Alien Life Forms

  • Watching a program introduced a pair of twins who have been abducted all their lives and are now being used for breeding hybrids.

    Is this truly our reality?

  • YES and they all work in the "drive through" and get your order wrong!!

  • lol Blmoon....seriously??

    Would extraterrestrial beings give me onion saucers instead of french fries?


  • How else do you explain it? Am I the only one who has to check my bag before driving away? Who are these confused people? Aliens make perfect sense! I get so irritated but one night I was so shocked and laughing so hard I could barely tell the guy my complaint---I ordered a veggie burger and peeked under the bun and no burger!! Just lettuce and tomato. Who ever that clueless alien was just landed I guess!

  • Veggie burger...lettuce and tomato on a bun...that's hilarious!

  • lol...That was good...poor baby truly got a veggie a way to smile...

    I think they must be among us...even on television shows......being interviewed about alien abuductions...

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