• No sore hip or sore anything, so I think it's your guides congratulating you on your progress.

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  • congratulations dmick!!! I know you will love him and spoil him a little 🙂

    I agree with you about running our own lives & stop putting everyone first

    I am getting read to close a chapter of my life and having a hard time with it. My youngest is getting ready to go into the military and I will be an empty nester!!! my last baby is going 😞

    I am happy for him and sad at the same time as he is only 17 (will be 18 in May and is in such a rush to start life! ah to be that age again lol)

  • Moon50 I just re-read your post and I think you are on to something. I was talking with a few friends and it was really strange we all feel stuck & frustrated. We also noticed that people seem to be more angry over things they have no control over and they start to take it out on people around them. It is just stupid things like the car breaking down or replacing an appliance because it is old. I just don't know why they do it unless they are feeling stuck or unhappy with their life right now

    Capt how is your garden growing? My plants are trying to survive this bout of cold weather we are having. My hot peppers seem to be ok. I live in Florida and 30 to 40 degrees at night is not normal lol

  • All my lettuce and spring onions were killed in the freakishly hot weather we had been having but my tomatoes and carrots are surviving. I really hate to eat them - but I do.

  • Firstly, congratulations dmick! Sounds like you have a new love in your life 🙂 I'm happy for you, and can feel your total joy! Maybe this might bring you unstuck a little bit lol??!! Glad he's happy and healthy xoxoxoxoxox

    Ah shadow, the old empty nest thing. It's exciting but scary facing that! I remember being excited for my daughter when she started uni last year, but also felt really sad because she'd no longer be close by. Kids give your life some structure outside of work, and when they're gone, it's like you don't know what to do with yourself. I miss my two, and have done for the years since I left the marriage. Shared custody with my daughter didn't really work and she ended up living full time with her father because he is located more conveniently, so I miss out. As for my foster boy, well, he's another story. Acting like a jackass just to keep up with his mongrel mates, who owe him money by the way. Some kids never learn! He's 22 now, but still considers his friends to be of utmost importance in his life, even when they screw him around and leave him scratching for a dollar.

    I'm trying to keep that finger of judgement firmly bent rather than pointed at the moment. It's hard, especially since I'm also biting my tongue so hard it'll end up pulp! There's more to the story, but won't rave on any further.

    You will find your boy will grow and blossom in the military. It really can be a great life! I wish him well 🙂

    Sorry about your vegies captain! What a bloody shame 😞 I've lost my cat and two birds due to the heat, so I can sympathise. Been a very difficult summer in some ways it has. I think the heat was unexpected and even though it is very much like the summers we knew as kids, it still came as a shock. Thank God we have this cooler hiatus at the moment. The temps will be climbing again from tomorrow so I hear. Yay .... NOT!!

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