AstraAngel, can you help with a reading?

  • Hi Astra,

    Happy New Year to you! I hope you are doing well.

    You have been so wonderful for provide me with insightful readings in the past. I was wondering if you had time to give me an updated reading on my work situation? I'm currently dealing with trust issues with my co-workers and boss and would be interested in seeing what the cards had to say. It really has me down right now 😞

    Thanks so much!


  • Hi faye1218,

    Happy New Year to you too! I am great thanks for asking. Hoping your new year is going well.

    Sounds like some work concerns... I am looking at these cards...

    The setting:

    a. Ace of Pentacles

    b. Page of Pentacles

    (a) beginning of earth-results (the work situation) that is (b)eing a risk, repeating beginning of earth-results (the work situation again). So, these are both pentacles, which means "results" that you are dealing with. So this work situation is a result of a whole bunch 'o thinking and talking and feeling from a lot of directions, management and "associates". SO there was or will be, a beginning of Earth (a new something in the job setting) that is also connected to a repeating of that beginning. What I sense is that there was a new position, or something new happened in the work setting that created some competition perhaps between the employees. You see "one" job (ace) and then repeating of that "job job..." almos like there is some real focus on this ace and it is being agreed with by more than one person "yes, I want that"...

    1. Beginning = 9 of Cups. So this is how it began or is beginning. Maxed out emotions! The 9's are solid in their suit, meaning they have no where to go. They are complete, fulfilled, and in this case that is what is "beginning". Almost sounds like something happened, a new position or opportunity rang out, and then - bam! - everyone's emotions went to the max. Not sure why, however that is what begins in this work setting.

    2. Affirming = 4 of Swords. Now we see swords and that is all about left to right communication and thinking patterns between people, (wands are more top to bottom communication patterns, heaven or higher to earth). So there is (or was) a very foundation think-talk pattern saying "yes, this is dependable, yes this beginning of Phyiscal something or other (position or job situation) is dependable and I want that!" This indicates a lot of affirming secure thinking and talking that is not going to be easily changed. 4's are resistant to change. So for example, were you to approach your co-worker and ask,

    "Say, Bob... can we talk about this situation? Because I am really sensing the emotions through the roof here and I am having a difficult time concentrating..."

    Bob will probably say, "Oh sri I can't really talk about it..."

    You can see how the 4 of swords tend to clam up and keep quiet. They are defending their own convictions and don't want to risk becoming vulnerable. So they tend to stay quiet and not always the easiest to talk to. 3's you can talk to... 2's sometimes... 6's definitely... 8's generally... 4's though tend to close the door with a sign that says "go away nobody home." So that is what is affirming or "adding" to that 9C1, complete emotional maxed out beginning.

    3. Growing = 2 of Swords. This is a growth of an affirming thinking-talking pattern. So this is someone(s) saying "yes yes" in thinking or communication patterns to the 9C1 and the 4S2 meaning that the emotional maxed out setting and the inflexible thinking is actually being agreed with! Unbelievable! And yet that is the situation you seem to be facing. So the setting has people actually agreeing with what is going on. Saying "yes, this is okay that our emotions are tapped out and that we don't want to really talk about this as a group!" So that is actually growing too, yipes! Someone needs to organize a meetup for drinks after work or something to loosen up about this thing and calm it down. I would make the boss pay the bill too.

    4. Foundation = 8 of Swords. Oh wow, so this is the "foundation" of this situation, meaning that the base under everything is a very expansive think-talk pattern, meaning something was said expansively, or thought on expansively, and that word went forth and that seems to have set the whole thing in motion. Something like a memorandum from the boss was sent around to your group that went something like this....

    Dear groups,

    I am thrilled to announce the formation of a new position of assistant manager over our team and we will be selecting one of you lucky people to fill that position! This will be great for our company and this person will also receive a double of their salary.

    Please let me know if you have any questions,

    Love, your boss,


    So that could be the 8 of swords foundation of this whole matter. Something very expansive in a communication is underneath this whole deal.

    5. Changing = The Fool (8 of Cups + Ace of Pentacles). You can see here again this idea that something "new" is changing that is beginning. And this shows the Ace (1) of physical settings that we saw at "a". So there is certainly a something new that changed things in your work environment. This also has all of that emotion connected as well, so whatever this thing is all about seems to have touched off some emotional fireworks or concern.

    6. Social-sharing = Ace of Wands. There again, the idea of something "new" beginning, this is in path and role which means long-range and long terms, and that once again feels to me like a new position or opportunity that was shared out in the social setting (your group). Like, "here is this new thing and now... good luck!" sort of idea... something must have happened to create a new competitive atmosphere or something like that. This is the "subject" of what is being talked about by all the swords, when they do talk which may not be much lately.

    7. Rest-reflection = 8 of Cups. So this is connecting to the 8C in the Fool card, which means that the emotion are very expansive in "reflective" ways, meaning that while people are quiet their emotions are very expansive. So it sounds like a lot of brooding or sort of nose to the grindstones while there is some real tension in the air. Drinks anyone? I would get everyone into a neutral setting asap. After work anywhere. Maybe not alcohol. McDonald's for ice cream and fries maybe.

    8. Expansive = Chariot (4 Wands + Ace of Cups). So this is going to connect with any "8" cards in the reading and so we see the 8 cups reflective, and the 8 swords foundation, and even the 8 cups in the Fool card (changing). So the Chariot is ADDING all of this forward momentum to the these 8 cards, and that is only increasing the emotional and intellectual quiet atmospheres. Yipes! This thing feels like a powder keg to me. Again, it is like everyone is sequestered away and not talking for some reason. I say McDonald's and send Al the bill after wards after you do this and it gets your boss out of hot water for starting this whole mess to begin with!

    That is basically what I got faye1218... that was the only thought I had during the reading was to somehow get your group to a nice off campus setting where you can relax and just be yourselves again. Other than that I dunno.... an all pentacles setting is not something you are going to easily "change" because it is the results of a lot of other hidden issues and thinking and stuff that happened "back there". So you will be fine, whatever this is will blow over eventually. About all you can do in these sorts of situations is keep on being as sweet as you can and smile and think about love or angels or something nice. Maybe get a little sticker or something, with faieries that says "Fairies are watching over me" and stick that where you can see it often. And have a smile for everyone... except Al. Put a sticker on his door that says "Fairies are after me."

    Okay I will wish this thing blows over dear faye, these settings... are not easy to deal with, you are a very spiritually sensitive person so you really feel these things, and so it can be very tough to deal with. I can tell you one thing though, heaven is watching out for you.

    love and light and everynight nice,


  • Dear Astra, thank you for the amazing reading - you are awesome! So now that you've done the reading, I will give you the background just to show you how dead on your reading is 😉

    So "Al" became our boss about a year ago and about 2 months after he became our boss, he mentions he was thinking of bringing is daughter in the "help out" around the office. A month later, it actually happens. This was supposed to be a temporary thing to "clean up" things around the office. Well 10 months later, she is still here and I don't see her going anywhere anytime soon. We work under a union contract and our positions are based on seniority. Our contract is up for negotiation in March and there has been mention by him that he would like to do away with seniority and move us to another contract which wouldn't be good. He has been cutting back on everything, and many of us fear he will try to cut a lot in our contract.

    Back to his daughter being in the office - ever since she has started, the people whom I thought were my friends have seemed to push me away and gotten close to her. I am excluded from a lot of conversations, lunch outings, etc. I have actually gotten closer to the more senior members in the office whom I didn't trust before because they understand my feelings about the daughter being there. Not only is she a threat to us, I think she talks to her dad "Al" a lot about the rest of us in office and watches and reports back to him about everything. Anything she can do to make any of us look bad, she does it. I have nothing to hide - I am a great employee and I can practically run the front office on my own. I find it so funny that "Al" wants to cut back on everything, yet he has the nerve to bring his daughter in to work when we don't even have enough work to keep her busy! There have been times I have stepped away from my desk to do other things in the office and then come back to her taking my work off my desk to do. She prances around like she owns the place and does what she wants and "Al" allows it to happen. He allows her to do things in the office that wouldn't be allowed of any other employee - like giving her keys to areas that none of us have access to, lets her take all kinds of time off, and so on.

    The day before I asked for this reading II had a meeting with "Al" in regards to him asking about my schedule that I arranged with a previous manager that allowed me to drop my son off at preschool in the am and come in about 30 mins late (I make up my 30 mins during my lunch hour). He wants to know when this will stop - he wants me at work at 8am and no exceptions. I managed to talk him into allowing me to do it until fall when my son starts kindergarten and should be able to start school earlier than he does now. It annoys me though because I know if his daughter was in the same situation, it wouldn't be a problem in allowing her to come in at her leisure. He also had the nerve to bring up that fact that "people" in office have seen me on the internet during work hours and he doesn't want to have to write me up over it. I know the "people" he's talking about is his daughter. My internet use is nothing that ever interferes with my work and I do more than anybody else in the office. Not to mention that everybody in there uses it and unfortunately I am just more visible since I sit at the front desk in plain open site. Everytime I request a meeting with him, it ends up where it gets turned around into a session about something he isn't happy with me. It isn't fair and I feel like I probably will not ever want to go to him again because of how unfair he is.

    So after the meeting I have thought things thru and have decided I will do absolutely NOTHING that "Al" can complain about. I have figured out that the reason why I use the internet is because I don't have enough to do - and it certainly doesn't help having his daughter there taking work away from me. In a prior meeting I told "Al" this as well. So the last few days I have been getting up around the office and doing everything I can to fill in my downtime. The work I'm finding to work on is the work his daughter is assigned to. I'm wondering what will happen once I plow thru all of the work to find she has nothing to do. Honestly, I feel he will find a way to make her look busy so she can stay. She's there not only to give his daughter a job, but to help him have somebody on his side as well.

    I feel stuck with her there - I feel like I can't talk to "Al" about anything because he is so protective over his daughter and anything that is said about her. She can do no wrong - but the rest of us have red marks by our name for every little thing he can find.

    The saving grace for me are those employees in the office that have been there a long time that are on my side. Without them, I would be completely miserable. I think we do have a plan to talk to our union representative about everything going on for some suggestions and/or resolution. It has just gotten to the point where it is out of our control because we have a boss that won't listen to us and doesn't care if any/all of us are unhappy because if it were his way, he would have the office ran by his family the way he wants it.

    Thanks again, Astra, for listening. I keep telling myself that the right thing will come out of all of this because I am a good employee and good person. I just hope it is sooner than later because it is really hard for me to want to go to work with all of this going on right now.

  • Hi faye1218,

    Okay on what you shared, I can feel your sense of frustration in that situation. May I share some thoughts that jump out at me about you and this job? I may or may not look cards, so, you can take whatever I say with a grain of salt.

    What seems to be really going on here has more to do with work load concerns, and the actual tasks you are being given to do, rather than the "interpersonal" dynamics you are sharing. I know that is unpleasant, all of the little family favoritism things going on... however that would be eclipsed were there so much work to do that no one could keep up with it... or if your work was simply so engrossing you would hardly ever be able to look up to even notice the people, and what is going on around you. So I think underneath everything that is happening, there is a sense that the work itself is lacking in volume or quality or something that "allows" Al to come in with his daughter and that turns into an "issue" for you.

    So, I want you to at least consider that possibility, that deep down, you might be really longing for a more fulfilling work path. And that these "events" and developments with the co-workers and the boss is trying to force the spotlight on the work itself, and not just the drama and office politics. So that might be something for you to consider, the possibility that the universe may be opening a door for you toward a much happier setting where you feel really great about your work? And you won't even have time to notice who or what is going on around you? However I totally understand how you are feeling about the present situation, and you are right, it does NOT seem fair to you. Mothers especially with kids should be shown great respect and the company should bend to accommodate the moms and the child-care situations.

    I am not really a good one for advice though... I certainly can't point to my own life as demonstrating a lot of wisdom. It sounds like you are doing everything right to me though. Maybe a little forced smile at Al once in a while haha... and the daughter too. You know. This thought popped into my head. Why not invite this daughter of Al to join you for tea sometime. Or coffee near by. Starbucks. And try to get to know her a little. You know? Just as an experiment. Maybe she is lonely. Maybe Al's heart is breaking over his daughter needing a direction in life, and he is just trying to open up doors for her, as a dad. So, it can be good to try to see life from their point of view. And that can in turn adjust YOUR point of view, and then... all settles and calms down.

    Just a thought.

    I was never any good at the office politic and social stuff... I was in my own corner trying to avoid that... and still I ended up getting swept up in things over my head... whew. So that is interesting you have a union though to go to, that should be a good resource for you here. I still go back to that first point though, that maybe deep down you could also be searching for a better or more fulfilling work setting.

    Okay faye, best to you, keep going... be honest! *and hand them a cupcake at the same time.

  • Hi Astra, I’ve been meaning to get back to you all week…things have been crazy. I’m sorry for such a delay.

    You are absolutely right about the job I’m in being less than fulfilling for me. I went to school for many years to achieve my MBA in Finance and somehow landed myself in this secretarial position that a highschool student could perform. It was too enticing to not apply for it though – its union, the pay and benefits are great, and is close to home. I thought, what more could I ask for, right? I did have concerns when applying that it would be a dead-end job and I would get bored with it. 8 years later, my fear has become reality. The worst part is that I’m still in the same position as when I started. There are other positions in the office, namely the Bookkeeper position, that I would like to move to which will allow me to use my Finance background a bit more and make me feel a bit more important in the office. However, due to the nature of how our office is run on seniority, that position will only open up when the employee who’s in it retires, which I think will be within the next 5 years. But another fire was lit under me when the Bookkeeper disclosed to me that Al was asking to have his daughter trained on some of the functions of the Bookkeeper position – clearly unfair since I have more seniority and more experience for this position.

    I have tossed around a lot of things in my head the last several months – looking for a new job, quitting to stay home with my kids, etc. I am very conservative and don’t like to do anything without planning ahead – I am not a risk-taker at all. My job provides the benefits for our family, has the retirement and pension we need for the future. I just know deep down if I were to give it up, I would be stupid to do so. I guess the question at this point is what do I need to do to feel more fulfilled? That is something I will need to figure out until I am assigned to a more fulfilling position in the office.

    For now, I will continue grinning and putting my best foot forward. I have never been good at this office politics stuff either – I have always been the neutral person that stays out of it and gets along with everybody. So it really irks me to be in the middle of it.

    I think the part that hurts the most though is since Al’s daughter has been in the office, my 2 other friends go to lunch with her frequently, and I’m never invited. One of my “friends” used to come to me about anything (asking work related questions, talking about things outside of work, etc), now goes to Al’s daughter for everything and barely even talks to me. I am confused and have tried to figure out why they are acting this way. I feel left out. Do you have any insight on this?

  • Hello faye1218,

    Okay, well we can focus on your two questions.

    "...what do I need to do to feel more fulfilled? That is something I will need to figure out until I am assigned to a more fulfilling position in the office."


    " I am confused and have tried to figure out why they are acting this way. I feel left out. Do you have any insight on this?"

    So let's take the second question...

    Why are your friends acting this way?

    King of Pentacles - I think they must be doing this to stay on Al's good side? This King of Pentacles seems to be wanting to represent Al here. Material growth areas of life, tends to be work, security pattern concerns.

    6 of Cups, that is a social-sharing emotion. So it seems that your friends are focused on emotional sharing and little connections with Al's daughter, perhaps by buttering her up, that endears Al toward them more, and shores up the job security patterns. (sort of pathetic this stuff goes on within corporate settings, but I guess that is just the way it is).

    Then "the Beach" card (what the Hanged Man used to be to me). The Beach is like the "reward" for this behavior I think. Your friends could be saying to themselves, "faye is in no position to promote me, give me a raise. Al is. Al is trying to groom his bratty daughter for a senior position here, so one day I could be working for Al's bratty daughter. We can call her "Pammie". So, your friends could be seeing these little lunch dates as "investments" into their possible future working with, or under, Pam. So, all things being equal, they may see time spent with Pam as being a better investment toward their financial future than with you.

    Then a dissolution card, that seems like they are willing to sacrifice the friendship effort in favor of shoring up their security pattern... really sux but that is kinda what I see here. Maybe find new friends in the office, or just do what I did and go out and paint every day at lunch by yourself. Or write poetry or something, the universe could be encouraging you to focus on YOU instead of continuing to invest your time with loser co-workers who are more interested in protecting their own ASSets rather than building real, true, authentic friendships. Maybe spend that lunch time considering what you would really rather be working on, the position you would really love. You have your eye on that bookkeeper position, so maybe start making an investment in YOU by really pondering how the company is organized financially and look for ways to cuts costs, see yourself as the bookkeeper on your lunch hour, read more books on accounting practices that could have some bearing on whatever niche your organization is filling. Subscribe to financial news pubs related to your company, and stay on top of what is going on. You never know, you could hit on a bright idea financially that could put you on the radar there with your company and OPEN a new position for you our of nowhere. I think the message if mostly, "forget about these loser friends and Al and Pammie, and make investments in you, that can turn into a great position for you there, or somewhere else.

    Another idea is start a blog all about accounting practices in your market segment. Become "the" pro in that area. Hey you have an MBA, then YOU can easily qualify to become "the" accounting guru for that segment and next thing you know. The CEO hears about this really smart accounting guru in the tractor sales niche, and then finds out it is YOU? You will have a position where Al is working for YOU before the day is done.

    As for your first question, feeling more fulfilled in the present setting, I would say try to see that whatever is happening is what needs to happen to take you to your brighter tomorrow in your career. So, for some reason, Al and Pam and the way your friends are acting is exactly what needs to happen right now for you. Maybe you don't understand it (and who can?), maybe it makes no sense (of course not, it is disgusting), however it STILL must be serving some purpose to move you forward in life. Along with that viewpoint, I would say just understand that you are really working for the UNIVERSE not Al. So trying to look at your job situation as something your "higher" employer wants for you right now will cultivate your connections with the Universe, higher, more transcendent themes in life, rather than themes of "Al and Pammie and loser co-worker ex-friend issues... " You can still be their friend though. Smile and be sweet. And see yourself as their boss one day.

    Okay faye1218, hope that helps! wishing you the best in that situation, I remember similar stuff during my corporate days... it is weird isn't it?


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