Opinions on Tarot interpretation, please.

  • Hi,

    I am hoping to get some different opinions or interpretations on a tarot reading i have done for myself recently. It was around myself and my ex partner. We recently broke up but had been spending a lot of time together and i did this reading after i had just told him that i needed to stop all contact for a while so i was able to move on and let go. I was feeling confused about this because i really enjoy spending time with him and this is the reading i got...

    1: How the relationship used to be

    Page of Wands

    2: What led to the end of the relationship

    High Priestess

    3: What was the significance of the relationship

    Page of swords

    4: Where the relationship currently stands

    King of pentacles

    5: What you want from the relationship (me)

    Three of swords

    6: What he wants from the relationship

    Four of cups

    7: What obstacles need to be overcome to renew the relationship

    Knight of wands

    8: Is the relationship "meant to be"

    Four of Swords

    9: Where the relationship is headed in the near future

    The Sun

    10: Best course of action


    The King of pentacles is coming up for me a lot at the moment usually in a 'present time' position and i am not entirely sure what to make of it... I think it is saying for me to enjoy my financial freedom (at least that is what i just thought of right this very moment)

    The Sun is also another card i am confused about because it is such a happy wonderful card that it seems to say that our relationship is headed into a happy place, but perhaps it is just a happy friendship. I am not very proficient in finding the connections between cards at this stage and so i can interpret them at face value but would love some more input if anyone out there would be so kind.

    Gratitude, love and light

  • Could be liberated; no strings attached, clarity, carefree-Sun

  • Hi, I feel that perhaps the spread you are doing is over-complicated and confusing you. Why don't you try a few simple 3 card spreads thinking about one important question at a time. I find this often helps clarify a reading. X

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