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  • Wondering what this new year will bring especially in terms of career, finances, travel and love life.

    Also, I have a bit of a crush on the vet tech that is taking care of my cat. I would love to see him outside his work, but feel it is a bit unprofessional and I might be entranced by him because there is nothing more attractive than a handsome man that is compassionate about animals and is taking care of my cat. It doesn't help I always visit him with my father or mother, so it's exceedingly difficult to make any moves and also he could be taken and just being professionally friendly. Let go of the silly crush and move on or slip him my contact info in secret? Lol

  • What is your full birthdate?

    It would be wrong to approach the vet tech on a personal level while he is engaged in a professional capacity with your family. But there is no harm in asking the receptionist there if he is available or not.

  • 04/16/1985, 2:53am, San Francisco, California

    Thanks Captain, I'm not sure the receptionist is going to help me much since she saw me enraged on the phone speaking to my father about how to handle the pet finances and since then she has seemed standoffish in my presence. I could slip him a paper on the way out, but if I get rejected, I'm going to have to avoid going to that vet hospital altogether.

  • APA, you have a kind and generous nature and you must ensure that the people you choose to have around you this year (and every year) don't exploit you. Think carefully about who you want to help or be with. You should make sure you don’t give to people who are lazy or self-destructive. And don't seek self-approval through others. You do believe in the possibility of a soul mate and dream of a once-in-a-lifetime emotional, physical and spiritual union. Highly idealistic, you often enter into a relationship with high expectations and an ability to sink into the depths of your partner. You need to make sure you find someone with a fine mind who shares your interests; otherwise your intensity may be more scary than exhilarating for them. A good match is a Scorpio because the two of you share a passion for philosophy and a need for closeness, and this can create an intoxicating and passionate union.

    You love to talk about the meaning of life, being fascinated by life’s mysteries. At the same time you are seductive, charming, and very amusing. You know how to make other people smile, and friends, loved ones and colleagues will often regard you, being so humorous and dreamy, with great affection. Although you have the ability to see the humor in almost any situation, you are not a superficial individual. Quite the opposite - you have a deep awareness of life’s tragedies, which gives you the insight to understand that humor is one of the best and most cathartic responses. Despite being wise and insightful, you can be generous to the point of stupidity; others often take advantage of your willingness to share. You also tend to overindulge in everything you enjoy, easily slipping into irresponsible behavior.

    In general, strong emotions make you feel uncomfortable and you like to lighten intense moments with humor. This can make your contribution invaluable during times of stress, as it teaches others how to deal effectively with setbacks. It can, however, also work against you; instead of facing situations that need to be resolved, you may avoid them. It is important for you to resist the temptation to sidestep conflict, as this can lead to hidden resentments in the future. You can appear as if you are living in a world of dreams. While it is true that you are a visionary, you are able to translate your dreams into reality. Until the age of thirty-four, you will tend to focus on building a secure foundation for your dreams. Then, after the age of thirty-five, you will have a greater interest in interpersonal relationships and communication skills. This is a positive development for you, as becoming more aware of the dreams and ideals of others - and not just your own - aids your psychological growth. You are healthwise more likely to suffer from psychological rather than physical problems, such as stress, anxiety and feeling depressed when it seems that others are not on your wavelength. Once you strike a healthy balance between your inner and outer selves, others will admire you not only for your humor and gentle presence, but also for your inspirational strength of purpose.

    Careerwise, you have a talent for making others smile and would make an excellent comedian, tour guide, entertainer, clown, actor, writer, photographer, artist, designer, and architect. Because you also have great organizational skills, you would also excel in careers in science and research, and your love of action may draw you to careers in travel and sport. Your life path is to learn that it is impossible to please everyone. Once you have learned not to take on too many burdens, your destiny is to fight for the issues that motivate you in a way that entertains but also intrigues others.

    2014 is likely to be one of the most significant years of your life. You will look back and remember this year as a turning point - the time when you could no longer compromise your truth...a time when your soul longed so profoundly for self-expression that it could not be denied. For you, 2014 will be associated with fun, adventure, change, travel,sensuality, surprises, and experimentation, and it may be a mesmerising year, particularly for relationships. If you’ve been feeling like you need a bit of a push to make important changes in your life, then this year's vibration will help you do it. 2014 may also bring unexpected changes to your life if you try to fight your natural forward progression. Similarly, if you try to force situations, you may find they rebound on you with the same velocity. Where commitments have become stuck with seemingly no way out, sudden resolutions may appear and free your life up. Even if you are a bit of a risk taker at times, this year can turn your life upside down. If it needs to be rearranged so that you continue in the right direction, anything can happen. Sometimes it may feel as if there is no one to turn to and nothing to hold on to, or as if there’s no earth beneath your feet. This may be designed to keep you on your toes, so that you do not become complacent about the necessary changes in your life. However, restlessness may make you more accident-prone, so you may need to act with intent. Likewise, forgetting to pay bills because you are rushing everywhere may lead to sticky situations.

    2014 offers you wonderful opportunities to get crystal-clear about your life and to put it into perspective. This may require a lot of communication, which is great because you need to work on this quality now. Good communication can help to kick-start your career or boost your closeness within a relationship. Perhaps you start off by communicating with yourself by keeping a daily diary so you can keep track of and monitor your thoughts. Or you may write letters to express yourself to close ones, which may be easier than speaking to them in person, as it allows you to really think about what you need to say. In order to make the most of this exciting year of opportunity, you need to embrace change. Any kind of procrastination may compound situations and prolong them, so that this year stops and starts. However, as much as you’d like to talk yourself out of facing situations, you can, if you want, keep your mind positive and talk yourself into them. Indeed, you my find yourself craving regularity this year, but it may be wasted sentiment. Life may be full of surprises, and should not be boring, particularly if you pounce on some of the exciting opportunities on offer, and are versatile with it. It’s time to allow your soul to speak to you and for you to use your gifts.

    Good luck for 2014!

  • Thanks Captain, that was very indepth! I'm looking forward to this year and all the changes it will bring. If I have a relationship this year, where do you think we will meet and what does he look like?

  • What matters is that you be ready and prepared to meet somone special. Ask yourself if there are any doubts, insecurities, or fears in your mind and heart about being in a love relationship. If there are any of these things, it can prevent you from meeting the right person.

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