Something Doesn't Seem Right- Could Someone Do a Reading?

  • I know this is probably trivial stuff, but I've always felt very close to animals. I currently have two Lab mix puppies in my care. My sister-in-law is insisting that we get rid of them. She claims that she has signed a contract that promises them to another family. She keeps talking about how they will go to a farm with a new family. It sounds a little fishy to me. My feeling is that she does not want the responsibility for them. I would rather keep the puppies because I think they feel at home where they are now. They lost their mother at a young age and I'm concerned about separation anxiety issues. They have some behavior issues and I feel like no one could really take the time to deal with that properly. Hopefully, someone can clear this up. Thanks!

  • If they are in your care, why should your sister-in-law be involved?

  • that's my question, why does your sister inlaw want to get involved if they are in your care and why would she sign a contract.. is she a breeder? are you a foster for the puppies?

  • We live together and in a situation like that, a lot of times the responsibilities are shared. That's another issue- I've offered to take full ownership of them. She insists that they are hers and she can do whatever she wants to with them. No- she's not a breeder. The puppies weren't planned.

  • Are you able to raise them in a situation where the puppies can have room to grow and space to run around? Labs grow into big dogs so for the sake of the animals, you may have to give them to people who have the right environment for them to run free if your home is too cramped.

  • That's a good point, Captain. They're mixed with a smaller breed, and seem to be fully grown now. They should have enough room given their size. I think the real issue is with my sister-in-law. This isn't the first time she has done this. She got rid of our cat, and I had to call the animal shelter to get him back. She has threatened to get rid of our other two dogs. There just seems to be a pattern of irresponsibility. I know that there are times when giving an animal away can be the best thing for them, but she does it when she is tired of caring for the pet. Or the pet has some issue that she doesn't want to deal with. I feel like some of what she is saying may not be true. I have doubts about there being a contract. I have never seen anything like that and she has a history of lying.

  • Of course there is no contract - your sister-in-law seems to feel threatened by the presence of animals so can you be sure the dogs will be safe with her around? Is it your brother she is married to - how does he feel? It might be best to resettle the dogs with friends or people you know will look after them.

  • Well, I don't like the way she yells at them all the time. And she sometimes mistreats them. I have thought about that. If I were in a different situation, I'd just take them and move out. But, it's very difficult to move with pets. I really like those dogs, but maybe it would be better for them if they found another home. She won't let me find one- she wants to send them to live in West Virginia, about five hours away from where we are in Pennsylvania. I never realized that she felt threatened by the presence of animals- that makes a lot of sense. I've known for awhile that there was some issue there, but wasn't sure what it was. She's married to my brother-whatever she says goes. It's gotten to the point where I don't even know if he has an opinion on the whole thing!

  • She sounds very controlling. Do they have children? Because a fear of animals can often translate into a dislike of children.

  • They don't have kids yet. She has said she was pregnant, but lost the pregnancy. I think it's better that they don't have kids. It seems like they want kids, but it worries me because of her impatience with dogs.

  • MH have you ask to see the contract? I would demand her to show you the contract, also I would tell her if she keeps mistreating the pups you will report her. If you decide the pups need another home then you need to find it not her. I get the feeling she just wants to dump the pups on the side of the road so to speak and in most states that is illegal

  • I think that you may just need to find a place of your own if you ever want to have any pets. U seem to be in a difficult position there with your sister in law and she seems to have some underlying issues going on with all the lying. Good luck

  • Thanks to everyone who posted. I am still hoping that I get to keep the dogs, but I don't know what will happen yet. I definitely agree with you, Livingadream. It works out better having pets when you're on your own. Some people just can't tolerate living with certain pets.

  • With some people, it's about control - and you know how hard it can be to control children and pets are, compared to adults.

  • I agree, Captain. They're sweet dogs, but are a bit unruly. And even the best behaved dogs don't obey every command.

  • I wasn't able to keep the pups... I feel awful. My domineering sister-in- law took over. I'm heartbroken because I know I'll never see those dogs again. I think it may be time to find another place to live. I can't stand the sight of her or my brother right now. I contribute more to the household than both of them. I don't know what I can afford right now, but I've had it.

  • Yes it doesn't sound like the right artmosphere for you to be in. Ask the angels and guides to send you the perfect place to live.

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