Help for a breaking heart?

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    I wonder if anyone would be willing to read for me. I have just had to make a very difficult decision and end a relationship,I have to step back for now. I know logically its right, but everything inside me says it's wrong to walk away because of the journey we have shared. I would appreciate some confirmation that I have done the right thing for now and possibly a little hope and comfort for the future...I know, no magic wands 🙂

    My birthdate is 19/06/75 and his is 13/02/65

    Thanks in advance if you can help.

  • Hi saranvitch

    I will share what I see, maybe others can too. I am sitting here with a broken heart too, so maybe that puts me in a good position to look at your situation. Maybe that is all of us. I am so sri you are having to deal with this, I know it must be very painful... so, I will look at a few cards...

    6 of pentacles. that is social and sharing materially. That sounds like the material physical life you shared with him?

    The Universe. It must have been perfect at one time? Very fulfilling and nice...

    Empress, it was nurturing...

    8 of Wands... it was fun! It was exciting! It was...

    Transitions... the fun changes here... now it is "where are we going?" Now there are questions... wondering...

    6 of Cups... the love lives on.

    What you shared physically is still shared emotionally. I think this is actually a positive move for you and him!

    Ace of Wands. Yes! That is what that is saying. For some reason you experienced all you could physically, sharing paths... and now the time has come to find one another in the spirit of love. He hasn't gone anywhere... whatever he means to you... whatever you meant to him... whatever you two were... lives on in love. So now. you can take those walks in the woods alone... with his heart still beside you.

    I think that in every relationship there comes a time to say good buy in one way, so we can say hello in a new way. And so we keep on dancing and dancing and dancing... in different ways...

    Oh, dear saranavitch I hope that helps in some way. I would not cry over what seems to be ending, I would be looking forward to what you will now find, a new love from the skies of your own heart... we are all up there you know. Let me know if you had any specific concerns to answer, although I feel wonderful things for you ahead emotionally. So it is exactly as it should be though I know it comes with tears.

    much love.

  • Thanks Astra, that was comforting to read and made a lot of sense.

    I found myself thinking today "everything in your life has lead to this point, even if it hurts, it's your path".

    I guess I wonder if we will ever find our way back to each other or if what we shared was just a time in our lives and if it's right to leave it there?

  • Also, I want to know that he's going to be ok as he is also heart broken.

  • My general view is that if you want to find your way back to each other, then you will. If you don't you won't. Up to you. Do you want to find your way back to him?

    9 swords is sorta just concluded thinking on something. Endings, successful conclusions. So i think this "phase" of the relationship could be ended. and then it will be up to you to start a phase 2 with him.

    will he be be okay?

    The Lovers. I think he will be okay.

  • At this moment in time, I desperately want to find my way back to him, I feel like I've lost my soulmate. But soulmates aren't always forever right?

    Thankyou again, your words have helped.

    And I hope your broken heart mends soon and that someone offers you words of comfort too.

    Love back to you Astra

  • I am sure then it will work out that way, and you will be back with him. That is your heart's desire. He feels the same way too I am sure. It is just that for now you have to be apart for you love to deepen. Maybe the two of you really want to know how much you mean to each other, and that can take being away, not seeing each other. Then when you do get back together it is even better than before.

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