My dad just past away

  • My dad just past away. He suffered for 6 years in bed, and we were waiting for the last three months for his passing as all the signs were there. He looked in a vegetative state for these last months. Memory almost gone, and barely responding to the environment. Now that he is gone, I wonder if in the other side his spirit is whole again. he seemed half here half gone. I want to think that he is not suffering any longer and that his spirit is being helped etc. does anybody know what might happened to the spirit when dementia and scleroses has been part of his ending life ? Can any one elaborate in this ?

    also if any one can connect with him would be great. his name is Çerçiz.

  • I am so sorry breze. He is at peace now. I was always told and I do believe that once the soul has move on they are the happy people we once knew. They are healed and they watch over us.

  • Hi Breze,

    My dad died in 2003, though I did not have to watch the process as you did. I'm so sorry for the pain of watching that.

    If you can find the book Life after Life by Raymond Moody, I would recommend it, as well as Embraced by the Light by Betty J. Eadie.

    My father gave me a message through white roses last year, the day after I wished in my mind that he could let me know that he knew how happy I was. It was a boquet of flowers left in the dish drainer in our kitchen. lol. Two bunches had fallen 3-4 feet air to land as a bouquet..and I know that my father was saying " yes..I know".

    Yes, I believe that when we leave our physical form we are made new and whole again in Spirit, alive and well.

  • Thank you Shadowmist and Patchlove for comforting messages. In fact Patchlove I was not present at his death. I live far away from my family for almost 20 years, since i was at my early twenties. I visited them once a year. Yesterday, I asked my sister to take a pic of him in the coffin and send it to me. I have been looking at it all day, because I can't totally accept it. He looks 20 years younger in the coffin. It feels not true and I can't process it. On the other hand have been a bit num into felling it. I had a gush of tears at the first moment, and then find myself thinking how unfair and unbelievable it is. I can't accept the fact that i will not see him again. I strongly want this, and hopefully i will one day. Love B

  • Breze, I am sure you will see him again. Distance cannot come between you and those you love, for your your love will reach them wherever they are.

    Best to you dear Breze

  • Just checking on you breze I know it is hard (I lost my dad 20 yrs ago) and it does get easier. I can look at old photos without crying and I laugh at them enjoying the sweet memories it brings back. If I was there I would give you a big hug

    many blessing and prayers are being sent to you and your family

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