Captain Can You Please do a reading for me for 2014?

  • Dear Captain,

    Can I please have a reading for the new year? My dob is 11/26/1962. You have done readings for me in the past and have always been spot on. I'm wondering what the new year has in store for me in the areas of love and family.

    Thank you,


  • Love and family might stay in the background for you this year, Sharon, since the focus will tend to be more on career and material or business interests. If you ever wanted to start a new career, become self-employed, or make changes/leave the old one, 2014 is the year for it. This is your time to prosper and make money with your ideas! After all the hard work of previous years, you will begin to see the fruits of your labor. After the reflective introspection of 2013, now is the time to act. And act big! What are your passions? Pay attention to those inner stirrings within you that make you feel excited and motivate you. Follow your bliss. You might find yourself wanting to do more, be more, experience more. This is good! What are some of those things that make you happy that you have been putting off? Don't delay any longer. Live your life to the fullest. Pursue your dreams by taking some risks. If you feel stifled in any way it is because you have been limiting your idea of who you are. You can own your power and leadership abilities more fully now, and that includes your ability to receive more financial abundance. You might find yourself challenged this year, as more is required of you, but that is only so you can experience your potential more fully. If you find yourself in power plays at work or in your relationships, it is to remind you that it is OK to be powerful, and not to be afraid to assert yourself. What is it that you want? Go for it. And have fun reaping the rewards!

    Your best career options lie in the areas of education, philosophy, writing, engineering, IT, and the world of video game creation or toy manufacturing or some form of design work. You have a meticulous approach to your work and will excel in careers that are research-based. At your best (believing in yourself), you are innovative, intelligent, charismatic, unique, and multi-talented. Despite your incredible versatility, you may have felt from an early age that you were somehow different or removed from your fellow human begins. Part of the problem is that because you have so many talents and such an inquisitive mind, too many paths are open to you so choosing one becomes a daunting task. You may also struggle to reconcile your practical, logical orientation with the part of you that is highly creative and imaginative. At various points in your life, you will lurch between these two extremes, but happiness and fulfillment can only be found when you are able to balance the two. When you are not working toward a goal, you can feel restless and unsatisfied, so the sooner you decide on a path in life and set yourself targets to achieve the better. If you don’t do this, indecision, anxiety and uncertainty will submerge your huge potential.

    Up to the age of twenty-five, there may be a lot of experimentation regarding your career, as you would have tended to focus on adventure, creativity and opportunity. But after the age of twenty-six, you no doubt started to become more practical, goal orientated and realistic in your aims. This was a positive development, as long as you made sure you didn't lose touch with your imagination and creative fire. Another turning point will occur around the mid-fifties when expressing your individuality takes center stage. Hopefully, however, you will have realized far earlier in life that the key to your success is to celebrate and make full use of your uniqueness rather than try to hide it. You have been right all along; there is and never will be anybody quite like you with your unique talents, original perspective, and courage and determination to prove everyone wrong by achieving your fantastic and individual aims.

    Your greatest challenge in any year is forming close relationships with others. You need to understand that the more comfortable you are with yourself, the more comfortable you will be with other people. When it comes to affairs of the heart, you can have problems because you like your own company and are unwilling to sacrifice your freedom. You are capable of forming close relationships but these tend to be with your friends rather than lovers. But when you do find someone who captures your heart, you have it within you to make a dutiful and devoted partner. In 2014, new or better relationships will tend to be formed through work and business matters. Capricorns can be a great match for you - you admire qualities in each other that you both lack, and have much to learn and love about each other.

    Good luck with 2014 - this can be a wondrous year for you.

  • Dear Captain,

    Thank you so much for taking the time to do a reading for me. I have been itching to take on a new career. How interesting!! You are so insightful and have given me alot to think about.

    I look forward to the new year with enthusiasm and great hope.



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