirations. This is felt as changes, and that can feel a little unsettled at time. This with the 10W would say you have probably had more calmer days in your life.

    Hopes. The Moon. Now we come to your heart's hope and that is reflection. You want to reflect, blend, change as needed to see life work out into that nice blended state you believe in. So... the Moon is your "totem" dear cellisis. The Moon is the common name you share with him. You dream of the night with him, and the Moon, and all is at peace.

    Outcome. 7 of Cups. 7's are dreamy and casting their imagination out there... wondering... they are really showing divine involvement here cellisi. Meaning you can relax (or try to haha) because matters are in the hands of the universe and everything will work out exactly as it should... in love... with him... with everything in your life now... This is really saying trust again... just like the Wandy Knight asking trust... I wish I could share more... tell you for sure exactly what will be. I really can't. All I can see is you very happy.

    In love.

  • Hi Astra,

    thanks for thinking of me. That is very nice of you. I think your reading has clear up the mess in my head. I know you cant tell me exactly how things will be or what the outcome will be. But every time I get a reading from you, it is always so positive and it brings me back to my normal self instead of worrying what will happen next. I am a person who wants to know the answer right away but sometimes we just cant get that answer right away.

    He has contacted during his way to Australia and now he is in Australia the communication will be a bit difficult with the time difference but I will manage. 🙂 I guess that is a good thing, a very good thing actually that we are still in some sort of communication. All I have to do now is try to be patient and stand by his side while he is trying to figure his life out.

  • Hi Astra,

    Just want to tell you that the communication with him is actually not as bad as I thought it will be. We skype a few times and seems to be ok. I am really hoping we can meet again soon though. My heart is telling me that I really want to be with him. Hope this imagination of dream will come true.


  • Hey that sounds great Cellisi! As long as you have communication going then anything can happen. So I am sure things will work out for you there. I will be wishing for nice things to develop here for the two of you. Australia must be really something to see. Kangaroos and Outback steak houses haha... I was sorta hoping you two would elope down there... 🙂

  • I would love to visit Australia but he is not staying there long actually. He is only going to be there for a month or so and the rest will be a question mark at the moment. Hopefully he will be able to get an answer for his identity search.

  • Hi Astra,

    How are you? I was wondering if you can do a reading for me? The guy is back to London now from Australia. He will be heading off to northern England for work for a month next Monday. I was given an opportunity earlier this month to be able to go to London but I kind of let that slide off my hand and I really would like to see him again in the near future. Is this possible? and since he got back to London the communication is kind of very slow and it is building the insecurity with in me. Maybe I am over reacting in the situation but I guess I KEPT blaming myself for not taking the opportunity to go to London where we can meet again if I do.


  • Hi cellisi,

    I am doing well, thanks. Hope you are too!

    Okay I think I get the sense of what you are sharing. He is back, you are kicking yourself a little for not making the London trip. And the communication could be better. Let's see... here are some random choices let's see what that might say.


    a. 9 - complete/completing beginning (path, role, direction?)

    b. 57 - rho - relates to relaxing, letting the setting attain a less intense level

    near the setting:

    1. 4 - beginning { nurturing (beginnning) }

    2. 37 - playing { reflecting (nurturing) }

    3. 53 - communicating { nu - generally can show a situation where your hands are tied, or you can't do something you want to for reasons beyond your control)

    4. 9 - nurturing { complete/perfected (beginning) }

    5. 28 - changing { focusing ( communication) }

    6. 50 - interpersonal { kappa, a sense of feeling apart, alone or away from the group }

    7. 45 - reflecting { epsilon, viewpoint }

    8. 42 - focusing { beta, play }

    So what you "have" right now is a complete and perfect path-role with him (9Wa). And relax in what you have with him (rho, is sorta like "letting go and relaxing to a lower level of stability")

    So what should your focus be? You can look at the focus placement at 8 (beta, play, magician) to see what you should do. I would say put on some music and dance around your house a little ! 🙂 Play, have fun. Maybe replay all the wonderful moments with him so far, and play at something else while you are experiencing some transitions with him. What do you think? By "play" I mean, remain centered on your own feelings and whatever makes you feel nice, happy and delighting in life... that would seem a lovely place for you. That is playing.

    Your communication question (about how it is not exactly the best right now), you can see the "nu" in the communication area. So that is usually sort of a situation where it is what it is, and you can then relax and do other things I guess that are fun. It could be this way for a lot of reasons, none of which really matter, what matters is to play... listen to what you like in life that is a delight to you and play in that. While matters are sort of in a lull.

    Also the interpersonal area (6) is kappa which is like "feeling alone, or needing to be alone for some good reason that you may or may not grasp".

    There is something changing though it seems in the communication area. and it is a focus.

    So, in some way there does seem to be something changing in the communication focus area of the relationship. That will tend to encourage new growth in dialogue patterns? Almost like you and him have now completed one course in communication. And then the universe says,"okay they are ready to go the next phase of communication!" So, the present state of dialogue could simply be "between classes" sort of. What do you think? Maybe the dialogue takes off again in some new deeper way. You two have shared some nice playfulness together, right? Then comes communicating. You two must be working with a lot of communication pattern concerns is all I can determine. That can cause some starts and stops as you tune into each other more.

    okay cellisi hope that helps. Take it with a grain of salt.

    For entertainment purposes only.

    Pulling for you two... sending you communication pixies help 🙂

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