Can anyone help - two nights ago i woke up because i heard

  • the wooden blinds in my bedroom move as if someone was brushing up against them... then I felt an indention in the bed right next to me. As if someone was laying in between me and my husband... I woke up and looked around there wasn't anyone in the room.. was it a dream ? it felt so real...thanks for your help and many blessings.

  • I feel this was a newly passed person - someone in your particular area or location. They felt very lost and distressed, searching for some warmth or comfort, and passing from house to house looking for their former home. They were taken into the light by the angels.

  • TheCaptain that sounds kind of scary.. to have a stranger lying in my bed or walking around my home. But since they were taken into the light by the angels I feel better about the situation. I have had at least three people that I know pass within the last four weeks. but none of those lived in my neighborhood.

  • This sort of thing happens all the time - you are just growing more aware of vibrations and energies. The spirit world is not off in the clouds somewhere but right beside us in a sort of side-by-side world where often the veil between is very thin.

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