• Hi Futurist!

    "Will it be difficult to do reading for me on my job situation?"

    Hey we can try and see what happens okay? I am still learning so take it with a grain of salt, however I hope it helps. I get wordy so you'll have a lot to read haha...

    Your setting regarding your job situation:

    a. Star (QP + AS)

    b. Devil (AW + 2C + 6S)

    Hmm... the Star (to me) is a mix of a beginning love, a beginning outer communication pattern, and a foundation of your physical life (like job, home, security patterns)

    That is above "the Devil" which is another group of combined indicators. A beginning of an internal communication pattern, and a social-sharing of an outer communication pattern and affirming of emotion-love in some way.

    So. add all of that up and what do we have? We have

    (a) beginning of love and a beginning of talking or expressing yourself outwardly, connected with your security pattern foundations (like a job for example). This is a(b)ove an affirming love pattern, the beginning of an internal communication pattern, and a social-sharing outward communication pattern.

    So you have a lot going on in your reality right now. Both inner and outer communication patterns going on, that are also connected to your social outer world experience. So that sounds like some dialogue going on that you have recently begun, with yourself, and also are beginning to really speak this forth to others. It is associated with a beginning emotion and affirming emotion as well. So whatever this is you are talking about, and recently started thinking about, is very emotionally nice for you, you are saying "yes" to everything lately emotionally. This all is connected with foundations of physical life (job for example) so you are in some focused, sharing dialogue with others about your job, or about a job. Talk and job and some happy emotions too. So you may be in talks or discussing a job situation with someone(s) who I am guessing you are hoping will say "yes" to your search, or desire (related to job).

    That is the setting. That is basically where you are right now. The rest of the cards are the "script" you are acting out, so that will indicate how aligned you are with your setting in some various areas of your life lately.

    1. Beginning = Hierophant (4C + 5S). This is a combination of a changing outer communication pattern and a foundation of love-emotion. So you are beginning emotional foundations related to "job situation" and you are also beginning to change your outer communication patters about "job situation". So, this is saying that in the reality of your dialogue with others (6 of swords) you are also beginning to change or adjust in some way about what ever it is you are sharing. This is tied to emotional foundations, so this seems to be something you are trying to change dialogue wise in order to preserve a comfortable emotional foundation for yourself.

    For example, let's say you are in talks with someone about a new job situation that you would really love, and there is some very active dialogue going on between you and them. Let's say the job is perfect. It is close to home, and puts you into the line of work you really love. Then, they ask "hey Futurist, would you be willing to do a little travelling too?" ... and let's say that takes you away from your home setting of emotional foundations. At that point you might start to change your dialogue with them, and say, "Hmm... I am not sure, I was hoping i could stay close to home, can we talk about that piece more?"... so that is just an example. Not saying that is exactly what is happening with you, something like that though.

    2. Affirming = Fool (8C + 1P). You have a lot of "combined" symbol cards (major arcana) so I sorta have the sense you could be juggling a lot right now in life, in general, like a lot going on, or various events, settings, people pulling you in different directions? This as an affirming placement is saying "yes with expansive emotion-love, and yes with a beginning of a new physical reality. So this seems in alignment with your setting. Something has been offered or you have your eyes on a situation that is very, very lovely or appealing to you, and represents a new beginning in the "job situation". I do have the sense that there could be a situation you are after, or chasing, or have your heart set on, something like that.

    3. Growing = 5 of Cups. Okay, so this is "growing" changes in love-emotional areas. So, there is something changing emotionally that is growing or increasing about the "job situation". It does seem like something new, like a twist or a change of strategy, something developed recently that has caused some emotional desire to stay with a foundation. Growing changes in emotionally will tend to cause you to seek security patterns. So you could be in the midst of some sort of back and forth with someone as you work out the details of the "job situation". You are trying to "begin" a love-emotional foundation, however there is also changes growing in that realm, so that represents a little bit of a dynamic that is trying or wanting to be settled.

    4. Foundation = High Priestess. Hmm... this is interesting. This is the "blank" symbol group, meaning it says nothing. So your "foundation" lately is "nothing" or emptiness, vacancy, absence, mystery. Whatever represents "zero" for you is your foundation. Honestly, that seems to say that you don't have a job at present, or that the job you do have is a "zero" for you, and you are ready to make a move to something much better.

    5. Changing = King of Cups (AW + growing {emotion-love}). So trhis is another indication that you are immersed in some sort of emotional love changes. This is expressing a beginning of an inner communication pattern (Ace Wands) together with a growing emotional-love. This will associate strongly with the 5 of Cups as a growing pattern. So you really, really have some emotional change+growth patterning going on in your life, rather strong. Together with a beginning internal communication pattern related to this. So there is a lot of emotional growth changes about "job situation" and you are beginning to think about that.

    Something is either happening, or recently happened to stir up some emotional-love changes and this seems to be a little much, it is somewhat different that the actual reality of setting, as that simply showed a nice affirming emotional pattern. Is there anything going on that is raising fears or emotional concern about "job situation".

    6. Social-sharing = 6 of Wands. Social-sharing area is a social-sharing inner communication pattern. This would be emphasized then (66). So, that would seem to translate as outer social communication about your inner social thinking patterns. This seems in alignment with the 6S (b) meaning that the setting's (reality) outer communication patterns related to social areas (talking to others about your job situation for example) are in alignment with your script, whatever you are expressing seems to be correct. Your communication patterns look healthy to me, in other words whatever it is you are sharing or expressing is very much matching up with the reality of the situation. So far it seems that only the emotional-love areas are showing some difference between setting and script.

    7. Rest-reflection = 5 of Pentacles. So another 5... this is in your reality, meaning this will anchor back to the setting. You are reflecting (icP) about "job situation" changes. This seems to be causing emphatic growth of emotional changes as well (5C3 + KC5). So something is going on that is causing you some emotional concern or changes, related to "job situation" changes. The reality is that your job situation is foundationed. Meaning that regardless of whatever changes are going on, whatever your emotional changes you are feeling, the "job situation" is dependable and secure. It has foundations.

    Now, your foundation we looked at (HP4) is showing nothing nothing though. So you may not be aware of the dependable "job situation" or you are uncertain, something is going on that is raising a lack of knowledge or questions or some absence about the "job situation" security pattern. Could be the emotional change patterns, those are emphasized, so you could be more concerned about your emotional-love nature now and unaware that the "job situation" is actually very stable.

    8. Expansive = Universe (QW + 4C). So this would be another combination of two suits. A foundation of inner communication patterns (ICP) together with an implied beginning of love-emotion. And also a foundation of love-emotion. So this is tied into the HIE1 placement. So, your beginning of emotional foundation along with a change of outer communication patterns is expansive in the foundation emotional area. The Queen Wands is a foundation of inner communication with a beginning of emotion-love. This seems in alignment with the setting (reality) of a foundation of physical security patterns, together with a beginning of emotion-love implied.

    Something is going on with you that represents some sort of an emotional struggle or concern between foundations emotionally (4C1 + 4C8) and changes of emotion (5C3 + KC5) and this is receiving fuel from the Fool's affirming 8C2. So you are "feeding" emotional fuel to a concern it seems that may not be "real". More like something you are imagining. Because the reality (setting) is that your emotional concerns are balanced and affirming (2Cb). You could be worrying about something changing about the "job situation" and that is causing your emotional patterns to go through changes, which may not be too pleasant for you.

    You don't have anything to worry about, or be concerned about though. Your physical patterns are solid, and your emotional patterns are balanced and affirming. Your dialogue patterns in both areas (ICP and OCP) look very much in alignment with reality, 6W6 and 6Sb. QW8 aligns with QPa. You seem to be trying to begin a change of outer communication patterns though. (5S1). And yet there are no change of ICP/OCP showing in the reality (setting). So it almost sounds like you are trying to begin a discussion or dialogue pattern with your social setting in connection with "job situation" to express changes. Changes that may be fueled more by emotional concerns than anything real. Do you see what I mean there?

    The absence of anything as a foundation for you is odd (HP4). This seems to say that this communication pattern you are trying to start some changes in, is almost a desire to "find" your foundation within "job situation". Almost like you are in some discussion with the social setting about the job and are asking, "what is my foundation here, because I don't know?" Like I said though, your position in security patterns of Earth (reality) are very strong and solid, so you do have a strong foundation financially and in your job-security patterns. If you are harboring any fears about changes that would affect your present job (as long as you are currently employed) I would say that those are unfounded, because your physical life financial concerns look very dependable. You could be feeling pushed and pulled in a lot of directions, and maybe that is what is stirring up your emotions. Nevertheless, your financial security patterns are solid.

    Okay that is tarot. Here are some freebies for you using toki pona for no extra charge...

    mute (many)

    kipisi (to cut)

    olin (love)

    wan (make one, unite)

    feelings many to cut... love unite

    wawa (energy,power, strong)

    oko (eye)

    ijo (thing, object, stuff)

    kin (...indeed! also!)

    ala - no, none, not, zero

    feelings many to cut... love unite

    energy eye object also... zero

    seme - which? what? question....

    jo - having , contain,

    kipisi - to cut

    mama - mother, father, parent

    mama - mother, father, parent

    feelings many to cut... love unite

    energy eye object also... zero

    which? contain to cut mother, father

    sinpin - front, face, chest, wall

    musi - fun, recreation, art, entertainment

    tu - pair, duo

    pakala - blunder, mistake, damage, ruin

    nasin - way, manner, custom, path, doctrine, method

    feelings many to cut... love unite

    energy eye object also... zero

    which? contain to cut mother, father

    front fun pair damage doctrine, way

    What does all that mean? I dunno... maybe it means something to you? Maybe it is something out of the quantum for you

    feelings many to cut... sounds like your emotions have been many and they are being simplified to one...

    energy of the eye object could be seeing situations that make you nervous (the eye can play tricks on you), and that is heading to zero (reducing energy of what you think you may be seeing)

    which? contain to cut mother or father... that almost sounds like someone is needing to make a choice as to which one to "cut" the mother or the father?

    Front fun pair damage doctrine or way... that sounds like the "face of fun" damages the doctrine or the system, in some fun way...

    Fun seems important... and keeping that emotion-love balance (pair) the damage or ruin of the doctrine or method sounds like something gets around the rules or something... leaving you unscathed from kipisi ... the "cut"...

    Okay Futurist... there should be plenty of goodies in there for you... hope you can read between the lines...

    think light bulbs...

    anything to do with energy and moms and dads.... and fun...

  • Hey Astra Angel! Very interesting reading. I have read it only once, need to read more times to digest.

    Yes, you are absolutely right - I am stressed, concerned, and emotional... My company decided to sell some of its businesses and it would affect me. The company is going to give me a retention bonus to finalize everything and I am myself a part of the deal. So far, I heard that I MUST go with the buying company... I do not like to be in a situation when I am "sold". I would like to keep status quo and stay. I feel goof about my current company, I have a lot of respect here and I think that I have a better chance to grow up in my current company. In the new company that is much bigger ( actually it is a huge global company) I will be a little fish and might be eaten by sharks. Someone told me that the door is closing for me in my current company and I that in 6-9 months after I joined the new company, they will bring their cronies and start making changes... This is not a first change in my life. I do not like such changes...

    Anyhow, your reading has many things that are consistent with what I feel. I am not the most positive person and for me it is not easy to think light bulbs:-)

    Thank you for your reading. I am not familiar with toki pona, Is where anything on Internet I can find to learn about it?



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