Need your help please-blmoon,moon50,shuuaby,thecaptain!

  • hello dear readers

    i am trying to understand this man who will appear in my life soon and i have known him in the past it seems. he is going to come to create havoc in my life. i am trying to understand where he is coming from? what will he come up with to tempt me? was he a lover in the past? i just want to recognize him and the offer he will make to know beforehand. i don't want to go that route with him, even though i have been struggling to find a job for months.

    can you please help me recognize who he is and what will he be seeking from me? i hope he doesn't appear as a colleague at the work place because then it would be more difficult to avoid this person. i already have difficulty saying no to people, especially the psycho ones who know how to make their way through it as they have a different mind working for them.

    it seems travel is involved with this person but i am not sure if it's domestic or overseas. i know nothing about this person except for his ethnicity which is same as mine.

    please help me figure him out? who is he and where will i meet him?

    thank you all for your help!

  • I am thinking this man is simply your own male side and masculine qualities with which you must become better acquainted.

  • you are right! the masculine side of me has been dormant all along. and after having gone through challenging times with men i have become totally obsessed in getting this power back that i have easily given away and there is still a tendency to give it away to men in future too. i have just realized that this is the reason for most of major problems in my life. but i don't know how to sensibly do it.

    do you mean it's a challenge that i need to face to get acquainted with the masculine side of mine?

    i really have no clue how and from where to start. there is so much anger inside me because of my own lack of understanding! people find me controlling now because i forcefully try to keep myself away from situation that i find threatening to my freedom and personal power. and i am not happy how it comes across to people i love, my family and friends. how can one learn to be more assertive in their approach towards dealing with their own personal power and keeping it intact without hurting/influencing others?

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