Name in a dream ?

  • i saw a dream last night that i fell in a bush and scratched my self and bleed. then after me another woman did the same and than she told me: my name is Sheale or something similar and told me to not forget it.

    i woke up and kept thinking on it for a while and tried hard to not forget it, but by the morning all I remember is Sheale, and i think is not the exact one. What could this mean ? Thanks !

  • Hi Breze

    You've overthought the name in your waking hours. If Sheale is what you remember, then remember it. Don't worry if you have the right name or not, because you'll know why you were asked to remember it sooner rather than later and you'll recognise the right name anyway; your intuition will tell you.

    I take this dream to be a warning of some sort; that by remembering this name, you'll avoid something that could be more major than it ends up being.

  • Thank you Moon50 !! Wow that is an interesting interpretation. I will keep this in mind for sure. Blessings, B

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