Reading for my baby son

  • I am requesting a reading for my 14 month old. Day 11-24-2012.

  • Your son's greatest challenge in life will be overcoming the feeling that he doesn’t fit in - you must teach him to understand that everyone feels out of place at times; they just learn to hide it. He can do the same.

    Your son will tend to be an energetic, outgoing and spirited individual with the ability to strongly influence the opinions of others. He will never avoid problems or challenges, and will be at his happiest and best when debating issues or troubleshooting for a solution. People will be irresistibly drawn to his courageous spirit and exciting ideas, and the air of mystery that hangs around him will only add to his attraction. It doesn’t matter how settled or secure his life is, intrigue will never be far behind. Whether this manifests in situations or relationships that are complicated, or internal conflicts that are all-absorbing, there will always be some kind of question mark in his life and the outcome never appears certain. Although this means that his life will never be boring and will become an endless topic of conversation for others, there will be times when he will feel overwhelmed by feelings of uncertainty and confusion and unsure what his motivations are. He may aim for the top in his professional life only to find that the sacrifices he needs to make are ones he is unwilling to make; or he may create an active social life, only to find that he longs to be left alone. You can help him develop the necessary self-examination and self-exploration he will need to understand his own reasons for living and being, and realize that a new attitude can change a stifling situation into one of joy.

    Until the age of twenty-seven, your son is likely to be adventurous and will seek to expand his horizons through enterprising ventures, study, and travel. After the age of twenty-eight, he will start to settle down and become more practical, goal orientated and realistic in his approach. Another turning point will occur at the age of fifty-eight when he will have a growing need for freedom, new ideas, and expressing his individuality.

    At every age and stage in his life, there will be opportunities for him to develop his original notions and big plans, but the key to his success - and indeed to solving the mystery of his life - is to simply accept himself for who and what he is: a highly unusual, spirited, creative, and courageous individual who can never fit into the common mold because his destiny is to break it. Watch for any confused, escapist, or unaware tendencies on his part.

    Love: Your son may find himself drawn into complicated relationships or love triangles as he matures, and it is important for him to seek balance, greater simplicity, and honesty in this area of his life. Sensitive and restless, he will need to be in a relationship that is not stuck or has become uneventful or dull, and will thrive best with a partner who is as interesting and as intelligent as he is.

    Health: Your son may find that when his life gets into too much of a routine, he can suffer from fatigue and mood swings. He will need to understand, however, that the answer does not necessarily lie in changing his job, partner or lifestyle, but lies within himself. Cognitive behavioral therapy techniques are particularly recommended, as they can help him make these internal changes by changing the way he thinks about himself. As far as diet is concerned, he will tend to have a hearty appetite for a wide variety of foods, but he/you will need to make sure he doesn’t overindulge in alcohol, fattening foods and red meat. Vigorous exercise is highly recommended, as it will help him release some of that pent-up energy. Wearing or surrounding himself with the color purple will encourage your son to look within rather than without for inspiration.

    Career: Your son is a born psychiatrist. He will develop the communication and people skills to succeed in any line of work, but he may be especially drawn to the caring professions, counseling, psychiatry, social reform, teaching, writing, philosophy, research, music, and the world of entertainment, as well as the study of metaphysics and spirituality.

    Your son's life path is to learn to accept himself for who he is. Once he has found a sense of self-worth, his destiny is to help others unravel or uncover the mysteries of their lives.

  • Wow a lot to think about! He is one of a kind and likes to do things his own way. Thank you!!

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