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  • I am new at reading. Yesterday my celtic spread was: 1. The Sun 2.Ace of swords. 3. (root cause) Tower 4. hierophant 5. Emperor 6. The Hermit 7. Ace of wands. 8. 4 of cups 9. 9 of wands 10. Justice can someone help me interpret this? Thanks

  • Sjl, is it possible for you to give some information related to your question? Even if it's just what was the question or a general idea if this concerns a relationship, or career, or a decision, etc.? I'd be willing to offer my thoughts on things, but I'll be honest, your spread is loaded with Major Arcana cards and two Aces...this is a pretty significant array of cards. I'd be more comfortable analyzing it with some direction. But perhaps there are others willing to jump right in and interpret the spread as is. Let me know. 🙂

    Great that you are exploring Tarot reading. I hope you enjoy it, I have learned much about myself through the cards and really appreciate the different aspects of situations it forces me to consider.

  • Jenever7,

    Thanks for responding. My question was a general look at the future concerning love and career as I am looking for direction in my life. I asked my angels to guide me and increase my intuition so that I can live the life that God intended me to live. I was amazed at the spread. I realized immediately the run on the major arcana and feel this is a very important spread which is why I am looking for guidance. I feel that something major is about to happen. I think there is something they are trying to tell me.

    A little history- The past 2 years have been difficult....My boyfriend left me suddenly after 11years (we lived together for 5yrs with my children), my beautiful boxer died of a brain tumor, I was fired, got into debt, my tenant left after 6 years putting me in further financial ruin,my therapist dropped me.....i felt like a punching bag. Needless to say I have been suffering from depression. Within these 2 years I have gotten a new job (more $), adopted a dog, got a new tenant and have increased my spirituality. My faith is strong but I find myself continuously swimming upstream.

    This is how I (inexperienced) have interpreted it My first instinct is that I am coming into something magnificent. The timing seems to be this month or the fall. But what? A man appears, red-haired or light-skinned or something. A new relationship. A shift in careers, an idea i need to act on once it reveals itself and I will be receiving guidance from my guardian angel or my father. I appear to be on the right path headed in a prosperous direction. I will be living the life that others dream of living. What do you see?

  • What a nice reading - at the heart of the matter is happiness, if you are not finding it now it is most certainly on it's way and definitely what you are looking for. The Ace of Swords crossing you, to me, speaks to the trials you have endured and steadfastly overcome. I suspect that you have a very strong mind and personality with a good ability to cut through confusion or adversity by using logic, perseverence and visionary thinking. The Tower of course reflects the changes, everything in upheaval, nothing gradual about this card, for good (because as scary as it looks, it can mean good surprises as well) or for bad, things have been changing with speed and unpredictability in your life. Again, I think that the Ace of Swords says that you have the resources to deal with these changes and stay foucused on maintaining order and direction - preventing things from lapsing into chaos.

    The Heirophant often throws me, but in this case I'm thinking that you have been relying on the help and wisdom of others to help you get along and providing you with the information and assitance you needed to deal with your challenges - perhaps through your church or some other organization - you have found information and the shared experiences of others that has brought you good solutions and support. The appearance of the Emperor, while it is tempting to think that a man may be entering the picture, it just as likely represents you and your desire to take control of your life and establish some order - basically a continued, if not even stronger effort to overcome the events created by the Tower. You are ready to move forward and build something for yourself and you will not be detoured from your goals no matter what other surprises life may throw at you. You want to lead for a change, and feel in charge, not be a victim of circumstances.

    The Hermit in the near future tells me that you are ready to rely on yourself. You'll be thinking things through with some care and not rushing headlong into anything. You want to make wise choices for yourself, without the influence of others. I think this is very much in line with your desire to find the right path and pursue it. Knowing the right path when you come across it is best achieved by knowing yourself, your needs and being firmly in touch with your inner wisdom. Hard to find the right path in life if we don't know what we want in life and you are looking for those answers for yourself.

    Ace of Wand - you are READY for some positive changes and new beginnings. You are thinking creatively and full of energy and courage to take on new challenges or opportunities. You should find success with any new ventures that you pursue with this kind of energy within you. The next card shows how tired you are of your situation as it stands. It's not without goodness, you are surrounded by family and friends who support you, but it's not what you want, and again this ties with your desire to think deeply about what has meaning for you in life and try to achieve that for yourself. 9 of have been through a lot and you are well prepared for what comes next - whatever that may be! You are sturdy and are not going to be dragged down but perhaps you DO worry whether you have the stamina and resolve to overcome any further setbacks. You will! You have come this far and you have gained great strength and knowledge through your trials that will help carry you forward.

    At last Justice will be done! Life will come into balance, things will start to make sense, you will feel able to make decisions about events in your life, rather than being forced to constantly react. Important decisions concerning your future are indicated. Be alert then to new opportunities that may present themselve, either big or small, and think about how they fit in with your vision of your future and what you desire.

    Overall I see this as a time of thinking and making decisions on your next course of action. A point where you feel more of a "master of your own destiny" and confident that the choices you make are good ones because you are finally able to take a breath and think things through. There may be some more "swimming upstream" but you will have a different attitude about it, you will see it more as a challenge to get where you want to be - to that place of balance - than as a struggle without any direction.

    Lots in store for you I'd say, so keep your good energy flowing and know you are on your way!

    I hope this is helpful, not quite the same as what you are seeing, but that's what is fun about having others review our readings - it helps put things in a different, and sometimes more complete, context. Your personal take combined with a more objective view.

    Good luck to you, I wish you all the best!

  • Jenever7,

    Thank you so much for reviewing my reading. I am going to keep it in mind and let you know the wonderful things that happen. Funny... I do feel like I am "vibrating" with positive energy. TTYS

  • Ur going through some turbulent times! BE PREPARED. However, in the end, you have well learned l lesson!

  • Woah, that sounds ominous Silverraven. Honestly sjl, I think you are already through the worst of it. I stand by what I said - you are handling your challenges very well and will continue to do so until you have things where you want them. 🙂

  • be prepared for what?

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