• Hello Moon50, it's good to see you're back here.:) A year and a half ago i received a reading from you which helped me a lot to understand where i was and what direction to take in my journey. Could i ask you to use your intuitive gift to tell me what is coming my way in the year which has just begun? as usual work and love are the main areas of interest. i'd also like to know about my social contacts... will things improve?

  • Hi moon! Nice to talk to you again 🙂 I'm happy that my reading helped you, and sure hope this one does too.

    I am getting that you are persisting in an area that is holding you back. It no longer serves you. It is work-related, but there is also a family issue that hasn't been resolved that is keeping you a little bit stuck. You want to change, but are afraid to. That's okay! Most of us cringe in fear at the thought of major change. Did you get some sort of an offer with your work that could've taken you in a different direction but shied away from it? The time is right now for you to take that plunge.

    Your friends have not been friends of late. You have been changing and growing, but they haven't changed and grown with you. There is one though who is a life-long friend. Look at her qualities and look for friends who show similar. I feel there has been some betrayal amongst your social circle. This has left you feeling like a wet sock. Remember jealousy and envy are the killers of love and friendship. Wipe your hands of it, is the message I'm getting. Time to move on. Look after you, value you. Everyone and everything else will be taken care of.

    Is there someone you still carry a torch for? Again, I'm feeling that there is someone from your past who you can't quite let go of. You try, but come up short. As hard as this is, you need to tell yourself that what and who is in your life now and serving it well, is what you need. Things and people from the past who have dragged you down and kept you stuck have no place in your current and future life.

    Things will improve, but you need to know that you deserve that improvement. Work on acceptance of who you really are just a little bit more and you'll be fine. Remember that doubt keeps you stuck. Doubt and fear. These two things have been your biggest bug-bears and need to be let go of.

    Keep in mind that saying: Feel the fear but do it anyway. You will thank yourself!

    Are you a nurse or work in the health industry? I'm seeing that too ...

    I hope this makes sense. Weirdly, what I have "seen" here for you, is very similar to my own life!!




  • Thanks Moon:), the reading does make sense. You are right i want and need that change in my life sooo much (every day more and more:)) but fear to make the wrong choice. i have taken a break from what i was doing for quite some time hoping i will take advantage of the time and find something better for myself. And i have had some offers which, however, did not seem attractive enough to accept. i am still waiting for the right one. The problem is i may miss the opportunity which is just the one waiting for still something more suitable. it could have already happened. 😞 How do i know this is the one for me, i think this is something i am most afraid of. My intuition does not always cooperate with me as much as i would like it to.:)

    i have been feeling under my skin that some of those that call themselves my friends are really not them. The moment this sad truth gets to you is not the most pleasant one. 🙂 You realise that the only one you can truly count on is yourself and maybe also the very few ones who stay by your side no matter what. i know that i too often look behind and stick to what was part of my life even though moving on seems the best that can be done. You mentioned jealousy and envy... do you sense this in me or my 'friends'?

    I do not want to come back to my old workplace with all my heart as i know that i will not be happy there and i hope i will overcome my fear, stop having doubts eventually and make the right decision. i have been helped here on this site so many times but nobody will make a decision for me:), (what a pity:)) i need to do it myself.

    it's good to hear i have been changing and growing. The reality (not always nice) i have been facing for some time contributed to that growth to a large degree.

    No, i am not working in health industry but lately have had a few nice chats with people while waiting for an appointment with a doctor in hospital. Maybe you were sensing that.:)

    Thank you Moon... i like reading your posts (hope you don't mind it:))... one can sense a truly valuable human being in you. 🙂 All the best to you Moon. 🙂

  • I think we're all wanting change. A lot of us are tired of feeling little to no passion in anything, and this has been going on for a couple of years. The Captain posted up some information about Saturn's transit in scorpio and that started in October 2012. That'd be right, because that's when my last relationship ended and I've been on my pat malone ever since. And struggling with money, which is part of that transit. It apparently draws to a close throughout this year, from about June, so hopefully we might start seeing some relief from its influence. Saturn is a stern task master and makes us look at aspects of life that no longer serve us, including behaviours, habits and other things that can be holding us back.

    Mine have been lack of self worth mainly. It has been the crux of everything that's given me a hard time. So I've been working on that quite a lot since I've been on my own. But boy, am I buggered!

    Take a look at my thread ITS BEEN A WHILE. The Captains post about Saturn is in that. It's a good read! And might help you some.

    I'm glad this reading made sense, although I was a wee bit worried because I felt like I was talking about myself lol!!

    Thank you also for your kind words. Sometimes I have felt like a bitter and bad person, and that not only had I killed a chinaman, I'd killed a whole village! That's the old self doubt creeping in there though, so I am very appreciative when I get words of encouragement from someone like yourself, who also is a person of great value by the way 🙂

  • Sorry i didn't write back earlier... when i finished my last post it was around 1am my time... 🙂

    I've read the information about Saturn's transit in scorpio - interesting stuff... that explains why i've been experiencing all the unpleasant things starting March, April 2012. In fact 2012 is very difficult for me to classify as a good or bad year as on the one hand an avalanche of nasty situations happened in my life, on the other emotions flew high...:)-in fact extremes is something i had to cope with then, no balance at all.:) I'd say it was a time when my life turned totally upside down and from then on i've been trying to find myself somehow in the world so new to me. 🙂 it took me a long time to understand that this change is neccessary and what's most important that i need to accept it as there is not much i can do about it.

    Lack of self worth... tell me about it 🙂 ... but i can feel it's been changing too. when i remember myself from the past i think i have really made a great progress but at the same times i realise it's still a long way to go before me. 🙂

    My words regarding you Moon are not just kind words to make you feel better. 🙂 This is what i was sensing (although i am not a psychic :)) reading your posts already back then when you were struggling with the end of your relationship.

    Here it's -7 degrees Celsius so staying in is highly recommended. 🙂

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