Astra, may I have some guidance?

  • I hope 2014 is treating you well Astra! My name is Bryan Mora it’s been a bit of time since I’ve frequented the forums and it’s partly due to all the changes I’ve gone through in the past 5 months. I have finally moved to Los Angeles and have been working towards my reaching my goals of being a screenwriter. Things have seemingly been going well, I’ve met people who share my interests and have worked at a job I enjoy. Things have been great, until recently as I have no clue what my next step should be in terms of my career. All this uncertainty has put me in a funk, and I’m hoping with your guidance maybe I can figure out what to expect in the next few months. Anything big happening or are all my efforts in vain?

    What can I expect from 2014 in terms of life and career? My birthday is 5/13/1988

    Thank you so much for you time, Astra! Any guidance is appreciated.

  • Hello bryanmora,

    Yes, 2014 is going well thanks!

    So I can try to share what seems to be suggested.

    The setting (stage, set, atmosphere, background about your concern)

    a. 4m

    b. Gamma (1i + 8m)

    So, the setting for you is

    (a) material reality foundation that is a(b)out a beginning inner dialogue pattern with a completing material reality. So the sense here is that it is material reality that is your primary concern as regards your career. I know that sounds obvious. It is important to note though. You also have something new beginning as an inner dialogue within, related to the material concerns, you are saying to yourself "material foundation reality and completing that is so important to me" that is what has been. or is, beginning with you. It is an inner dialogue you are having bryanmora.

    Now we look at the Script which adds in the players, the action, the lighting, the movement of your life within that setting.

    1. Beginning = Beta. That is a blank indication meaning a sort of void, so what is beginning is an inner dialogue about emptiness or the absence of clear indications.

    2. Affirming = 9o. That is a completed outer communication pattern, so you are beginning this inner dialogue about "blank" and you are somehow saying "yes" to that by a finished outer dialogue pattern. So you are saying out loud "this is over, this is finished, this is completed!" as regards your beginning inner dialogue about "blank".

    3. Growing = 2m. So you are striving to grow and nurture your material reality. That means you are growing the physical reality of this setting by affirming your material foundation need and completing that. So you are continuing to say yes through material means somehow to your life efforts. You are sending out the scripts over and over and over... you keep saying yes by actions that affirm your desire in career. You are expressing "finished communications" to the world around you and you are saying yes with a material reality "package" over and over.

    4. Foundation = Theta (1i + 2e + 6o). This is your foundation dear bryanmora, You are always beginning your internal dialogue about the setting, and you are affirming that with emotion reality and you are also sharing this with your outer world in communication in some way. So, your foundation keeps beginning by saying "I affirm myself emotionally, and I say to myself, you are a brilliant screenwriter and you will find your every dream come true" and you are somehow saying this to others, your career world needs to hear this. That is your foundation now.

    5. Changing = 3e. So what seems to be changing for you is your emotion reality about your setting (career concerns). The emotion that grows is changing. So the foundation of affirming emotion needs to change the way it grows. Your affirming should be accepting of affirmation and let the changes develop of growth as needed. We see very completing emotion at 7 and 8 so you are moving toward a very expansive emotional reality bryanmora, which EMOTION doors and developments have arrived/are arriving/will arrive for you. So be looking for changes in your emotional growth patterns.

    6.. Social-sharing = iota (1e + 8i). So this is your sharing with your outer world the beginning of a new emotion reality, and completing inner dialogue patterns. So you are communicating in some way with others something beginning in love-emotion and very expansive inner dialogue.

    7. Rest-reflection = alpha (8e + 1m). Reflecting on completions of emotion reality (completing your dream career) and a beginning of material reality.

    8. Completing = 8e. So we see the 8e again, so this is very emphasized for you bryanmora - emotional reality expansion (completing) = doors, developments, putting the finishing touches on things.

    I attached a chart below of all this so you can gain a visual look at yourself psychologically (from which your reality will be built). The emphasis is NOT on the MRp (physical) and the OCp (outer communication patterns). The Universe is saying your growth is in ICp (Inner dialogue) and ERp (emotion reality) patterns. You can see how those two are trending upward. your inner dialogue patterns and your emotion reality (mostly completion) patterns are where you are focusing yourself right now.

    I think what has been happening is that you KNOW exactly what you want (career setting that is super great, foundations, (4mA ), and you are striving to dialogue about that within yourself (1eB), and yet you are drawing a blank in some area (beta1). So you could be having questions about how to begin that dialogue within, sort of like, "how do I see myself doing this? how do I really begin this career dream now? How do I begin?" these are recurring thoughts for you recently.

    I think you have been relying on OCp (outer dialogue patterns) to answer the missing beginning question. You have really been talking it up with someone, or somehow sharing your dreams with others. What I think you really need to do is share more these dreams with YOU in the inside where others can't see, in other words, the outer reality becomes what we talk within and feel within, not what we say outside, and what material we move around outside. That seems to be the message here.

    Because the reality is dear bryanmora. You are going to have the screenwriting career of your dreams. Far beyond anything you can fathom....

    Open the scene bryanmora on you and me, sitting on a beautiful deck overlooking the Atlantic, We are vacationing on Montserrat in the Caribbean. And we are sharing a time around Daiquiris. Maybe the 5th one by now... a gentle warm ocean breeze... the Moon is a half moon in the southeaster sky. And we are just talking, and sharing about movies, and careers and the places you will go... a waitress (cute as a bug dark skinned lady has refreshed our drinks, and take a sip and look me straight in the eye, and you say...

    bryanmora: ... you... you really think so astra?

    astra: i know so...

    B: when... when do you see this happening? I have felt so lost, for the longest time.

    A: I can imagine. Not an easy career to break into is it?

    B: Not that easy.... and yet you seem to really believe I can achieve this.

    A: Oh I see it as clear as the blue-green waters in the surf there...

    (Camera cuts to the Moon reflecting over the water, ripples and silver moonlight on the water)

    B: I guess... my only question is... when astra? When? I am worn out wondering when anything will ever change.

    A: Yeah... sometimes it can seem like it takes forever.

    B: Forever... yeah....

    (I look up at the Moon... camera cuts to the moon full in the screen, a bird flies across the face of the moon)

    A: You see that Moon Bryan?

    B: (looking up at the moon) Yes... I see that moon... what does the moon say?

    A: The moon is always changing bryanmora... she never stops changing...

    A :... and she always becomes full.... she always fulfills her dream....

    B: She always... I don't understand... what does that have to do with - -

    A: What that means dear bryan, is that you are the moon. You are always changing... and you are always heading toward fulfillment.

    A: You could no more not see your dreams realized, than that moon could fail to become full again. It is universal law. It is your birthright dear bryanmora... it is who you are, this very successful screenwriter working for Paramount pictures, and Universal, and only the biggest names in the business...

    B: Oh wow... really? You know that?

    A: Why of course I know that bryanmora... it is more 'a what you really are... more 'a who you really are. It is the moon... and you will be everything you ever dreamed of... and much more...

    B: Man that sounds so good... I just wish...

    A: What do you wish? The Moon is up there...

    (camera cuts to the moon again... this time we see the woman in the moon... and she winks at us)...

    A: Good time to make a wish bryanmora... us... right here... right now... what is your wish? Make that wish RIGHT NOW.

    A: .. and watch the door now open... for you... dear bryanmora...

    (Camera pulls away... and we see the deck is actually the hooked on to a dilapidated trailer... and as the camera keeps pulling up higher... and higher... we see that the setting is actually a set on a back lot in Hollywood... and then the camera cuts one last to the moon... painted on a background canvas hanging down... and the woman in the moon winks... again... and how lovely she is... and success to you dear bryanmora...

  • That was beautiful Astra, thank you so much. One thing I can always find from your readings is that they always rejuvenate my spirits. Lately I've been overcome with loneliness and I'm worried about making the right moves or taking the right steps to get reach my goals. Those feelings have been overwhelming lately.

    Thank you for helping me, and easing my thoughts.

    PS. maybe you should become a screenwriter. That script was beautiful!

  • ...

  • Hey bryanmore

    You are so welcome for the reading... I am like you, the dialogue is a lot of fun, I do seem to use that a lot in my own writing as a way to better understand the psychology of the "actors" in life.

    Lonliness... hear you there.... and some worry, anxiety. All I can tell you is your path couldn't be any more perfect wherever you are at in it. The lonliness.... the worries... hey, guess what bryamora... this is all helping you be mor 'a better screenwriter! This is all a phase for you where you are really getting in touch with your own style and heart in your craft. So, it could very well be that a VERY important job is coming up for you where your ability to tap into lonely feelings and worry and fears... is a part of the script you will be developing. Do you see? I think the universe is always preparing us perfectly for the roles we will play, and places our lives into the very situations we need to learn from, to "be ready" for what comes next.

    So this is all a very important part of your path, and should be understood that way I think. All creative people deal with this... I have as a painter... painting out in the fields, the trees, alone. Crying. And yet it is that heart like yours that is willing to feel these things that is making you the great screenwriter that you are. So I see big things ahead for you, you couldn't stop them from coming your way!

    I did have a practical suggestion for you to try perhaps. When you feel these things, the lonliness and sense of "what do I do now? This or that? Questo... quello... " then write a screenplay about the most beautiful story for a movie you will ever be working on. And that is BryabMora's Story.

    (Scene opens on you with your head leaning against the wall, in tears...) (You are speaking to the air, to no one...)

    "I.... I don't know how much more of this I can take... the lonely feelings... I thought sure she would say yes. And she didn't... and the film job fell threw too... sigh..."

    (You lean your head against the cold plaster, dingy white wall with a crack running right by your face...)

    All of a sudden a little voice pips out of nowhere...

    (Voice from nowhere:) "Psst... hey bryanmora... hey...

    Startled, you look around.

    "Hey! Who said that?" (as you wipe your eyes with your ratty blue jeans sleeve of your favororite shirt)

    (Voice from nowhere): "Over here.... look lower..."

    You look down at your kitchen counter and see that it is the toaster talking to you!

    B: Hey! A talking toaster!

    T: Well, what did you expect? I can only toast bread? Come on bryanmora... give me some credit."

    B: A... a toaster that can talk. Holy cow...

    T: Now I can't cook a cow... I can talk to you though... I can see you are feeling down...

    B: ... well, yeah... my girl told me to take a walk... and my agent called with yet another refusal from the studio. I don't know... I don't know what... "

    T: You don't know... know what, bryanmora? Know what to do?

    B: Yeah... (you pick the toaster up and start looking at it upside down to see how it is able to talk)... yeah I don't know what to do...

    T: Well, may I make a suggestion?

    (You set the toaster back down and are still eyeing it quizzically )

    B: Sure... what? Toast a piece of sourdough?

    T: Well, that, of course... get some better jam though bryanmora... so yeah let's make some toast... and make us some coffee. Plenty strong... and I will tell you a little story...

    B: A little story? What?

    T: Yeah. A little story about the down on his luck screenwriter and a toaster that can talk. It'll be our story, pal.

    T: A movie script we can work on together... and all you have to do is write...

    B: You mean... just listen to you... and write?

    T: Thas' right pal... jus' write... your own movie... take these feelin's you've been having... and let's sit down with toast and jam and Starbucks... and we will take a crummy situation and turn it into the next blockbuster hit!

    B: Yeah? Really?

    T: Abso-rootly pal... I was thinking... "The Brave Little Screenwriter's Toaster"

    T: How does that sound?

    B:... hey... I kinda like that! Or... how about "Toast and Jam - The Bryan Mora Story?"

    T: Actually... I was thinking more like... "Final Draft - The G.E. Toaster's Story"

    B: Oh I see... you want top billing. Figures...

    T: Hey come on buddy... here I been toasting all this pumpernickel and that cheap wheat bread garbage you keep buying... and what do I get? Not even a thank you! I think... yeah, top billing!

    B: Okay, okay... I hear you... hey thanks for all the toast by the way... you do a great job... always nice and brown...

    T: Hey, don't mention it pal... it's what I love to do...

    T: I also think you are a pretty ace screenwriter too mr. mora... if I do say so myself... I been watching you pal... from my little corner here... you got potential buddy...

    B: Really? You really think so?

    T: Hey, would I sh*t you pal? Honest truth... I been hearing those movies you been watchin' on Netflix... they have nothing on you pal... you could write circles around any of them....

    T: You and me pal... we're going place...

    T: First though. You need to get your A*S to the store and get some better jam or something - cripes that stuff you been buying... generic grape?

    T: Get a life bryanmore...

    (End scene 1)

    Coming soon to a theatre near you! ha ha...

    I think that would be so fun for you branmora.. do you see my point?

    Turn it into a movie man... it has your name written all over it... 🙂

    and you are going places...

    (Image below by Dave on

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