Just curious....any insight?

  • Just curious...I know I have some abilities...but I am wondering if anyone can a give me a clue as to what those specific gifts are...I feel like empath is definitely one of my abilities, but I feel like there is more that I am not as aware of...can anyone please tell me what they might be and how to help them grow? Please and thank you. 🙂


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  • Laci, I feel you have clairvoyant and telepathic abilities but you need to let go of control and become more fluid, learning to trust your intuition more rather than always relying on logical or practical strategies. To feel confident in your abilities and creativity, you must develop a healthy ego whereby you detach more from the communal mindset and gain more individuality. Getting plenty of good restful sleep and relaxing more will help with healing and balance as will wearing the colour green.

  • Lol...I completely understand the logic/control thing...I know I rely on logic a lot...And I try to understand things all the time...sometimes there may not be an explanation...hmmm...I will have towork on the relaxing part for sure... And I love green, so I can start with that. 🙂

    Thank you so much Dear Captain!

    Have a very blessed day! 🙂

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