I may have been part of the Arthurian Legends, or crazy...

  • I have been suspecting for the past few months now that I am/was Nimue from the Arthurian Legends. I seem to remember being at first incarnted as a water elemental around that time (guess who) and then as the daughter of a lord and lady which was indubed w/ powers from previous said incarnation. From what I seem to remember, merlin was in his 20's when I first met him as the Lady, then I saw him again as the Lady when he was in his 40's. I incarnated in human form when he was in his 50's or 60's. (This is why you always see him as an old man in pictures of him and I.) Let's just say my biological family relations were... strained after they discovered that I was essentially a witch. As response to this, I went to train with Merlin and his apprentices in some gigantic forest. There were many more that just Morgaine and I, but the bards usually choose to venerate the best and the brightest and forget everyone else, which is why only she and I were mentioned in the Legends.

    I could say more, but I'm afraid I'd be taking up more of your time. I was wondering if anyone can confirm what I said here, just to make sure I'm not a nutcase. I have 3 of Doreen Virtue's decks: Healing w/ Fairies, Goddeses, and the Saints & Angels deck. I also like the online cards at SallyMorningstar.com. Sally has some wonderful guided meditations on YouTube. Just type in Sally Morningstar in the search box and you should be able to find them. 🙂 Mom and I have a fortune telling cup that we rarely use, and sometimes random words will come into my brain that will have some kind of prophetic meaning over the next few days.

  • It might just be a strong feeling, and nothing else.

    I dont think you are crazy. But sometimes illusions feel really really true. The most important thing is who you are now. Even if you really have been this person.

    I too have a strong sence from two previous lives. Memories. But I just remember it and learn from it. So if you remember that you were this person in a previous life, make sure you learn from what you remember.

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