Dream interpretation

  • In my dream last night I see my roommate shadow waking in my room, next to the wall, really quick. The shadow was black. I try to touch it and it just quickly passed me by, like not wanting to be touched. Then I see clocks and gums stick on them.

    Now, I have been looking into lucid dream lately and I wonder if this is one.

    In reality, waking life, we are having a shut down communication with each other, because of different the issues and living conditions. In this dream I can connect why I see the clocks and the gum. They are part of the every day we go through. and i understand it why i see it. It is similar to the real situation. But what impresses me and trying to understand is the shadow thing.

    Can any one comment on this ?

    thanks, B

  • It sounds like some aspect of your waking relationship with your roommate is bringing out their "shadow self"—the issues and parts of their personality that they don't want to own or deal with and would prefer to keep hidden. Since the shadow appeared in your room, I would guess that your roommate is subconsciously hoping you will find a way to accept that part of them, even though it appears that they haven't accepted it yet themselves (passing quickly by, not wanting to be touched). I wonder if maybe if you can bring some loving "light" of acceptance to the daytime circumstances of your relationship, the shadow will be relieved and the relationship might become easier?

  • Gracefuldaisies, Thank you so much!! And yes it is exactly as you describe it !! I kind of understood the shadow part but your explanation makes it complete.

    Unfortunately, I can't really bring that loving light out of me, even though I am trying some times to see the positive things. She is bringing home her new boyfriend, which is getting a lot in the way of the life quality of my son and me. I have no privacy any more. He is very undesirable personality to my opinion, for lots of reasons i don't want to mention. So i am trying to find another place which it will be hard until i get a job. i feel like stuck and unhappy in this situation. I like her and was happy before. She promised it will not bring any person here since we live in a tight place. I can't believe she is serious with him. they are like the night and day together. unbelievable. however, is getting in my life and i am someone that needs privacy a lot.

    Thanks again and Happy New Year to you !! B

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