Back with a relationship question.

  • So I've been in this weird situation with a guy for the last couple of months. I actually asked about him earlier, but x amount of other things have happened since then.

    Essentially, after a couple of months of us getting closer (electronically...which I know is ridiculous and is the writing on the wall there...we kept trying to make plans...plans fell through). After about of week of a lot of distance, I essentially wrote a letter telling him that I was sure that he met someone else or lost interest, but just to cover my own base, because I know I got distant too, I felt myself falling in love with him and since he'd mentioned that he wasn't available to me, I needed to step back. I then proceeded to tell him that I could not think of him casually and thus this situation doesn't work for me, but he did mean something to me etc...Thinking I'd put the kibosh on it, I got texted immediate saying that "I loved your email, I miss you and I want to see you". He's a busy guy, but has not firmed up plans.

    I'm guess I'm just trying to see, is he just busy? Is he juggling me and someone else? Is he completely full of crap? Is he just scared? Am I overreacting?

    Any help would be appreciated.

  • I should mention that his being unavailable was that he wasn't boyfriend material right now, but proceeded to act boyfriendy...

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