• In November last year, I met up with a very old friend and work colleague for a few days. We'd been emailing on and off since 2001, and decided to meet up. It went well; we were like old friends who had not been apart, so I thought. There was no romance involved; just meeting up. However, he was going to come and stay a day or two either before Christmas or maybe after, before he flew back to London. But I never heard one word from him after I left where we met up. I wonder why? I emailed him with my work roster so he knew when i had days off, but nothing. I sent him a merry christmas message. Still nothing. Then one final one where I basically said that I didn't need friends like him in my life.

    Can anyone see why he basically disappeared off the face of the earth?? It's really weird and bothers me some! Thanks so much 🙂

  • My feeling is he was looking for a romantic fling and wanted to meet you to see if you felt the same. But when he realized you only saw him as a friend, he lost interest.

  • More like a sexual fling methinks! I ended up texting him and said that I didn't need friends like him in my life if he couldn't even be bothered to say a simple "hi, how are you". Unbelievable! But sadly typical of men of his age group (55). Don't you find it funny that usually it was me who expected more yet this time, it wasn't? I find that funny lol! I've got another one at work who's a similar age, who keeps rubbing my arm or some other damn thing which really annoys me. I said to him the other day "what are you doing??" There are things called boundaries and I'm tired of them being crossed by desperate men who think I'm just as desperate! Show me one who actually wants to get to know me rather than what I can do for them.

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