Recent Old Friend Reconnect - Reading Request Please?

  • Hello,

    I have recently reconnected with an old friend from my childhood days; we had an attraction to each other then; although he pursued and showed more interest in me at the time as I was kinda in relationship already, but we had a definite attraction. That was approx 35 years ago. Please give me any insight into this person at this point and the potential likelihood that there is some soul/karmic connection between us? What do you see, if anything please? Me: 11(Nov)-8-1963 Him: 8-29-1960.

    Thank you in advance, light and love surround you!


  • This makes a better friendship than a love affair. However, if the love affair can survive to marriage, it can do well. But this relationship depends on your equal status to succeed. If there is any disparity in your outlook, background, culture, etc. the relationship will struggle. TT, your need to control can suit your friend's desire to be supported and cared for. His earthy qualities and your deep emotions meld well in the areas of sexuality and feeling too. Neither of you hold back in your love relationships, but it may take time for you both to reveal and share the more secretive aspects of your personalities. You both tend to be quite trustworthy people so the relaitonship can be long-lived if there is equality and balance. Outright war between you is rare, yet you can make 'excellent' opponents when crossed, since you can both will give your all while still maintaining respect and even trust, each knowing that the other will abide by the fair rules of combat. As long as you can both be open, sharing, and non-secretive - and also non-competitive - this relationship can endure and even thrive.

  • Wow, thank you Captain! Because I have not had any interaction with him since I was a child; I can not say 'yea' or 'nay' to any of what you have said, but it sounds interesting nonetheless! I do have a need to control, but I am working on releasing that ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you so kindly!

    Anything 'intuitive' or even from the 'tarot' relative to what he is up to; he came out of no where one day and has, as suddenly gotten quiet; I know he's had family matters to attend to, he says ๐Ÿ™‚ Is he genuinely interested? He says he is in process of divorce??

    I am open to anyone else who would be willing to support my request, as well??

    Thanks in advance folks!


  • This man's primary focus overall is his career and working life. His partners will often have a hard time competing with his professional priorities and may accuse him of using his work as an excuse to avoid intimacy. This is unfair as he is not afraid of intimacy, just unsure how to cope with it. He places a high priority on work as a source of satisfaction, but it would be better for him to emphasise his personal life more, as close relationships offer him greater potential for happiness. He will also find that close relationships make him more productive at work because they give him a sense of perspective. If he can find a partner who can gently encourage him to open up without fear of rejection, then he will make a charming, enthusiastic and communicative lover. His need for a fulfilling personal life is strong, however much he tries to escape into work. However this year his attention will tend to be distracted by his home life, family, and domestic concerns, such as his divorce. His marriage may not legally or emotionally be easy for him to get past and move on from. He needs to understand that sometimes life and people canโ€™t be controlled; he simply has to relax and trust that something good will come to him if he just goes with the flow.

  • Wow, that was very insightful; thank you TheCaptain! Sounds almost like me to be honest ๐Ÿ™‚ I used to place a higher priority on work, but not anymore; I know that close personal relationship does give me greater potential for happiness; and adds perspective to my life; in fact I am recently divorced and I feel lost personally ๐Ÿ˜ž Perhaps this may be why we 'attracted' one another into our circle of lifeโ€ฆ..???

  • Yes, he may have only come into your life to reflect the lessons you needed to understand back to you.

  • Wow! Thank you much Captain!

    Light and Love,


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