As a tator reader have you ever turned someone away due to a negative vibe>

  • or felt that someone had done some witchcraft on them and if you help it will affect you? Thanks for your answers and sharing any experiences with that please!

  • lol tarot not tator! sorry

  • That is an interesting question Livingadream, I haven't but before I do any tarot readings I do a protection spell just as a safety precaution. If some one has suspected a spell was cast against them they would need to cleanse themselves and do a removal spell then do a protection spell.

    They are coming to you for help so it is up to you to decide to help them or not. when I cast a spell I always include the phrase "with harm to none" at the end of spell

  • Hi livingadream, I doubt a tarot reader who receives money for her services would refuse a reading.

    Hi shadowmist, could you share your protection spell and how you go about it? If that is ok to share, that is.

  • Tator reader?---love that!!!! You got to love typos. I imagined people lining up outside a psychics door all holding their tators to be read! God love you for that. Actually, good question. I definitely pass on bad vibes. That's why I enjoy contributing my gift here on a small scale and let spirit choose. There have been times when I have not come on here for awhile because a dark energy is present. Sometimes there are mentally ill folks who also are gifted and can be malevolent. And yes their are people into black magic--voodoo and witchcraft who try out their stuff here. There is good and evil. Evil feeds on fear. There are pranksters who entertain themselves. They make up stuff just to have fun. Usually the evil stuff comes from someone who was told something that made them angry so they get obsessed with revenge. Mentally ill people often reach out on sites like this and they are in pain and you can absorb that if you get too close. Many bipolars when manic imagine they have powers. It's actually listed as a symptom of bipolar. So yes it is a slippery slope sorting out the truth but most psychics or intuitives are used to interpreting vibes and also have a protection around them. I trust spirit would protect me. I have done readings for people who feel their houses are haunted. Really, spirits are everywhere but sometimes spirits do attach themselves to places. I am a medium so I have connected to spirits, special for loved ones. I have been targeted by nasty hermit spirits who remain earthbound but they lack energy and must feed off of others---usually it is best to remove yourself. They do not travel but stay put and can do mischief. I had to move once because my house was very haunted. I found the place too disruptive to my family and it's hard enough to deal with being psychic to add a full house of mischief. I was younger then and didn't realize it---I just felt drawn to the house. As far as curses ---I believe in laws of karma. What you put out comes back to you. Really it's best not to give much thought to things like that----thoughts are energy and why give it power. I have felt an evil presence around others asking for a reading and given advice for empowerment and cleansing but sometimes I advise them to move. Most times one must have dabbled in a negative life style or opened a door to truly be carrying evil put on them. The key is fear. Evil feeds on it. Good is always stronger. God wins! BLESSINGS!

  • Thanks for all the responses. I would love to hear more from others too. I work in a field where everyday, I deal with and meet with all types of people from all walks of life. I see people who are murders, rapist and drug addicts for the most part and I assume that there must be a lot of negativity around those type of people especially when they are recently released from jail. I strongly believe that evil exists in places like prisons or jails. These are the people that I deal with day in and day out for the most part. I have been told by a tarot reader that I need to be careful as most criminals blame others for their problems and refuse to see that their actions have landed them in their present condition. I say a protection prayer daily, but have recently been told that I have a negative entity sent to me by brujeria (Mexican black magic) but I don't really believe this. At the same time it can be a possibility. just wondering how tarot readers who are probably exposed to this type of stuff deal with the situation. Thank you!

  • I feel you have mastered detachment or you could not last a week in your job!! I do not sense any negative around you. You are compassionate yet very objective. That gives you power---you are strong. Evil seduces or bullys the weak. Your job requires authority---alpha energy. You are safe. BLESSINGS!

  • bluemoon I love your sense of humor "tators lining up for a reading" lol

    and you are so right about dark energy!!! There are certain places I won't go.

    Blessing to you livingadream - I could never work where you work as the noises in my head would never stop and I would be feeling every emotion triplefold. That is why I tend to stay away from crowded areas.

    znl it is best to use your words as each situation is different - and no it doesn't have to rhyme lol

    ex: right now my work place is so negative so I just ask for protection from all the negativity and guidance on how to help my coworkers. and I carry a my stone pouches to help absorb any negativity. crystals are great for absorbing negativity and when they crack I bury them so that they can be cleansed in mother earth.

  • Blmoon and shadowmist Thank you! Many blessings in return

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