Opposite sun sign, same moon sign: special odds?

  • What's special about a relationship between two people with opposing sun signs, but matching moon signs? In this case, I'm thinking of a Cancer and Capricorn with their moons both in Taurus. I haven't been able to find a satisfactory answer for this anywhere else.

  • it means that the two of you are more suited for eachother emotionally, and on deeper levels, besides that of the ego and personality. your sun sign represents who you are externally in terms of ego and mentality/personality-- you moon sign is very much internal and represents who you are and how you feel at your core. but at the same time, having opposing sun signs and matching moon signs could help the both of your better learn from eachother and support eachother, without reacting harshly to your differences. it seems to be a very complimentary, and beneficial relationship, once harmony has been established.

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